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    Win2008 + software raid 5 + OS hd crash.

    My backups are ok for non-media, its the movie/tv library that would be a pain to rebuild (hence using a raid5). Any ideas on why I can't get into the recovery console? Was hoping to try checking the MBR before reinstalling.
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    Win2008 + software raid 5 + OS hd crash.

    I have a home server running Win2008r2 for which the the HD has crashed (on boot it hangs at Verifying DMI....). I'm poor (well, married) so I've been using a software raid5 fo the 4x2tb storage drives. This has been working fine. Now if I have to reinstall Win2008 on a new HD, can I remount...
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    Regretting buying an Android phone

    Sounds like your battery is dying on you. Grab a copy of Dr.Battery and see. I have a Sprint Pre and will probably be replacing it w/ a Epic 4g. I need a real keyboard so the EVO is out. The pre's keyboard is just too small for my thumbs. The hardware is just not very good also. Add in...
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    Eve Online - After 7 years, can't find a reason to log on

    There are enough enterprising members in Goons that prevent serious gouging from happening. How? Multiple sellers. Low cost JF services (~100isk per m3). And just plan greed. If a item is being gouged, then someone else will import some in to sell. If a player tries to corner the market...
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    Eve Online - After 7 years, can't find a reason to log on

    Thats only if you are in main fleet. If your a cap pilot then you get the adult TS channel. Its actually an incentive to get pilots into caps this way...
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    Eve Online - After 7 years, can't find a reason to log on

    The problem with people wanting the game to be easier is you want your hand held. I was a long time everquest player before Eve. EQ introduced a newbie zone where you literally had your hand held while you were in there. Since you have levels, you stick to content which applies to your level...
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    Eve Online - After 7 years, can't find a reason to log on

    Fair warning....I'm a Goon. Seriously though.... One of the things I like about being in Goonwaffe (aka reformed Goonswarm) is nothing is mandatory. If you log in, you can go spend all day ratting in Venal while fighting is going on in Fountain and no one will bitch at you. There are...
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    Converting to DivX: Bitrate?

    I love handbrake, but I have a situation where I need XviD/AVI formatted files, not h.264. I'm using a softmodded XBox w/ XBMC as a media center in my den (w/ regular TV, not LCD). This is where my kids watch all their shows and the original XBox cannot play h.264 files. I've been using...
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    re-adding a missing HDD

    I think i figured this out (its been a while since I set up this comp). Basically the nvidia onboard raid shares ports with the onboad sata controller. I was running a mirror'd drive which I pulled out the system. When I plugged the new drive in, the nvidia controller software had to be...
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    re-adding a missing HDD

    So I pickedup a Samsung F4 HD which I'm adding to a Win2k3 box. I due to a series of events, I ended up Removing it from the disk management. I can see the drive in the Nvidia storage panel but I can't see it in the device manager, disk manager or diskpart. Any suggetions on how I can get...
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    Crucial Ballistic memory issue

    I have a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R motherboard running a Q9450. Now it runs fine with my G.Skill 2g x 2 memory (4g total; model F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK). But with 2 sticks of Crucial Ballistic memory, I've been getting BSOD's w/ Win7. I initially thought it was bad memory and eventually RMA'd it. It...
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    [W]arm ? 1.5TB samsung ecogreen $69.99 @ weirdstuff

    Newegg is $90 w/ free shipping so luke warm.
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    Why does my LCD TV get an image burned into it...

    Thanks from me also. I've had this issue with my Westy 42" also. In my case, its the No Input Selected which is "burned in".
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    Need free media center style software

    I'd go with XBMC also. If this is a dedicated media center PC, there is complete Ubuntu linux build w/ XBMC on it available. Also, one issue with XBMC on WinXP is its abaility to play h.264 videos (due to WinXP). There is a forked build which fixes this.
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    What OS to use for a server hosting all my movies?

    How is the new edition of WHS (vail)? I have a Win2003 box that I was going to rebuild and WHS didnt seem like much of a step compared with going to Win2008r2. Running beta software nor licenses is much of an issue (I have a MSDN acct).
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    XMBC, Boxee or Media Portal

    Theres a XBMC fork which does include hardware decoding in Windows XP.
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    Anydvd and Handbrake. Do I need CloneDVD too?

    When you rip with Handbrake you specify which track (movie) you want to rip. I've used it quite a bit and like it for h.264/MKV files. My problem is i'm using a original XBox running XBMC for my kids media center. Works great but it doesn't like h.264 (doesnt have the horsepower for it)...
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    Home network problem

    Tried the cable the plugs into the dvr right next to it and it doesnt work. Trying a xover cable next.
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    Home network problem

    Right. Works when connected to a 8 port switch which is uplinked to the router but no link when connected to the router directly.
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    Home network problem

    Looking for some advice on a home network issue. I have D-Link DGL-4300 router and a Atom/Ion engineering sample (so no brand name but uses a NVidia network adapter) that I want to connect in same room. I get nothing from it when I plug it into the router. The cables good because it works with...
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    Return string if NULL in T-SQL

    try this SELECT ( isnull(edocHeader,'') + '_|_' + isnull(CAST(edocDate AS varchar),'') + '_|_' + isnull(edocDescrip,'') + '_|_' + isnull(edocDep,'')) AS DBDATA FROM tbl_Docs Left Join tbl_Docs_Edit ON docEdit = edocID WHERE docID = 2805 AND tID = 3
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    The New EVE: Apocrypha

    Rev is only overpowered because it doesnt need to reload. For DPS, a Nag w/ 3 faction Gyros and 2-3 faction BCS along with faction ammo can do 800+ more DPS then a rev.
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    Hello Sprint, here I come.

    The wife and I just got back from the Sprint store with 2x Pre's. My wife got a email from a friend about who to talk to and because of that we got $75 off each phone referral bonus (the salesperson knew who was referring us). Additionally, you can get discounts on monthly plans based on if...
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    Hello Sprint, here I come.

    Any in depth reviews of the Hero?
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    Hello Sprint, here I come.

    Both my wife and I are getting sick of AT&T and this looks good. How good is the Palm Pre (since the Touch Pro 2 has a huge price tag).
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    Reading PDF data.

    I have several PDF files which are several hundred pages each. I've used a a program to break them up into single page PDF files. Now on each is a scanned image (of a manifest) and a page number. Is there a way I can programatically read that page number? Since I have several thousand...
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    Q9450 w/ GigaByte EP45-UDR3 oc'ing

    Can some explain the memory timing issue?
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    Is it normal to have hardware periodically die?

    Figuring I've been doing an cpu/mb/video card upgrade every 2-3 years for the past 20 years, I've gone through a lot of parts. In that time I've only had 1 MB die on me (a Asus micro ATX board). Aside from some IBM click-o-death hard drives, I've only had one drive go truly bad while it was...
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    Best case with cooling AND quietness in mind?

    I have 2 Antec p180s and they are great. There are a few things that can be done to improve air flow and space issues. If you only have 3 hard drives, you can put them in the bottom chamber and just leave the upper HD housing out of the case. This gives you plenty of space for a oversized...
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    Hats Off to Antec Customer Support!

    I'll chime in and say hats off to them also. I bought a p180 floor model that was missing the hinge for the front door. I ask how I could get one and they sent me a new door and hinge at no cost and free shipping.
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    Q9450 w/ GigaByte EP45-UDR3 oc'ing

    I tried 3.6g and the system reboots when running prime95 even though the temp is only 60c w/ realtemp. Voltage was 1.35 for the vcore, 1.3 for the NB and 1.9 for the memory. Since heat isnt the issue, what is?
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    Q9450 w/ GigaByte EP45-UDR3 oc'ing

    the setting was 2.66D which set the ram to 1066. 2.00D was 800.
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    Q9450 w/ GigaByte EP45-UDR3 oc'ing

    Ok, changing the manual timings fixed that issue as I'm running 3.2g. The memory in cpu-z is showing up as 533mhz / 3:4/ 5-7-7-20. Do I need to manuall set the timings?
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    Q9450 w/ GigaByte EP45-UDR3 oc'ing

    The ram is G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500). Maybe I'm missing something on setting the ram ratio in the bios.
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    Q9450 w/ GigaByte EP45-UDR3 oc'ing

    Its been years since I have overclocked (I remember the simple days of the Celeron 300a) and I'm trying to OC my current system. It seems the fastest I can get out of this is 2.8g (350 fsb). This is even with a vcore of 1.35 and setting the NB voltage to 1.3. Actualy system speaks are -...
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    Ultra x-finity 600 fan issue

    Damn...I totally forgot about that. Gave them a call and there sending me a new PS.
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    Ultra x-finity 600 fan issue

    I have a ultra x-finity (ult-xf600) PS it it seems that neither of the fans are running. Its in a P180 case so there is some air being pushed through it, but any ever hear of fans dying?
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    MSI P6N SLI-FI / Platinum (650i) Thread

    Even though I've had this board (P6N SLI-FI) for a while, I never tried OC w/ it until last night. I have a simple e4300 cpu. When I bumped the FSB up past 800, I recieved the following message when booting - Right now I have it running at a 966 FSB (2175 core speed). It seems that if I...
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    Finally quit World of Warcraft

    Sounds like how I felt when I finally quit EQ (4.5 years). Got tired of the same raids and level grinds. I play EVE now days but whats great about it is its easy to take a break from. You can set a 15day skill and not log in for 2 weeks yet have made progress.
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    Is Lord of the Rings Online secretly failing?

    Eve is actually $5. The trial->regualr account conversion is $20. Of course Eve is one of the few games that allows you to pay for the monthly fee w/ in game currency.