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    Win8.1: Clone playback device to get different settings?

    I would like to clone my S/PDIF playback device in order to have one configured for surround sound and the other for stereo. Is this possible?
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    It was a strange day - BSOD, Samsung Magician, Intel RST, hybrid sleep...

    This is tl;dr, but I always forget how I resolve things unless I write it down, and I encountered one bit of obscure nonsense after another that all started with the new version of Samsung Magician causing a BSOD in iastora.sys when the computer tried to sleep. I found some of the solutions by...
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    Glossy (or non-grainy semi-glossy), VESA mounting, 21-24", IPS?

    I just got my HP Z24i (model number D7P53A8, panel Samsung LTM240CL01), and coming from the NEC 20WMGX2, the coating is noticeably grainy-looking, though nowhere near as bad as I remember the Dell 2007WFP. There is also a brightness shift at a normal 26" or so viewing distance; when I'm looking...
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    Seagate 4 TB NAS Drive Load Cycles

    I currently have the non-NAS ST4000DM000 in one system, and it audibly does a load / unload cycle every minute or so. It's highly annoying, and I would not tolerate it in a system I have to listen to all day. There is no new firmware to help, and Seagate apparently doesn't provide a tool like...