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    Shutup VLC just shutup

    So how do i turn off all the messages in this stupid player again, i can't find the tutorial to make it completley shutup anymore, such a stupid feature it tells you things are wrong with a file and then leaves a big box on screen while the file plays fine, those devs need a mental health check
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    Recomend me a i7 mobo

    Just need some advice, I haven't moved onto I7 yet so i am unsure as to what is good and not really keen on going through a ton of reviews finding the answer. anyway my friend wants an I7 system, he picked out that new 2600k I7 Chip, a gigabyte mobo would probably be best, He dosnt want a...
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    Duke Nukem 3D Polymer Released Brand new release of eduke32 containing the new polymer renderer whihc does cool lighting effects and real time shadows! <== High res texture pack that works specifically for polymer DUKEPLUS <== gameplay upgrade...
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    Nvidia 191.03 BETAS 25/09/09 32-bit win7 64-bit win7 This is a beta driver for GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, and 200-series desktop GPUs and ION desktop GPUs. New in Version 191.03 * Adds...
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    Bioshock 2 trailer Bioshock 2 POS cat vomit game your a big daddy now so they dont even need to give you heaps of weapons wtf ill just be running around collecting 3 types of ammo with this vitachamber single player death-match game?
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    Summer, destroyer of OC's

    stupid season, oc keeps crashing now its hotter like a 10c+ on temps in most cases anyone care to share an expirence with the evil of summer.:p
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    THE 55nm GTX260 /w pics From expreview
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    GT200 55nm news on Expreview

    Could be december :)
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    Average Clocks on Stock

    How about a sticky here, that has a form and graph, needs a login, drop down bar with current vid cards, select card enter the clock you acheived & submit below contains the list of the average clocks acheived Stock Average OC...
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    rivatuner 2.10 is out

    came out a few days ago, havnt seen any threads Just givin you guys a heads up :)
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    Will this work?

    Ive got 2 PSU's If i wanted say a 4870 which needs two pci-e power connectors If i plug the 1st and main PSU into the 1st plug and the 2nd psu into the 2nd it should boot and work fine, presuming its going to pull most if not all its boot power from the 1st PSU I have them setup to turn...
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    Changing the fan for the intel stock heatsink

    Today i decided, screw the after market cooler, i really cant be bothered with mounting a backplate all arguements aside and went for a high speed / high cfm 80mm fan i could only mount it by screwing one screw into the stock heatsink but it did fit and was very secure using it as a...
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    AHCI in a dual boot

    k sooo i installed winders xp & vista in IDE mode and i want to switch them over to ahci using the reg hacks and what not, iam just wondering which order i should do this. XP is on the primary active partion that contains the boot manager, so would i do the change on vista 1st ,then boot...
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    ehhh so the gold connectors on the 8800 look broken

    two of them have bits missing and i have only been getting 4 bits color, only once did it boot with full color i think it could be the gold connectors Reckon thermal circuit drawing pen + masking the area will fix it Or should i just rma it
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    What makes an overclocked version different

    Is it just a better cooler and higher locked in clock speeds thats been tested to be stable with? or is it made a bit differently?
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    f-you big time on Soul Calibur 4

    lets put the coolest character ever on the system thats doing the worst and stupidly expensive. f-you sony, how much gold did you line namcos pockets for that one? Vader is for everyone too enjoy dick holes no epic light saber battles for anyone its not like there system specific...
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    Punkbuster, what are you good for?

    Honestly Trying to play FEAR combat and all i get PB_INIT errors while some hacker was running around the level with some super hack shotgun thingy that shot 1000s of bullets a second. I can think of sooo times where it just kicks you for no reason in other games, whilst the cheating...
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    Winamp for Vids on 2nd monitor while gaming

    I can do this in vista on media player no problems, but crashes when i do it in winamp Media player changes its brightness settings to wotever the game is using when i run it i think winamp is fighting over brightness/overlay settings is there anyway to get it stop conflicting?
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    Hellsing Anime Wallpaper

    A nice shot of alucard i recreated. 1920 x 1200 1920 x 1440
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    Sephiroth 1920 x 1440 / 1920 x 1200 Wallpaper

    This took some time... 1920 x 1200 1920 x 1440 Enjoy
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    Darth Vader 1900 x 1200 Wallpaper

    took about 8 hours nice smooth lines at 1900 x 1200 enjoy
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    Classic Sub Zero Wallpaper!

    Classic sub zero comic line art traced to perfection of a crappy jpeg i have a bitmap version if anyone wants it email me at =edit= 1900 X 1200 version