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    OS / Config Suggestions - ZFS and Media Services

    Hardware specs: X58-UD3R (supports VT-D with FH1 bios) Xeon 3440 18gb DDR3 128gb SSD for Boot on Motherboard Storage controller M1015 flashed to IT mode, running a Raidz2 pool Currently running ESXi 5.5 passing through controller to a Solaris 11 VM using 12gb memory and 4 vcpu...
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    HEAT.NET - Were you there, do you remember? Post up!

    For those of you who don't know, HEAT.NET was founded by "Gary" who I remember being the CEO of Segasoft during the late 90's. I remember he used to send me boxes of CD's to distribute, he's been successful, unfortunately was not. It was similar to, essentially the...
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    Dual PERC 6/i cards, thoughts, possible with this old board?

    My home file server is running off a Asus IP35-Pro, currently housing some random PCIe video and the perc 6/i card.Since the perc only holds 8 drives, I am thinking of implementing another because it's so cheap. Current setup: Board: Asus IP35-Pro Controller: Dell Perc 6i Drive Config: 6...
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    Anyway to buffer video/audio when streaming 1080p over wifi?

    I am using WMPHC and the PC can play 1080p just fine if the file is local or on an external drive. However, when playing 1080p, sometime during the movie, the audio will lose sync with the video. I am using wireless N, and it has a strong signal, but I think the minor drops in signal strength...
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    Today Only 06/18/09 - Jawbone 2 BT Heatset OEM - $44.99 + $5 shipping @

    Great deal considering I paid $75 for mine on craigslist, new. $44.99 + $5 shipping @ Jawbone 2 OEM Bluetooth Headset
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    Bypass windows sound control when using digital output. Not working any longer?

    Running windows 7 RC 7100 x64 Soundcard is a realtek, and I am using the digital optical output. Before, I had used CCC and after installation, set the audio pack to pass DTS and AC3 through SPDIF. When I did this, running anything through windows media player or windows media player home...
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    Warm? BFG GTX280 OC $249.99 After $20 MIR, Fry's B&M

    Seemed like a pretty good deal to me... YMMV BFG GTX280 OC @ Fry's Electronics B&M Originally $299.99 - $30 instant savings - $20 MIR = $249.99
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    Daily Woot: Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook with 1.6GHz Atom Processor $169.99 + 5 Shipping

    Deal on 06/08/09 Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook with 1.6GHz Atom Processor 1 Asus EEEPC900A-WFBB01 8.9", Atom N270, 4G SSD, 1GB DDR2, Linux, 802.11bg Features: * 8.9” screen size for more-than-ample viewing space, making it more comfortable on eyes when in use * 1024×600...
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    790i Ultra - Raid 5 - Extremely slow, is my assumption correct?

    I am running 4 x 2TB drives in Raid 5 on a 790i Ultra. The 2 main drives are in Raid 0 (150gb Velociraptors). The Raid 5 drive speed is random, sometimes its great, and other times i can't even stream a video off it. I am assuming it is because it's using a parity drive, and software parity is...
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    Monoprice 50ft HDMI Cable and Optoma HD70, problems - seeking suggestions

    PC is using an 8800GS Video card with dual DVI. I have tried multiple DVI/HDMI cables, and I think it's just the overall cable length that's killing it. I was hoping to get some suggestions here. Current setup 8800GS --> DVI to HDMI Cable (3 foot w/ferrite cores) --> HDMI Extender --> HDMI...
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    Suggestions for In-Wall Speaker setup? Monoprice experience? My speaker list from MP

    I've heard great things about monoprice, I am thinking about redesigning my home theater using their speakers and would like some suggestions. All from Fronts In-Wall: 4101 - 8 Inches Kevlar 2-Way In-Wall Speakers (Pair) - 80W Nominal, 120W Max Center In-Wall...
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    HDMI over Ethernet? CAT5/CAT6 conversion.

    I've read a couple things on HDMI over CAT5/CAT6 cable... CAT5 supports up to 150ft, and CAT6 up to 200ft. This sounds like a cost effective solution to wiring in my projector for the home theater. Has anyone used this? I think it requires a conversion patch box but I have yet to find a...
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    Possible? Use portable hard drive to emulate cdrom and/or boot directly off ISO?

    I am trying to boot directly off and ISO from a hard drive. This is the situation: I have serveral iso's on a hard drive for our office. We have an MSDN license so we generally download most of our iso's and have them sitting on the file server for use when we need them. We'll burn a cd or...
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    Can't flash BIOS on HP Blackbird EVGA 780i SLI Motherboard

    This info is taken from the Nvidia Control Panel software for "Update your system BIOS" Current BIOS Version: 2.053.C1 Current BIOS Date: 3/24/08 Current BIOS ID: 6A61IY07 Flash ROM type: SST49F080A Flash ROM size: 1024kb BIOS manufacturer: NVIDIA I download the P07, did the CD Flash...
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    Exchange 2007 - Unified Messaging and integration with Asterisk, possible?

    We have unified messaging setup on our exchange 07 server, which works great. We're using Asterisk and FreePBX and Hudlite for end users. Currently, voicemail can go into two different spots depending on how a call is transfered and I'm trying to keep the 'direct to voicemail' feature, while...
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    What VIdeo Game did you had the most fun playing ever?!

    For me.. I think my #1 would have to go to Quake 2 I hopped on lithium and LMCTF and used to play on a server called VK LMCTF - Played it so much I joined the 'clan' - had tons of fun. I don't think I've found a game since then where I had as much fun as I did playing Quake 2. I would...
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    LG-GGC H20L $249.99 + Tax @ FRY's Electornics YMMV

    Buddy just snagged an LG GGC-H20L Blu-Ray/HD DVD Drive for $249.99 + Tax @ Fry's Electronics. Awesome drive I must say... and this is the cheapest price by far! Good luck!
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    Phillips 42" 42MF437B/37B 1080p LCD TV - $679.99 - Nov 27th and 28th Only!

    Received this in my e-mail.... Visit the Philips Outlet Store on Tuesday, November 27th to get a very special limited time discount on a factory renewed 42” Diagonal Magnavox 1080p LCD HDTV. Save an additional $220! Plus In-home delivery is only $29.95, a $70 savings! Model: 42MF437B/37B...
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    Crysis Frames and 169.09 - Post yours! Huge improvement for SLI

    Pickup my copy today, wewt. Can't wait! Crysis 32bit on 64bit XP 169.09 Vsync Off 1920x1200 ALL HIGH TimeDemo Play Started , (Total Frames: 2000, Recorded Time: 111.86s) !TimeDemo Run 0 Finished. Play Time: 49.76s, Average FPS: 40.19 Min FPS: 26.99 at frame 1946, Max FPS: 52.63 at...
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    8800GT SLI Performance at 1920x1200 - Any experience?

    Ditching my ultras... for GT's I know the Ultras are faster... but I have my reasons. I want to make sure these Ultra's can handle games at 1920x1200. I mainly play TF2 at 1920x1200 4/4 everything on high. I never see a drop below 60fps.... I keep vsync on to reduce the tearing...
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    Can someone post 8800GT SLI Scores / Benchmarks?

    My Ultras did 18342 with rig in sig... Wondering how the GT SLI setup fairs... Also FPS at high res... or any other benchmarks if someone can provide. I think real FPS stuff would be great since 3dm06 deals a lot with processor.... but I can get an idea if you have HR/SM scores and not CPU...
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    8800GT Waterblock Options?

    So far I think anything for 7900GTX should work on 8800GT.... The Swiftech MCW60 replaced by the MCW60R I believe works... Can we get a thread going with what will work on these things?
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    Anyone have 8800GT SLI vs 8800 GTX/Ultra SLI Benchmarks?

    Title says it.... I am wondering how the GT series compares to the Ultra series in terms of SLI.... Ultra's are still the fastest... however I am very interested in seeing the comparison. Especially at 1920x1200 or higher resolutions since that is when it will get the most use. Anyone...
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    Delete me!

    Someone already posted the article...
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    Most accurate prog for CPU Core temperature?

    I am currently using CoreTemp... Sitting at 44/44/37/37 right now. Speedfan reads 30/30/23/23 - which I believe its inaccurate. The system is watercooled and it's around 78-80 in the room. I am curious if anyone uses a program that has better accuracy or any recommendations on what...
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    BFG 8800GTS OC2 - DVI won't work, but Analog will? HUH?!

    I rebooted PC, and DVI just stopped working. Was able to remote into PC just fine. So I used the analog port on my LCD monitor and hooked it up using a DVI/VGA adapter and it works fine on both ports. If I plug a VGA monitor in at the same time with my DVI lcd - both screens go black. As soon...
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    8800GTX OC - No Video output, comptuer posts, after added waterblock.

    Got my GPU blocks on my 8800GTX's last night..... My primary card is an 8800GTX OC and my secondary is an 8800GTX, both made by BFG. System was working fine last night, temps were at 45C on both GPU's. I woke up this morning with a BSOD - rebooted the system and I did not get any...
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    Save $100 on Discount Tire Direct on 4 tires - till 10/20

    Since everyone is posting car deals.... who knows... I love computers, but I need to get to and from work too =) I just ordered 4 tires for the beater, $167 shipped to my door, with valve steams, lifetime replacement warranty, and free ground shipping...
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    RCA Dual Format DVD Recorder w/ DivX, HDMI and HD Upconversion - $69.99 @

    RCA Dual Format DVD Recorder w/ DivX, HDMI and HD Upconversion Title says it... $69.99 + 5 shipping Great deal for anyone looking for a decent dvd/divx player! Even does HDMI! IT RECORDS DVDS OMFG?!?!??! =) w00t
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    3dmark scores were better with single card, than with SLI? WTF?

    Before: Q6600 @ 3.4Ghz 4GB PC6400 A-Bit IP35PRO 8800GTX OC Now: Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz (haven;'t OC'd) 4GB PC6400 eVGA 680i A1 SLI 8800GTX OC + 8800GTX Non-OC - SLI Score before, default settings: 14xxx Score now, default settings: 12192 Ok, I figure the CPU may drop the score a...
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    Anyone used the Thermaltake 5.25" Purepower Express on 8800GTX? Curious if anyone has used this just to power a single 8800GTX or 8800 ULTRA If my 700w is giving me problems I may go this route until I throw in a different supply and sell both of them. Thanks
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    Going from IP35PRO to eVGA 680i A1 - Ghosting Drives, Pre-Install RAID drivers, work?

    Swapping out my A-Bit IP35PRO for an eVGA 680i A1 so I can run my 8800GTX's in SLI. I run RAID0 on my two 74GB Raptors and I've ghosted my system. Problem is, I can't just re-apply the image to the drives since the raid drivers do not exist in windows by default. I was curious if this could...
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    n00b ? - Wide do my wide screen movies not fill the screen on my Wide screen LCD?

    Ever since I watched my first wide screen movie I was a fan.... The black bars that appear never seemed to bother me. In fact, I prefer them over the normal pan and scan setup. However, a friend of mine brought up a question which I never really thought too much about. I have a Dell 2407WFP-HC...
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    Swapping out Linux Partition Drive inside Buffalo NAS box - Uhh help?

    So a friend of mine wanted to swap out his 320gb drive for a larger 500gb drive. I figure.. simple... pop open acronis or ghost - clone the drive, yada yada yada easy as pie. FAIL! Ok here is the dilemma - when I pop open acronis I see this. Disk 1 Ext3: 167.xx GB Swap File: 20mb...
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    Think my Power Supply will handle SLI with Current load?

    700W Power Supply - forgot the brand but it's name brand, I paid $130 for it awhile ago. Current system load on power supply: Q6600 A-bit IP35-PRO Water Pump 6x120mm Fans 1x90mm Bay Fan 2x74gb raptor Raid0 3x320gb sata Raid0 1x750gb sata 2xDVDRW (can pull one out, no biggie) BFG...
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    Can you SLI 8800 NON-OC and OC versions together.

    Thinking of snagging a 8800GTX to add to my 8800GTX OC. Both would be BFG of course, and I figure I can up the clock on the NON-OC to the OC speed anyway. Just curious if this is possible.... and has anyone here done it? Thanks, Darren
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    Dell 2407WPF-HC Problem when returning from power save mode. I receive that problem when returning from power-save mode. If i power the monitor off and on again it goes away. I am not sure what is causing this but any input would be appreciated. Has anyone dealt with dell's RMA policy without an original...