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    Problem with speakers

    I have a Lepai LP-2020A hooked up to 2 Energy C-100 speakers. This then connects to my devices via headphone jack. I have used this setup for quite some time. I recently unplugged it from my surface pro while it was still on, and it made a pop sound. Oh well, I have done this before, no...
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    Reformatting old RAID HDD

    I had an old RAID bay with 5x 1.5 TB HDD in RAID 5. Something messed up, and I was unable to recover the information. I think my computer lost the RAID controller. This was years ago, I do not want the information anymore. Anyway, I am now trying to sell the individual hard drives. However...
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    Best tablet for my needs?

    There is no tablet forum.? I am looking for a tablet with the following things pen and multi touch input blue tooth speakers decent viewing angle The iPad is just so expensive and has more horse power than what I need. I will use it for internet, lounging, typing (with blue tooth keyboard)...
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    Best tablet for my needs?

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    HELP: 7TB data lost in my RAID 5?

    I have had a Sans Digital TowerRAID 5bay for over a year now. Something similar to this. Don't know if it is the exact model I have 5 1.5 TB samsung drives in raid 5 It has worked well, only encountering a couple instances where my computer would stop seeing it and would require a shut down and...
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    Looking for a replacemnt for my gyration remote

    I have had a gyration air music remote for my media center for a while now. Great remote. I really only use it to control my stereo, turn my TV on and off, and use the mouse feature. But I love it. Well I spilled something on it the other day and now it doesnt work very well. I tried...
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    Help me find a replacment wireless mouse

    I am in the market for a wireless mouse. My mouse pad is a ratpadz. I don't need fancy dpi changing buttons. I just need a accurate wireless mouse that will work well on my ratpadz. Must glide smooth and light. I will game with it, but I don't need anything fancy. It must be wireless...
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    Need help with windows search

    I have several archive files. I want to search for files within them or even words within those files. How would I do this? I know how to search file contents, but it won't go into archive files.
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    Problem with

    This has been happening a lot lately. I go to, my home page, type something in, and it comes up with the search list. When I click on one of the web pages, especially if I just click and not open a new tab, it takes me to an add. Sometimes it won't let me hit back, but mostly it...
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    Problem with Xbox360 profile

    My xbox360 has been unplugged from the internet for a long while. I play games that I have downloaded and paid for such as geometry wars and castle crashers. A friend recently plugged it into the internet, signed out of my profile, signed into his, and of course downloaded the latest xbox...
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    I am trying to justify if internet on a phone is worth $30/m

    I have Tmobile and been wanting to get a smartphone and a data plan for the past year, but I just cannot justify it. There are many times that having internet on my phone would have been great, but for $30 a month it is not worth it. How do you justify it? I would love to have a smartphone for...
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    Whats wrong with my internet?

    A bit ago my internet went out. It is back now, but like half the webpages won't load. Such as facebook and other random web pages. Google and all of its searches come up. Pandora works. A bandwidth speed test shows I am at a good speed. Gizmodo only shows up as text. Whats up with this...
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    My RAID box has failed. What do I do?

    I have a RAID 5 system using the Rosewill RSV-S5 Inside are 5 seagate 1.5 TB hard drives. This worked great for a while. Now the hard drives won't turn on. The box turns on, but the power lights to the hard drives do not turn on. I cannot access my data. I don't know if it is a driver...
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    What is wrong with my hard drives?

    I have a RAID 5 system using the Rosewill RSV-S5 Inside are 5 seagate 1.5 TB hard drives. This worked great for a while. No problems. I am running it in RAID 5 The problem that I am starting to have, is it becomes so slow, I can't even stream a movie. It will play for like 20 sec, and...
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    Need help with outlook

    I am trying sync outlook 2010 with 2 computers. My desktop and laptop. I want everything to match, contacts, emails, calendar, tasks... I am unsure how to do this. The server type is IMAP. It is my Army Knowledge Online email account. Also, what is the best way to make archive my emails...
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    Question about providers and mobile hotspots.

    I currently have $50 tmobile phone from walmart. I want to upgrade to a smartphone. I am looking into what the best provider is and according to the coverage maps, it looks like verison has the best coverage in my area. Lawton, Oklahoma. I am only starting my research, so I have a couple...
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    How can I link folders on different computers?

    I want to be able to work out of a folder on 2 separate computers, share them. But I want to take my laptop away, update the folder and files, then bring It Back and have It auto sync with my Desktop when It gets in range. is there anything out there like this?
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    What do you do with your old computers?

    I have a computer that I no longer use. It is about 5 years old. specs are MSI k8n neo4 sli plat athlon 64 4000 gforce 6600gt 512x2 corsair 3200xl A tv tuner and a dedicated sound card. Is this even fast enough to run Windows 7? What is the best thing to do with old computers? I would...
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    Help me make a build for a friend

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1000 3) Where do you live? U.S.A. 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, case, etc. Please be very specific. Full computer except for...
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    Need help with my display settings

    I have 2 displays. Primary and secondary. Sometimes I will disable the Secondary when I don't need it. My problem is, windows will automatically switch the desktop to the secondary display when I turn off my primary display. This is a HUGE pain. How can I make this not happen. My secondary...
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    Need help with multi display software

    I am using a 46'' Samsung and a 21'' Dell 2005FPW. I want to extend the desktop to the 21'' on certain occasions. So I need to be able to turn off the other display easy. I want to watch maxed hulu, you tube, blu-ray or whatever on the 21'' while being able to work on the 46''. Using default...
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    Problem with HardForum

    I cannot log onto hardforum with mozilla. It will always tell me my password is incorrect. I have to use IE. Is there a fix to this?
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    Problem with HardForum

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    Looking for monitor arm to mount on 90deg vert wall

    I want to mount a Dell 2001FP on the wall next to my TV. I want a arm that can fold the monitor so that it does not stick out to much. The wall I want to mount it on runs 90 degrees to the TV. look at the picture. I want to put it so that the monitor will be right at the top left. What is a...
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    In the market for a tablet netbook

    I saw there were a couple posts about tablet netbooks, but none of them helped me too much. I need it for school, office, work, a reader, and internet navigator, as well as a media player. What I am looking for is multi touch, good wireless, 3G capable, swivel, Win7, blue tooth, and ability to...
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    This RAID solution sound solid?

    I have 5x 1.5 TB Seagate drives in my Rosewill RSV 5. Capable of RAID 0, 1, 5, and 0+1 Most of my space is taken up with music, movies, and videos that I don't care to much about loosing. I backup on old external's like every other month. I do have some things like pictures and files and...
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    Useing SATARAID5. Adding more drives to current RAID?

    I am using a Rosewill RSV5. It has 5 bays for hard drives to RAID and uses SATARAID5. I added 2 new drives to my existing 2 in the box. I boot up the manager tool, I see my existing 2 RAIDed drives (concatenated) and the 2 individual new drives. All 4 are the exact same make and model. I...
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    Having trouble installing Gigabyte mobo drivers

    I have a MA-790X UD4P Fresh install of Win7, was working great with Win7RC. I want to install the newest drivers from the website, not from the 8 month old CD. I go to download like the chipset driver, and it tries to install ati catalyst, which from what I understand is ATI video driver...
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    Easy way to go from Win7RC to Win7?

    I am running Win7 RC build 7100. It it telling me I have 9 days left. I have a fresh copy of Win7 Home that I bought. Is there any quick, easy, painless way to transfer to the retail version? I seem to always forget something whenever I reformat, and it is never the same.
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    My bluray won't play a disk

    I have had no problems with my blu ray player till just now. I try to play Spirit blu ray which I got from netflix and nothing comes up. The drive works. It is a LG GGC-H20L. I go to the website, and the drivers that it has there are 1.03. Device manager tells me the product is up to date...
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    Electric Guitar played through AVR

    I am looking for a hobby and thinking about learning how to play a guitar. I have my HTPC hooked up through my Denon 1909. I want to know if I can use my AVR as the amp for a guitar and play though my speakers. Also, any recommendations on someone looking to buy and start out with an...
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    Problem streaming videos on my 360

    I have my HTPC with all my videos on an external hard drive hooked up to the HTPC. I have windows 7. I want my 360 to be able to use media browser, or WMC just like my computer. I set it up, but when I go to media browser, it freezes and doesn't do anything. How do I properly set this up...
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    netbook similar to the hp 2730?

    I am looking for a netbook or laptop to use for schoolwork. A netbook would be easy to carry, but the features of the hp 2730, to be able to write notes and draw if I need to would be highly beneficial. Are there any hybrids out there that are both?
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    Quick question about RAID 0

    I am new to the RAID deal. I have a Rosewill Raid box with 2 1.5 TB seagate drives in it. I have had them for a while in RAID 0. My question is, can I add to it anytime? Can I add another 1.5 TB drive to my RAID 0 at any time? Does it have to be the exact same drive or can it be any size...
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    How can I trick my computer to think it is on a LAN?

    I want to make my computer think it is on a LAN. Basically, I play Dungeon Siege II with my brother when I come home on leave, and over the years, we are never able to finish. When we play, it plays over the LAN. You cannot use a LAN character with the regular online multilayer, so if I want...
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    My RAID server isn't working!

    I got one of these with 2 seagate drives in it. It has worked fine for a month or so, but then suddenly my computer no longer sees it. I don't know what I did different, I changed nothing. Device manager doesn't even see it so I can't...
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    syncing bluetooth with PC?

    I am looking for a wireless mic, and was thinking, why can't I use my phone's bluetooth earpiece device? How would I go about syncing it with my PC? Would I then be able to sync my phone to my computer also? If not, guess I will just have to get a cheep wireless mic like on the Xbox...
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    Best controller for PC?

    I am looking for a controller to use for my PC. Mostly for GTA4, but I will use it for whatever else I feel like. Just need something cheep to play these games that are ported from consoles that suck on PCs. Is it true Xbox controllers are plug and play on PCs? I would prefer wireless. No, I...
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    Win7 will not go to sleep

    My computer will not go to sleep. I am constantly battling with this. Sometimes it will go to sleep, but then wake up 1 min later. My virus scan is avira. I have all the correct settings in the power management. I close all windows, and sometimes it still wont sleep. What other information...
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    What is taking up space on my drive?

    I have 4 500 gig external hard drives that I have been using for a while. Backed them up, and deleted everything on them. There is nothing on them, but it still shows several gig, 30 gig on one, used. What is eating up the space and how do I fix it?