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    9700k Overclocking - LLC Recommendation

    Someone in another thread said that Turbo is closest to 1:1 so that would probably be your best bet. I think it would be easier to use turbo to set a maximum threshold that you feel comfortable with.
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    Z390 VRM heatsinks $150-$200

    Well just to be clear, I have only had this system running for a week and only a few hours of that has been spent overclocking. I have followed the Gigabyte guide and set vcore to 1.3 but I'm not sure that cpu voltage tells the complete story. When you start adjusting load line calibration is...
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    Z390 VRM heatsinks $150-$200

    I researched z390 boards right before the 9 series came out and determined that Gigabyte's midrange Aorus line had the best VRM. I bought the Elite which was the cheapest one and it's been holding up pretty well. Apparently I should have bought the Pro because it has better VRM cooling for only...
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    How important are cores when gaming/streaming? My findings

    Thanks for posting your results. Gamer's Nexus did some game streaming benchmarks as well.
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    Physicist Explains Gravitational Waves to Steve Colbert

    I'm not going to look at those videos because you're not above the hyperlinking rule that's in place for a reason but I just wanted to say that I feel the opposite with the rampant anti-intellectualism that permutates our lives. For example, I really get hung up on things like when presidential...
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    Steam 2013 Winter sale is here! runs from December 19th to January 2nd.

    If you're asking if it's a MMORPG then, yes, it's a MMORPG. If you're buying that type of game but are expecting something else then you will be disappointed. I bought it last year and got about a months worth of enjoyment out of it. It seems like that would be worth $10.
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    HOT! 3ds XL + zelda $150 @ target BF

    Either way, unless you're camping out at Target right now, you're not going to get one.
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    HGST 4TB USB 3.0 External $150

    I don't know why people put so much weight on customer reviews. It could be that they sold 1200 drives and only have a 1% failure rate. It could be 12 people who don't know the difference between a display port and a usb port. It could be that the company didn't buy fake reviews like almost...
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    Polk Audio PSW10 $70

    This is an interesting deal. I researched subs a while back and it seems like your options are either in the $100 range or $500 range. This seems like a good deal and you would have to lay down some serious cash if you wanted anything significantly better.
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    Understanding optimal drive config and page files

    The argument against having a dynamically sized page file is that it ends up being non-contiguous and fragmented. It's not really a problem with an SSD but it's still some nonsense solution. It's true that you don't really need a page file but instead of of inventing some half-baked voodoo, just...
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    HP 23" 1080P LED Monitor **NEW $109.99 + FS.

    How much does a VGA to DVI adapter cost? I've never paid for one but somehow I've ended up with a whole drawer full of them.
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    Blazing [H]ot: FFVII and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced $5 each on Steam

    If you buy FFVII on steam do you have to register an account with SquareEnix?
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    Seagate 4TB Internal HD $150 AR

    I'm hoping for $125
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    OC'ing for the lowest price

    When looking at used processors keep in mind that many people will 'bin' chips by testing their overclocks and then resell the ones that don't perform well. If you're looking for the lowest price motherboard for overclocking then Asus is pretty much off the table because their boards always...
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    OC'ing for the lowest price

    Unfortunately Intel doesn't sell low end chips that can be overclocked these days. The best I was able to do was a 4670k and Asrock Extreme 4 for $300 at Micro Center. The overclock wasn't that high either.
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    Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5) for $48 w/ Promo Code at Toys R Us

    Do you have a source for the PC release date or are you just making it up? The truth is that it hasn't been announced and probably won't come out until the second half of next year.
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    OCZ is Dead

    They used to make all kinds of cheap crap like fans to cool your CRT. Then they went out of business and the name was bought by one of the execs so that he could reform the company. This is the second time they've gone out of business so hopefully they'll learn something this time.
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    Haswell-E w/ X99 mobo + DDR4 demo'd at IDF13.

    The difference between IB-E and Haswell-E will be similar to the ~5% difference between IB and Haswell. Combine that with a new platform along with new memory and you're going to see a minor performance boost for around 2x the price. Complaints on the internet will be epic!
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    SimCity is $24

    I'm still an Origin holdout but I could probably get past all of the online nonsense. What kills it for me is that the actual simulation is completely broken and doesn't really exist like you say. How can they call their game a simulation but then not include a simulation?
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    Nexus 4 phone price drop - 8/16gb for $200/250 no contract

    This is my second device with wireless charging and it's a terrible gimmick because you'll often end up draining your battery faster unless you have it aligned perfectly. Do some googling and you'll find that the internet mostly agrees with that sentiment.
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    Nexus 4 phone price drop - 8/16gb for $200/250 no contract

    I installed the Paranoid Android rom on my Nexus 4 and I feel like my phone is a time machine to the future with holograms and hoverboards and shit. I believe the software support on this device surpasses every other phone if you have any interest in being cutting edge.
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    Gigabit Switch 15$ (OfficeDepot)

    Interesting switch. I'm not sure I would like the forced QoS and it doesn't appear to support jumbo packets.
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    i5 4670k Looking for overclocking tips

    I think this is probably the best guide for Haswell overclocking:
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    Defective i7 advice.....

    ^^^ Wow that's crazy, I've never seen a dead Intel cpu out of the thousands that have crossed my desk. That's interesting. I think that leads to a memory issue so I would suggest running memtest. I have also seen similar issues with out dated graphics drivers but not recently. Another thing...
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    Price of Xeon CPU is not dropping

    Yeah they haven't done that since at least Conroe. I suspect because of a lack of competition means they don't have to rush to flush inventory.
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    Faulty memory controller?

    I understand and I actually deal with this stuff for a living. How many Intel cpus with dead memory controllers have you seen first hand? I have seen zero out of the thousands that I have handled.
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    which z87

    Newegg reviews? A bunch of anonymous people with no credentials is not what I'd consider a reputable source. Try reading reading the reviews published by [H].
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    Z87 with DUAL 16x PCI-E 3.0

    I believe to run 3 monitors of that size at 60fps you're going to need two or three titans. If you're going to spend $1500+ on monitors and $2-3k on video cards then don't wonder if if x79 is too expensive. You'd be nuts to cheap out on the cpu and motherboard. With that said, you still won't...
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    Faulty memory controller?

    Is it even possible to harm the memory controller on any Intel chip? The only processors that I've ever heard of with bad memory controllers were the original Clawhammer Athlon 64s from a decade ago. Edit: Memory, on the other hand, dies all the time. I've seen entire batches of ram doa...
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    Haswell TSX performance improvements

    Theoretically it could but I wouldn't bet on it. Here's a good primer:
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    Which Intel Chip had the Best Performance Leap from its Predecessor?

    I'm thinking it's either what you said or integrating the math co-processor in the 486dx. FP calculations increased by something crazy like 100x. The first true gaming cpu (for IBM/PC of course).
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    So everything is o.c.'ed in BIOS...but not in Windows 7

    Make sure your power plan in the power options control panel isn't set to 'power saver'. When I had that set it throttled my cpu way down. Try setting it to 'high performance' and see what happens.
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    Which Intel Chip had the Best Performance Leap from its Predecessor?

    Wasn't there a wolfdale celeron that could do a 100% overlock on air?
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    Question About Soldering..

    That would be like having a car with the hood welded shut. I wish Intel would use a different socket and mounting so that it would be easier to run without a heatspreader.
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    Windows 8 "Core" *OR* Pro Retail Upgrade $69.99 Newegg

    I just started using the windows 8.1 preview and I had the same problem. Sometimes I accidentally bring up the metro version of windows update and I end up alt-tabbing out because there's no apparent way to close the stupid thing. Win 8.1 is pretty good, you just have to spend several hours...
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    Haswell Delidded

    From a theoretical overclocker perspective, motherboard vrm might grant me more stability at 4.6 or 4.7 but I'd still have to juice the cpu. If you want to see what bad vrm does to overclocking then I could show you a pair of old burnt out gigabyte motherboards in my closet. Realistically...
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    Haswell Delidded

    I'm a master ghetto overclocker, don't hate on the cheap parts. :p tonyftw says we should trade cpus! haha j/k
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    Haswell Delidded

    I'm curious to see if this makes any difference for you. I haven't seen any symptoms of power regulation issues on my 6 phase asrock extreme 4. My understanding is that all the stress is on the FIVR. I haven't even needed active cooling on the VRM. This is the first time I haven't used a fan...
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    Intel haswell psu question

    There is no power supply issue that would cause the cpu to run a slow speeds. Either a power supply will work and the computer will boot or it won't work and the computer won't boot. He probably set the power management in windows to low power or whatever it's called. When I first got my...
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    Asus Chat Transcript: Z87 ASUS MB doesn't support LINUX!

    Compatibility with uefi can cause problems with linux but so far I've only heard of one computer model that wasn't compatible, a Toshiba laptop I think.