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    LianLi PC-K57 Build

    That mATX mobo looks like a midget in that case.. I look forward to seeing your build
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    Inexpensive case while I wait for Fractal Define Mini?

    So put the caseless system on the desk, or even higher up like on a shelf. Your dog can't be THAT BIG to reach it.
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    IN WIN Dragon Rider: Anyone Own This Case? Thoughts?

    I doubt the fan behind the mobo does any good, it probably just increases the noise level. But then again, this isn't a case someone wanting a quiet system would buy. Since you like this gnarly looking case, perhaps you should buy it and post your temps/OC results with that fan on and off.
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    Wow, what happened to the mATX market?

    Yes. Pretty much everyone here has an unused GPU in their system. :p
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    Lian Li PC-7FNW (would this suit me)

    You appear to be decided on switching to that Lian Li, so I will say if noise is not your main concern (and it appears not to be since it's #4 on your list) go ahead and buy the Lian Li. Just know that it will never be as quiet as the Solo. Not only is the Solo made of very sturdy steel, it also...
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    Inexpensive case while I wait for Fractal Define Mini?

    Don't you have any case at all that you can use? How are you running that sandy bridge setup at the moment? Seems to me you can use any old case, even if it means running it with the side panel off and the HDD cage removed with the HDD's resting at the bottom of the case. You would only have...
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    SILVERSTONE TJ08E - New MicroATX Case

    The offset 3.5" bay makes the case look challenged.
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    Antec Six Hundred 600 Gaming Case

    A case with a window and bare metal interior doesn't fly these days. Also it appears to only have USB 2.0 ports, which is strange for a 'newish' case.
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    Looking for a very lightweight case

    You can always put your system components in the suitcase(s), carefully wrapped, then buy a case when you arrive at your destination. It will take up less space, weight less and you won't have such a limited choice of cases. This is of course assuming there are some decent stores where...
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    Fractal Design Gallery

    Almost every tower case these days has a similar layout. Where do you suggest those 8 HDD's should be located, without cooking themselves up?
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    New from Antec: P280 and Solo II

    I think there is still some merit to the PSU section divider of the P180/2/3. For one, the main system components don't have to put up with the heat generated by the hard drives, and only receive cool outside air (provided you don't use more than 4 HDD's). The divider on the P180 Mini is...
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    Unique Case Mod - What do you think?

    There are single, double and triple acrylic 5.25" bay covers such as these from MountainMods, but I imagine they don't sell many of those...
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    Simple black tower case for floor HTPC build.

    How about the Fractal Design Define R3? Slick looks, easy access to filters, 8x 3.5" bays and comes in 4 colors. Just keep in mind that virtually every case available today uses a passthrough cable for USB 3.0. If you're not in a rush, you should wait for more cases with internal 20-pin...
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    New build - help needed!

    Of course the H70 will perform better if the fans act as intake, but if you look around this forum you will see almost everyone is running the fan(s) on their closed loop WC systems as exhaust (because it's usually located at the top-rear of tower cases) and they are happy with their...
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    New build - help needed!

    The Silverstone FT03 would be the last case I would think of to run two GTX 590's... That fan setup is not good, hot air is getting trapped inside the case. Reverse the two fans on the Corsair H70 and the two 80mm fans at the bottom and you should obtain better temperatures. Think cool air...
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    Need hardware? Stay away from Amazon!

    Luckily I've only had good experiences with Amazon, even with third party sellers. And I'm surprised this thread is still going, considering the 1st rule of this forum: "Do NOT air grievances regarding online retailers in here."
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    Project Rust Box

    Now that's a manly case.
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    Lian Li A04 black or silver, dvd cover mod ?

    There were two threads started on the Small Form Factor Systems sub-forum, but they never really took off.. On one of them someone says the retail price will be around $200
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    Lian Li A04 black or silver, dvd cover mod ?

    The V600F was introduced at CeBIT 2011, so it's not widely available yet. As for the lights, usually you can just cut the wires that go to the LED's to turn them off, but it would best to replace the fans. The fan at the top doesn't have LED's so you would only need to get two 120mm fans...
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    Lian Li A04 black or silver, dvd cover mod ?

    Have you seen the new Lian Li V600F? It's also mATX, comes with an optical drive cover and looks more "Apple-like". Link to Lian Li page And the brushed silver aluminum of the Lian Li cases looks very nice in person.
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    Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Case

    As ugly as this case may be, you gotta give it props for having an on/off switch for the fan LED's. Plus it has an internal USB 3.0 connector instead of a pass-through.
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    This thread has been alive since 2006, how much longer do you expect it to go on?
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    2-way SLi GTX 580, i7 970 water cooling rig :)

    That is too vague. So my advice is go ahead and buy that new mobo and third GTX580. I say this because I get the feeling you're just looking for a justification to pull the trigger and are gonna buy it anyway, regardless of what we say. But like has been said in this thread, you need some...
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    2-way SLi GTX 580, i7 970 water cooling rig :)

    No mention of how many monitors you're gonna use / what resolution will you be gaming at anywhere, not even in your video description, it's kind of hard to answer that. You most likely DON'T need a third GTX 580. But that decision is ultimately up to you though, because no one here knows your...
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    antec 1200 front 3.0 USB kinda

    I think so far the only case that has a USB 3.0 connector that plugs directly to the mobo is the Fractal Design Arc. I suggest you keep your case and use one of the adapters posted here.
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    Post your workstations 2011

    Your gf is ok with that wallpaper? :p
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    Case/fan filters.

    What case is your friend using and what is the size of the intake fans? You say you want to add dust filters so it will be 'low maintenance', well dust filters are very restrictive and need regular cleaning or they become even more restrictive. And if the case your friend is using doesn't...
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    Any Easy Ways to Get to 90* ATX?

    How would you hide all the cables sticking out at the top? It could be the poor man's Raven, but it would be one ugly mofo. Might as well save for a few months and get a real Raven or go a month without eating if you're really that poor lol.
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    HTPC Case Suggestions?

    There's not many HTPC cases with space for 6 HDD's. The Silverstone CW03-MT is one of them and has a 7" touchscreen, but I'm not certain if the GTX285's will fit behind the HDD's. There's also no tube holes for an external radiator, so you would have to make them yourself. Also I assume you...
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    And it will last longer than a GTX580. ;)
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    Lian Li's PC-U6 Cowry

    I don't think you can buy this case anywhere yet..
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    Using Dynamat Xtreme to quiet down my CM HAF 922 case worth it?

    I looked at pics of the HAF 922 fans before recommending the silicone mounts, so yes they will work. Having tried a few silicone mounts in the past, including the famous blue EAR mounts, I recommend you stick with the fan mounts from Acousti Products if possible. They are much softer and...
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    Antec 1200 V3 - 3-bay module

    You can buy it at the Antec Store here.
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    Using Dynamat Xtreme to quiet down my CM HAF 922 case worth it?

    With soft silicone fan mounts such as these
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    nzxt gamma

    I've heard it's got some room in it. ;) Shouldn't you be looking for feedback BEFORE buying the case? Good luck man, hope you like it.
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    Using Dynamat Xtreme to quiet down my CM HAF 922 case worth it?

    It might help a little, but it will be nowhere close to what you would get by soft-mounting the fans and the hard drives. And that case has huge fans all around = less area to apply the dynamat = less benefit.
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    Smaller Mid Tower case suggestion

    A04B is mATX, A05NB is ATX. You need to make up your mind. First you came here looking for ATX cases less than 18" tall, and a few forum members went looking for them and posted links to cases that fitted your criteria. And then you come out and say mATX cases also fit your needs? Not cool.
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    Smaller Mid Tower case suggestion

    Don't connect the HDD Led then, that's the only blinking light in any case. :p
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    Just ordered the PC-X500FX >.<

    Impulse buying FTW.