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    Raptor X and 2x400GB

    guys im just about finished with my new build. just want some opinion on how i should set the thing up. Raptor X - OS/Games Seagate 400gb - Programs/Important Data Seagate 400gb - Page file/Backup/Storage or should i just put OS/Programs/Games/Page file all on the Raptor, and use the two...
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    eSATA enclosures?

    hey guys, i grabbed a couple of Seagate 300GB a few days ago and was wondering what eSATA enclosures are you fellas using (or can recommend). i have a PATA USB external that i use occasionally, but the speed on that thing is pretty slow.. ive found two eSATA (vantec, thermaltake) on Newegg, but...
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    dead pixel after 3 weeks?

    got my vx2025wm three weeks ago and noticed no dead/stuck pixel by using Dead Pixel Buddy.. but.. this morning right after i turned it on i saw a white one right in the center at eye level. it has no visible color, and it's most noticeble on blue background where the pixel looks white. i have...
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    BIP3 & Thermaltake Armor

    hey guys, just wanted to get some pointers from those who have mounted a BIP3 on the bottom of a TT Armor. Originally wanted to mount it in the front but that would leave me with only 1 slot left (i need at least 3).. so.. would appreciate it if some of you can post pics of how it is done...
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    Does OC'ing effect PCI SATA Card?

    So im planning on getting a Promise PCI SATA II 2-Port Controller to run a couple of Westy WD2500KS in RAID. My question is, does oc'ing effect the PCI bus at all? I will most likely be using a DFI SLI-DR expert, does it have the pci locking feature similar to the Asus mobo? thanks. -
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    DFI Ultra-D or SLI-DR Expert?

    i noticed the price difference is only 50 bucks.. is the Expert worth the extra $? i plan on running it with a x1900xt in the meantime, but will most likely upgrade to a pair of 7900gt in a couple months when the price goes down a bit.. the extra $ doesnt mean that much to me, just don't wanna...
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    2x 7900GT or single X1900XT for 20.1" LCD?

    sorry guys for clogging the forum with another 7900gt vs x1900xt thread.. :) but for those of you running at high native LCD res (1608x1050 or higher), would you recommend that i get a single x1900xt or SLI a pair of vmod 7900gt? right now, Oblivion and FEAR are my main concerns at the moment...