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    Windows 10 released early!

    Hopefully Windows 8 prices will drop. I need one for my gaming rig.
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    Virtual surround questions

    I'm considering the Steelseries H wireless. Mostly because I can hook up my PS4 to it as well, it's wireless and comes with two 20 hr batteries. It also allows analogue or USB input as well as optical...but i don't have optical out. So I may just use USB. It says it uses Dolby headphone and...
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    Virtual surround questions

    I can't put an audio card in mine, it's not that kind of PC. But thanks, I always left Windows at default. So I'll set windows to 7.1. But seems odd they would make it so convoluted like that. My audio software also has similar options too so it just makes everything confusing. I guess I'll use...
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    Virtual surround questions

    Creative uses the MB3 is that better than Dolby's?
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    Virtual surround questions

    Basically I'm buying a new gaming headset. I currently have the Astro A40's but they broke plus I don't think the virtual audio aspect of it worked right...or I never had it setup right. So I don't know much about this stuff so forgive any ignorance if my question doesn't make any sense...
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    Introducing the Steam Controller

    Xbox controller sucks for camera movement. An analogue stick just isn't precise enough. I think a thumb trackpad solution is the only plausible means to use for looking around besides a mouse but kb/mouse on a couch sucks so that is why this exists. It's not intended to make you a Quake 3...
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    The New Super High Resolution PC Screenshot Thread

    Lol, the grass is amazingly terrible in Witcher 3. Looks as bad or maybe a bit worse than vanilla Oblivion from 8 years ago. wow, even COD 4 did it better.
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    Umbra Kickstarter looks sick! CryEngine ARPG.

    I wouldn't donate any money towards it. There are plenty of great arpg's already and I don't see anything special enough about this one to differentiate what is already a saturated genre.
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    The next NCASE project: a Steam Machine-style case (indeterminate)

    I really like my G20, despite the size they did an excellent job with directing heat out. I just wish I didn't get this PNY 970 card.
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    Details of Free Windows 10 Update Become a Little Clearer

    If you have 8.1 installed and you download W10, can you opt to reformat the drive or will the only option be to upgrade over the existing? I ask because I always have issues with upgrading over existing plus theres the old windows folder that's a pain to delete. I am happy to hear that they...
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    Project CARS Devs Address AMD Performance Issues

    This is why i buy Nvidia cards.
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Haven't played it all week, got bored with it after the first heist mission last weekend.
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Crashes for me on the second mission where you choose a car to steal with that other black guy. Either as soon as I choose a car or during the race to get to the dealer.
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    minimum 18 frames? ouch. It''s the minimums that matter most because they are the experience breakers. I already play my PC on my 55" TV with a wireless controller. Why would I buy this when I have a G20 with SSD and 970GTX sitting right next to my PS4? I was just saying I'd rather get the...
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    I want to play games like GTA 5 fully maxed out so a high end card is always a must for me. Otherwise I'd just get it for my PS4.
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    I'd rather invest a bit more and have the best graphics a game is capable of producing. It's the only reason I game on PC, otherwise I'd only own a PS4. I guess you get the benefit of Steam deals and a huge library of older titles too but in all reality, I'd question how long it could hold PS4...
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    I think I've reached an odd point in my gaming hobby.

    I often times go weeks without playing. I sometimes have to force myself to actually start a game, once I'm playing, then I'll play for a few hours which is good so I don't feel it's a waste. So OP, have you tried doing just that? To just pick one of your untouched games and force yourself to...
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    Nintendo NX: A Closer Look at the Mystery Console

    They need to drop the whimsical Sesame Street crap and provide a professional looking UI and less restrictive 3rd party licenses.
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    God of War III Remastered - PS4 1080p60

    If it makes them money then they'll do anything. Also Squre Enix already publicly stated why they wouldn't remake FF7 which had nothing to do with re-creating anything. They are well aware that they could redo it from scratch and then some and make a crap ton of money off of it. The process of...
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    The Woz: Computers Are Going To Take Over, No Question

    I think things too....does it make it newsworthy? His opinion outside of the business aspects of Apple is hardly worth anymore than anyone else opinion on future events.
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    Nvidia Explains Why Their G-Sync Display Tech Is Superior To AMD's FreeSync

    I wouldn't buy a new monitor just for Gsync and no big screen TV will ever have it anyway so....
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    God of War III Remastered - PS4 1080p60

    They keep remastering games that aren't that old. Why not remaster Jet Moto, Crash or something? There are so many fantastic 15+ year old games out there. GOW series is still fresh in my mind anyway.
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    Unreal Tournament 4/2015

    Seems like past UT's. I didn't find anything too interesting with this and likely get old just as quickly as the old ones did.
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    Half Life 3 almost confirmed?

    Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades....and I don't see anyone playing either atm.
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    Can't wait for the sequel, Pregnancy: Afterbirth.
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    FedEx Refuses To Ship Machine That Can Make Untraceable Guns

    You don't have to build anything that can kill when the tool itself can do the same job, can use a screwdriver to kill someone. The 3d printer would be more difficult and costly.
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    Can a Cheap Windows Tablet Replace Your Desktop?

    I use a Macbook Pro for everything. I have a gaming tablet and Kindle Fire for emulators and reading.
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    What is everyone playing now?

    Karnov (arcade version)
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    TurboTax's Database Knows Your Secrets

    You're info including SS number is housed in many, many databases out there. And you're all worried about this one? You can pay a few bucks and get access to all your...or anyone els's personal information including where you work. I don't waste time worrying about this crap, I made it this...
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    Study: Smarter People Use iPhones

    That you're confused :p
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    How Long Would It Take You To Beat The Games In Your Steam Library?

    I have 123 Steam games, beaten a number of them (just beat AC: Unity last night) but certainly don't care to beat most of them. I would say the majority of them I lose interest in after a dozen hours or often less. I beat FC2 but with FC3 I got halfway through, just made it to the second island...
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    Canada Passes Law Making Auto-Install Software Illegal

    Yeah, a pricier way to go but certainly worth it, especially if you're the go to fix it guy. Having a dedicated app store helps a lot but for some people I would force them into Linux. Free software and pretty hard to accidentally install anything. From a setup standpoint or to be a picky user...
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    Oculus Rift Could Make Music Software Way Easier to Use

    Yep, a million and one uses and it'll probably still never be any more widely accepted than 3D TV's and gaming has. Funny thing about this is that the Hydra controller is no longer in production and very expensive if you can find one so I don't expect to see what this guy did to ever come to...
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    Canada Passes Law Making Auto-Install Software Illegal

    About as useful of a law as it is to download copyrighted software.
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    Wireless Charging Looks to Go Mainstream in 2015

    I only have to charge mine once every couple of weeks. Usually after a work week I'm still around 80%.
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    Valve: Steam Machines "Front and Center" at GDC

    Irrational fear on Valve's part as Windows 10 proves but Windows has always been closed OS so no clue what you mean there but is not remotely similar to Xbox. Xbox one uses 3 OS's btw. What does changing a UI or adding an App store for mobile apps have anything to do with the ability for...
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    Valve: Steam Machines "Front and Center" at GDC

    It's a floating per volume price segment and depends on the device. For regular desktop's, it's typically around $50 without Office but they do occasionally drop it depending on sales. For devices packing an ARM based processors, OEMs will be required to pay between $50 and $65 USD for using...
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    Valve: Steam Machines "Front and Center" at GDC

    It's a $50 difference for OEM's to include Windows over Linux. I think Steamboxes are the only thing platform wise that could legitimately win some console gamers however they really do need some exclusives and games that really make use of VOIP...despite those that support it, most PC gamers...
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    Valve: Steam Machines "Front and Center" at GDC

    Opportunity for what? Have you compared Linux titles to the Windows titles? Most PC gamers wouldn't move from Windows 7 and for good reason. Plus the plethora of back titles from the past decade and longer. Linux's library is still certainly growing but it's going to take a while and the list of...