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    One day with 6970

    Interesting one day notes: I installed a Diamond 6970 from Newegg yesterday, after having to upgrade my PSU to a noname 1100w from (local retail shop for since the TT psu only had 6 pins and a 6pin to 8pin adapter wouldn't let my GAEX58UD3R startup....really wants...
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    Any new GTX 460 owners want to share their experiences and impressions?

    Just got two ENGTX460 DirectCU non-top versions. They are so wide they will not fit in my EX58-UD3R -the slots are jammed together or these cards are fatties! I can kind force them in if I put them in the right order, but when I ordered them, I forgot my board was pre-sli boxed. It is...
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    Asus GTX 460 w/ HAWX 2 $114.99 Free Shipping

    Best Buy this morning had the 1GB non-TOP version for $178, but sold out before I thought about it to order a second one.
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    Galaxy's Name That Fan Contest

    Blade Jacket
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    Google Street View Image of the Day,13.368008&cbp=13,320.72,,0,-29.96&ie=UTF8&panoid=K0Hv_pLb98MJa2Cd_QcH2w&ll=42.363907,13.367907&spn=0,359.997589&z=19 Driving around in a condo complex, the all seeing eyes hit some branches. Before complex, no stick turd in the...
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    omg, that will go great in the baby's room...who needs a crib right?
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    .NET developer starting pay?

    I skipped some fluff in the middle, but in South Bend, IN - internships pay about $12 an hour for full time for starting ASP.NET, SQL Server, C# developers. A Entry level position nets you around $40K per year with those skills, or any other development (C, MySQL, ASP/Ruby/Http ... ) for that...
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    XFX 850 Black Edition Spy Pics

    What case is gonna highlight this wicked looking ps? If the review is good, I'm ready to rebuild...and my case won't cut it.
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    National Archives Offers Big Reward For Lost HDD

    He wasn't around then, but he was my first suspect till I saw the date. Still suspecting Bush or his administration since they knew they were going to be out of work for a little while.
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    Toddler Accidentally Buys $15K Digger Online

    Looked like a boy, and had a payloader in the pic...but you are right. "Pissed off toddler, named after male genitalia, buys earth moving equipment to hide mom's body"
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    Toddler Accidentally Buys $15K Digger Online

    Trying my best to come up with a better headline..."Toddler proves there is a bigger Hoe than his mom in NZ, but still angry she named him Pipi"
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    National Archives Offers Big Reward For Lost HDD

    Pretty stupid way to back up everything apparently so critical...plopped onto a portable drive and left on a shelf. Must have been the Bush administrations way of deleting history.
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    Tunnel Rat Robots Help In Fight Against Drug Runners

    I wonder if I could get a drug smuggler to deliver me one of those robots for less than a kilo costs...
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    Apple Releases Four New Commercials

    Found the legaleeze! HD ftw... I think all computers suffer from needing a cleanup once in a Quicktime is still running though I removed it and rebooted(That should be illegal), hard drives need defragging and some cleanup even on Mac and Linux.
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    Apple Releases Four New Commercials

    I had to download quicktime to watch them, but the time travel one was funny enough to let me keep it installed a whole 2 minutes after I watched all the rest. The iPhoto search feature might be good, but what idiot puts all their images in one big folder? My grandma knows better...and my...
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    Employee of the Century

    I go to classes with a guy named Hung Quoc...
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    Psystar Ships A System

    Looks like a poor attempt...It is not recognizing the CPU properly, which means it is probably using 1 or 2 cores instead of all four, would have to see the resource chart. Needs more polish, but it's nice that it's cheap and boots right up...btw, typing on this real Mac keyboard in this...
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    Xbox Live Offers Babies For Sale With Free Shipping

    Should have read, "WTT Baby for PS3"
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    Funny Picture Of The Day

    Seen the same thing 4 or 5 years ago outside a movie theater in South Bend, IN. We had snapshots, but I think they were posted on our EQ guild forum.
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    Man Has USB Key Prosthetic Finger

    haha, you could get your very own thumb drive
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    What To Do With 24 256GB Samsung SSDs?

    Fishy video all around. 1) With 2kW in PSU, they still couldn't use both 4870X2's. Something about their raid card wanting more juice from the PCI-E bus. 2) Then I was a loss as to why they had multiple raid cards till I noticed something. They maxed out their speed at 9 drives! That was at...
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    Security Breach Results In Data Sent to Iran

    bearshare ftw...hate that crappy p2p, it'll trick you into sharing your whole hard drive if you let it
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    Free $50 GC and Guitar hero w/ PS3 @ BB

    I think just online, but you could always call the store and see...or buy online and pickup in store maybe.
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    Free $50 GC and Guitar hero w/ PS3 @ BB Looks like $100 off their iPhones too...of course you have to be a new subscriber and all that crap, but the iPhone has been the most fun purchase I've made this year.
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    Midway Files for Bankruptcy

    I watched the thesis defense for a guy that's supposed to be working there now. It was on realistic modeling of fire using a volumetric approach instead of the 2d representations we see in games. It was very a very good presentation and a great learning experience. His thesis is below, his name...
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    TV & Video Games Increase Teen Depression Risk

    My argument the last time we saw this crap. Honestly, our entire world culture is becoming so liberal (not in the literal sense of the word, more like the political sense of it) that we can't let our children develop normally. We can't spank, we can't expose them to "risks", we can't do anything...
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    New Luxury Dorm to Open at Purdue

    I didn't hear about this till the H post. I teach at a extension, not West Lafayette...gonna have to mention it in the office tomorrow.
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    Facebook Plans To Sell Your Data?

    I think that's what they are doing! Anyway, I've always gone to the next all started with ICQ playing UO, and have moved to and on trying the next thing. I wish I could find some headsets that fit right, I'm play more games that are using chat software, even EQ2 has it built in, but...
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    E-Mailing Assassination Threats FTL

    What a tard...I'm sure his mother is SO proud.
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    Porn Interrupts Super Bowl Broadcast

    It was probably the wrong tape in the wrong drive. I hate Comcast. Last superbowl, nearly 100% of the commercials were replaced by Comcast ones. FFS, I was a subscriber...why the hell do I need to see a Comcast commercial? DirecTV last night had no DTV commercials overlaying my normal ones...
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    EVGA 9800GT SLI Issues - Games Crashing

    Try taking one card out and OCing the other. See if the stability issues show up in either card. I'm thinking it's one of two things: 1) one of the cards can't handle the heat/speed caused by OC - which you said you ruled out, but testing individual cards might show you a problem, or 2) the...
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    Recommend External HDD Enclosure

    Works good here too, but if you plan on removing the drive the screws are a pain in the ass to get out. Since I remove my drives a lot, swapping things is a priority so I'm getting a next month I think eSATA for only $10 more...
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    WoW: I'm done

    /agree Still playing EQ2...but I couldn't call it an addiction. Sure I waste time, but if I had a console I would be playing that or otherwise in front of the TV "gelatinizing my brain" - awesome hulu commercial during Superbowl...
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    Painting Inside of P182 or any case in general. has a beginners guide using self-etching primer and rustoleum gloss black to make a nearly perfect mirror. Assuming a dust-free environment, and that you are not going to polish, then follow to step 3 and spray on a few...
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    The PC of 2010

    Saddest part is i7's might have to wait till 2010 if the mainstream chipsets are delayed till 2009. There is no way I'm paying almost $300 for a motherboard. I don't need it and most of you don't either...I'm fine with my Q6700 and E8500 and even the lowly E4300 on my wifes machine plays games...
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    Super Bowl for Geeks Guide

    Jason Statholm in the Audi ad could be good. Like his acting for some reason...sure he can't act, but he's cool while being a bad actor. Like Vin Diesel, or Stalone or Arnold....
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    Hackers Exploit 911 System, Fake Emergency Calls

    Ya, but after 3,4,5 fake 911 calls, can you imagine how hard it might be to get the cops out there in a real emergency? That would suck...still, you have to wonder if the charges should have stuck. The search was under false pretenses and the weapons may not have been linked to the potential...
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    Is Intel and Google Preparing “Mass Roll-out” of Netbooks?

    While I don't expect the Android OS to really be a hit unless they fill it out to be like any other flavor of linux, it does seem that these NetBooks are pretty handy. If I had to go Linux, I guess Ubuntu would be a good choice...I'd still prefer Windows XP or Vista. I'm just worried Android...
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    Do Humanlike Machines Deserve Human Rights?

    I can see my Roomba calling the cops cause I kicked it out of the way now...
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    Windows 7 Beta Taking Unusual Development Route

    Didn't Apple just win that patent on Multi-Touch? Seems that this innovation might get squashed imho...unless you buy an Apple product. I could see them requiring retardedly high licensing like Sony and BD. It's a sure way to kill a technology.