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    Looking for the smallest case possible with SFX, ITX, iGPU

    Hello, i'm looking or a smaller replacement for my wife's Ncase M1. Only thing I can think of is the Jonsbo U1, but that case seems to be very hard to get in the US. Requirements: ITX SFX/SFX-L PSU 2 2.5" Hard Drives Aluminum (Highly preferred) Windowed (Highly preferred) Build: ASRock...
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    ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac

    I thought we should have a thread dedicated to the ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac since the Z97 and Z87 ASRock ITX boards had threads as well. It seems this is one of the most popular Z170 ITX boards on here as well. Specs ASRock Super Alloy Gaming Armor - CPU Power / Memory / VGA...
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    Can I reuse my Windows 10 key with new motherboard, RAM, CPU?

    Looking to upgrade my PC to Skylake but I believe Win10 activates itself with the motherboard. I've reformatting a couple of times and it automatically activates once you have internet connection. Is there a way to "deactivate" Win10 on my old motherboard and activate it on my new motherboard?
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    Bridge Mode Question

    I'm currently on ATT UVerse with there combo modem/router and i'm planning on using my own router in bridge mode. My question, can I still use all the 4 RJ45 ports in the ATT modem/router. Is there any downsides to this idea. My own router will act as a wifi router in the middle of my house...
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    BF 2142 Deluxe $1 (Amazon)

    Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition for $0.99 on amazon. You could actually link your origin account through amazon so it was very easy to get it onto my origin account...
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    Jab-Tech 50% Everything

    Jab-tech is having a moving sale so they are selling everything at 50% off. Looks like a lot of stuff is already gone but still see some nice stuff, such as watercooling fittings.
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    How can I sync Outlook group calenders and iPhone group calenders?

    I'm trying to setup a calender for iOS and outlook to sync up with each other and it can be used by a group of people. Is this possible?
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    Will a SSD help my web browsing performance?

    I want to know if an SSD will help in anyway with web browsing, specifically in Internet Explorer 10.
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    Can I use a OEM builder key on my Lenovo?

    I currently have 3 Lenovos with Windows 8 and I want to change to Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 Pro. It seems the OEM builder licenses are the cheapest route. Is my idea possible?
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    Some details/pics of the MSI 7970 Lightning Translation kinda suck since it's Google Translate but you get the idea. Looks like 14+2 VRM. Seems like a...
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    Most reliable GPU under $100

    Looking to get a GPU under $100 that has dual DVI ports (Or at least able to use 2 monitors) that must be reliable. I'm guessing the reliability all depends on the PCB/components compared to the actual GPU, but it would be nice for some recommendations/direction. This will be used for roughly...
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    Where do I register my Seasonic PSU for warranty?

    I was just wondering where to register my newly purchased Seasonic PSU. I tried searching there website and google but I can't find anything. Is it based on invoice date or something?
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    Reservoir that fits the PSU form factor?

    Does anyone know if anyone makes a res that would fit in place of a PSU form. Like if the screws would line up correctly. This would be perfect for what I need.
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    New revised Audio Technica ATH-A500X, ATH-A700X, & ATH-A900X

    Not sure if it's been posted here but just letting everyone know Audio Technica released new revised models to the ART series. I just got my 900X in the mail today and testing them out right now. Overall they feel great compared...
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    Possible to get my PS3 account back but forgot pw and no access to email?

    Just wondering if I can get my account back somehow because I forgot the pw to my PS3 account but I have no access to my email. My email was from my university but it has been deactivated since I graduated over 2 years ago. Possible or do I need to start everything over? I'm mostly concerned...
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    BF3 for $41.99 at Amazon

    BF3 for $41.99 at Amazon for the digital copy. Found this on SD
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    Asus 5.1 Xonar DG $5.34 AR

    Asus 5.1 Xonar DG $9.99 AR Courtesy of dflores88 from OCN. Thanks!
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    Core i3-540 $0.99

    Try this since the amazon one is dead now Intel (BX80616I3540) Processor - 1 x Core i3 540 / ... | eBay Probably will get cancelled but worth a shot DEAD
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    Possible to use a switch then another?

    Hey, i'm trying to get internet to another computer through 1 ethernet line that has already been used with a switch. Also, would this affect the use of remote desktop? I'm thinking of buying this switch for the secondary switch.
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    Anyone with the ASRock H67M-ITX/HT please chime in.

    I'm wondering if the H67M-ITX/HT has the option to adjust the CPU voltages. I looked at the online manual and it doesn't mention anything about it. I know the P8H67-I Deluxe has the option but i'm really leaning towards the H67M-ITX/HT. If anyone has the info please let me know.
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    Can you adjust the CPU voltage on ASRock H67 boards?

    I know the H67 boards allow no or very limited overclocking. I was hoping to adjust the core voltage on the ASRock H67 Mini ITX, does anyone know if that's possible?