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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    This has been the case for at least a month if not longer
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Where do we find the list of BBs that will have the cards?
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    Microsoft Launches Office For Android Smartphones

    The office suite before required Office 365 subscription afaik. And MS released the tablet version of these apps a month or two ago. These ones are for phone and do not require an Office 365 sub (at least for me)
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    You’re Ending Your E-mails Wrong

    This is what I do. Never had a negative remark about its usage.
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    Skylake -k confirmed for August/September

    Interesting... hope to see the U-series mobile Skylake in a Surface Pro 4 this fall!
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    Windows 10 Could Be Best Microsoft OS Ever For PC Gamers

    Even if Microsoft wanted publishers to do that, it would be an awful business decision for EA (or any other game publisher) to not force gamers to buy a copy of the same game multiple times for multiple platforms.
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    Surface Pro 3 Review: Microsoft Proves It's Third Time Lucky

    Seems like the touchpad on your cover might be messed up. The only 'deadspot' on the touchpad is the top quarter, and I always click instead of tap and have never had the cursor move even an iota. I love my SP3, best laptop I've ever owned. Having a touchscreen is actually really nice, I find...
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    Anyone buy a 970 with blower-style fan (evga or pny)?

    Just wanted to report that I too bought the PNY card and am very happy with it. I've got it in a packed mATX case, and it's a bit quieter than my 690 at idle and very reasonable at load (pleasant sound signature, no coil whine). Haven't broken 72C with +100 gpu / +200 memory so far.
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    Anyone buy a 970 with blower-style fan (evga or pny)?

    Thanks SO much for your report! Can you turn down the fan speed at idle at all to make it quieter? Definitely think I'm going to pick up a PNY now :)
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    Anyone buy a 970 with blower-style fan (evga or pny)?

    Yeah that's what it seems, shame as I really like their customer service. Alright guess I'll either get the PNY - depending on xp3nd4bl3's report - or go with the Asus. The semi-passive nature of the Asus is desirable as I won't be gaming much.
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    Anyone buy a 970 with blower-style fan (evga or pny)?

    That's the SC with the blower or ACX? Much thanks, I look forward to hearing how it is! I too have an mATX case, and my 690 only works at proper clocks if the side panel is off :D
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    Anyone buy a 970 with blower-style fan (evga or pny)?

    I'm going to buying a 970 soon and would very much prefer one with a blower style fan, due to my tiny case. I saw that only evga and pny have such models, but have not been able to find any reviews of it. Has anyone here on [h] bought one, and if so, how is the noise and cooling?
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    EVGA screwed up ACX on the 970.

    Is the squealing issue only with ACX coolers, or does it also happen on the blower model? I looked through the thread but may have missed something on it
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    Verizon Could Blow Up TV As We Know It Next Year

    I think they mean licensing deals with channels as such
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    Stop Buying Games At Launch

    After BF4 I swore off pre-ordering a game forever. What a shame
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    DirectX 12 On Intel At SIGGRAPH 2014

    it'd be a 65% improvement not 80%. learn to maths bro
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    Intel Discloses 14nm Manufacturing Process Technical Details

    Nah the main issue is that it's 6+ months delayed, so they have to keep on hyping it to keep investors, partners, and to a lesser extent consumers, satisfied
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    Legendary Sierra Entertainment Rises Mysteriously from the Grave

    I just want a remake of tribes 1. never was a fan of the sequels
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    Oculus VR Clamps Down On eBay Rift Re-Selling

    They're canceling the order from Oculus themselves, not the ebay order. All they need to have this power is add a condition in the terms you agree to when buying, saying that in order to accept Oculus' offer to sell, you agree not to re-sell the DK. Then that's a condition precedent to be...
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    South Park Goes Behind Hulu’s Paywall This Fall

    Good thing I've "recorded" all the episodes onto my hard drive :D
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    Combination HTPC, NAS, plex server in one?

    Good point on the UPS, will definitely throw that in consideration. Will have macbook along with windows computer accessing the NAS, so need something beyond the native windows file sharing mechanism
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    Samsung Has Announced Plans to Scrap Plasma TVs

    Color accuracy sure, but oled always has infinite contrast because the pixels can individually turn off
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    Oculus Suspends Rift Sales in China After "Extreme" Reselling

    Because then most indie studios couldn't afford them...
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    Combination HTPC, NAS, plex server in one?

    Here's what I would like to accomplish in one box - 4 disk NAS: 2x4TB JBOD (video storage), 2x2TB RAID1 (docs and other stuff) - HTPC: connect to receiver and play the stored videos (x264) locally using either xbmc or plex - Plex server: transcode videos in real-time for remote viewing at...
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    Second-Gen Oculus Rift Headset Now Shipping

    Well yeah that's the whole reason they sold to FB in the first place :rolleyes: without the threat of insolvency hanging over their head and with a multibillion dollar backer, they can focus on getting a good product out and use the support for leverage with suppliers and whatnot. there was news...
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    Leaked GeForce GTX 880 Pics?

    It's a rebrand with higher clocks ;) unless there's been benchmarks no reason to believe that. gta 4 was a horrible unoptimized POS, and i personally don't have faith in rockstar to improve it this time around
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    Samsung Unveils New Branded SSD Powered by 3D V-NAND

    My guess is that the press specs are with RAPID enabled
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    [TweakTown] (First?) Consumer 6TB Hard drive from Seagate

    I wonder what the reliability is like on these high cap drives. I bought two of the Seagate 4TB externals when they first came out (no one sold 4tb internals, so cracked the cases open), and one of them just died about a month ago - less than 3yrs after release.
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    Rumor: The Division Downgraded On PC

    Ugh this was the first new game I was hoping to buy, looks like they won't be getting my money if the downgrade is true. I have a 690 for a reason............
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    DDR4 Already For Sale In Japan

    For new products you look at long-term demand when pricing ;) Not to mention that the high cost of initial production means a certain price floor, boosted by the lack of competition.
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    DDR4 Already For Sale In Japan

    ddr4 is still ramping up in production so there's comparatively low supply as to ddr3. plus i believe ddr4 is all being made on new process nodes which as of late are quite a bit more expensive than each prior one.
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    Microsoft Phasing Out Iconic Nokia Brand Name

    Exactly. Nokia still exists as a company and maintains its rights to the name. I'm not sure what else people were expecting... Not to mention "It can use the Nokia brand for another ten years for other Nokia phones (feature phones)."
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    Far Cry 4 Gameplay Footage

    meh. this applies quite preciently:
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    Difference between gigabit switches?

    hm i might ebay the netgear gs108. there's a fair amount of them for around/under $30 after they were on sale for $25 a few weeks ago (sadly had no need for a switch then). might nonetheless go with the trendnet, as i prefer buying from a retailer. thanks again for the input guys. EDIT: bought...
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    Difference between gigabit switches?

    Thanks for the info. And it's purely for home use.
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    Difference between gigabit switches?

    I'm just looking for a simple 8 port gigabit switch to replace the old 5 port 100mbit switch we have. Don't need anything fancy, it's just to add more ports to our gigabit router. Recently bought a NAS, so just need to ensure all our wired computers (which have gigabit NICs) have a gigabit...
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    My BestBuy shopping trip wasn't horrible. Have they changed?

    I can understand if clerks repeatedly come up to you, but I don't have any problem with someone asking once if there's anything they can help me with. Just say no and the y never bother you again. Seems like proper customer service.
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    Microsoft May Halt Xbox One Production

    That applies to PS4 now as well at least for gaming
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    Microsoft May Halt Xbox One Production

    I'm guessing that DX12 will be the key with it's mantle-like reduction in overhead. There are rumors that top-tier developers have access to it and it's enough of a difference to allow a bump in res to 1080p.