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    Computer can't see my SSD

    I've been running windows 8 lately and it keeps freezing on my desktop. I had to power down my machine by holding the power button manually. Upon reboot, windows tried to check my disk and it would always hang at 40% indefinitely. From there, I tried the reset and the refresh options, which...
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    New corsair 600t revision?

    I've always liked the corsair 600t and the white one as well. Today while window shopping on newegg I noticed there was a third 600t variant. The 600t CC600TM features that I noticed are, this one has a side mesh and apparently has...
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    Bought the wrong mobo p8p67le

    Just recently built a new system and haven't really tried to oc it until today. I realized I bought the p8p67le instead of the standard one and there's few overclocking options. I bought it at frys and the return period is up...any chance they'll let me exchange it? Is there anything I can do to...
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    New pc BSODS, trying to figure out whats bad

    Just ran memtest and after pass #2 this happened to the screen. Sound like bad ram? Whenever it BSODS the error it gives me is "ASMTHUB3.SYS" failed or something. Which seems to be a mobo...
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    Does this mean memtest failed? After reaching 100% on pass 2 this happened. Bad ram?
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    Apogee gt on socket 1155

    So my old GT is a 775 and obvisouly wont fit on my new 1155 socket. Swiftech has conversion kits but they don't have one for the gt to make it 1155 compatible (only 1366). I've read a few times that the conversion kit for the gtx/gtz does work though.
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    New 2500k, high temps

    I have an Asus motherboard that has one of those automatic OC switches(It's called tpu mode or something) Normally I overclock it myself but this was just way too easy and I don't have a cooler other than the stock one at the moment. So the question is, why is this thing so hot? Can the stock...
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    Should I reinstall windows with a new build?

    Just finished up a new build and I can not get windows to boot. It finishes the boot animation in windows 7 and then immediately blue screens, the blue screens only there for a fraction of a second so I can't read the errors. Anyways, I'm able to boot into ubuntu just fine so there's no problem...
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    How to open a vaio all in one

    So I'm trying to open up a family members vaio all in one. Specifically it is model vgc-js290j. Theres a ton of screw on the back which I managed to unscrew and I can't for the life of me lift the back piece of plastic off. Does anyone have any experience with these?
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    Bioware/EA hacked I can't log into my EA account to play Bad Company 2. EA changed my password and didn't tell me and I still haven't gotten the email. Note that I have never even played neverwinter nights. :(...
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    Help me setup mysql with c++

    I've searched the web, followed many tutorials, and I still can't get the damn thing set up correctly. I've never used an api before and I can't figure this out. Error after error after error. I'm installing ubuntu right now and maybe that will make things easier. Any good tips? Any easy...
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    AMD equivalent of i3 Sandy

    Hey guys I'm looking to set up an i3 rig for my parents, I was just wondering if I could cut some costs with AMD. Looking for similar performance and I was planning on using the on die gpu. Does AMD offer anything similar with a gpu for less money?
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    Mobo for ivy bridge

    Will any sandy bridge p67 serve well as a mobo for ivy bridge? Is ivy bridge going to bring a new chipset with it? I'm looking to get a sandy bridge mobo and i3 and later on get a nice ivy cpu. What do you guys think?
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    Need a matx sandy bridge board.

    I want to use the gpu on the new sandy bridge i3 to save some cash and other then that it just needs to be a matx board. Anyone know of some solid ones? I'm partly asking here because I've been out of the loop for a while and all these different chipsets are confusing me :confused:
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    Can you put upload pictures to an android tablet?

    Hey guys my mom wants a tablet but she wants to be able to put her pictures on it from her point and shoot. Obvisouly you could put the pictures on a pc and then move them to a tablet but thats not what she wants. Can you do this with the newer tablets like the xoom or the new tab? Or is this...
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    Best format to rip DVD to?

    iso,flv,avi,etc. What do you guys rip to and why? iso is interesting because you get the actual whole disk but it becomes harder to stream over a home network.(xbox 360)
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    Going past max voltage

    Is it bad for the chip? Other than the extra heat that would be produced... How far past the "max voltage" can you go?
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    Installed new 5770, now my oc is unstable?

    I just got a new 5770 to replace my dead 8800gts. Now my computer wont boot with the exact same bios settings as before. Any ideas? I had my cpu at 1.47v fsb +.01 and the pcie is not overvolted. My powersupply should be more than adequate. I'd imagine a 5770 using less power than an 8800...
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    Got a new videocard and now my oc is unstable?

    Hey guys I just got a new 5770 because my old g92 8800gts died. I used to run my cpu at 3.2-3.4ghz and now after installing this new card I can't get my computer to post with all the same bios settings. Any ideas? My voltage is around 1.47v and the fsb is +.01 (no pcie overvoltage)
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    Got a new Asus card, do I need to register it?

    I can't seem to find any information on this, I want to register it to be eligible for an rma sometime in the future. My 8800 just died and if I had registered it I would be getting a new card right now. Do i even need to register this board?
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    Just got a new videocard, can't play brink now.

    Just made a switch from an old 8800 to a 5770. The game is totally unplayable now. I've installed the latest drivers (11.5a rc3) and its still awful. Is anyone else still having problems because it seems like most peoples problems went away with these drivers. Any other tips? Sadly the game...
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    Good card for $150

    Hey all, my 8800gts finally died on me tonight so I'm looking at picking up a new card soon. Looking to spend around $150 and I was wondering how much better performance can I expect from a modern budget card over my old bleeding edge card. Thanks!:) Edit: Also, does Frys price-match videocards?
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    Portal 2 pc/ps3 question

    Amazon has a 20 credit for portal 2 but its only for the ps3/360 version. If i buy the ps3 version (which comes with a free pc copy) can I register the pc copy on steam and sell the ps3 copy, or is there some type of protection that links them together? Note: I do not own a ps3.
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    Does anyone know of any good XNA tutorials?

    I know microsoft just put one out and its ok but it glosses over a lot of things. I'm looking for something that really describes whats going on. thanks!:)
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    What's a good $120 card

    I currently have an 8800gts g92 and it just doesnt keep up in bad company 2. I figure something around $120 would be significantly better than my card. Looking for a decent card that will hold up in bc2 and will be good for bf3. I've decided to get a decent card now and upgrade my...
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    I feel helpless while looking for a programming internship

    I've looked on dice,monster,craigslist etc. and I can't for the life of me find somewhere that wants a sophomore in college as an intern. I really want to do one this summer simply to learn and because I love to program. Did any of you guys have any luck with maybe an on campus intern referral...
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    Do any of these dyes kill bacteria?

    It's about time I changed the fluid in my system, do any of these things kill bacteria or are they just dyes??
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    e6400-->e8500 worth it?

    My e6400 is oced to 3.2ghz and I'm thinking of picking up an e8400 as a stop gap upgrade until I can afford a whole new setup(mobo,cpu,ram) I mainly am looking into the upgrade for gaming. BC2 runs pretty badly on my 1680x1050 monitor. I will be getting a new gpu in the summer. Will I see...
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    Does EVGA still do step up?

    It seems like they stopped doing it a few months ago according to this page... Is it true? If so, do any other companies do something else like step up? I'm wondering because I will be getting a new GPU in july and I've heard rumblings of the nvidia 6...
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    Does microsoft make widows iso available?

    Basically I'm looking to reformat my laptop, its brand new but seems super slow for some reason. I don't have a windows 7 cd and the copy on my desktop was a student edition digital download. Does microsoft host the iso for windows 7? I remember when I installed windows 7 on my desktop it was...
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    Alan Wake ending SPOILERS

    So I finally beat Alan Wake last night, I loved this game and it had one of the most captivating stories ever for me in a game. Now the question happened at the end? I got totally confused with all these random cut scenes :confused: Do you need to get the DLC to understand what...
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    Heroes of Newerth Trial accounts

    Just recently they came out with trial accounts and I've seen a lot of people wanting to try it out. Everyone who owns the game gets 2 trial invites and I have 1 left and I'm sure others here have some as well. Let me know if you're interested.
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    ohhhh boy, spilled coolant everywhere

    Hey guys, just spilled some distilled water/pentosin g11 all over my motherboard. :( Im drying it off right now but it's really hard with all those nooks and cranny's, would it be ok to stick it in a bag of rice or would that be bad? Any other suggestions? What can I do to minimized the...
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    2's complement question

    alright so this is a problem for an assignment I'm doing the example problem looks like this 10011101 1's complement=01100010 2's complement=01100011 Seems clear enough to me that you add 1 to the result, my question is.... What i the 1's complement already ends in a 1? like...
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    Reverse sorting an int array in java. Help please.

    public void Descending(int array[]) { Arrays.sort(array, Collections.reverseOrder()); System.out.println(Arrays.toString(array)); } Getting an error at the red word, It says can not find symbol symbol:method sort(int[] , java.util.Comparotor<java.lang.Object> location...
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    Got accepted into the app inventor beta...

    and its pretty slick, although I'm not sure I'm sold on the whole no programming experience required thing. There's still all the same terminology and compatible data types are required. Anyone else get into it?
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    Java help with constructors

    You may post questions regarding specific questions about your problem or talk about the problem and different solutions. The requirement however, is that you also post the "legwork". Give PROOF in the way of both code and psudocode showing that you understand the question and have put actual...
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    Alien Swarm

    co-op with friends is a ton of fun! probably not very much fun by yourself but if you have some friends get them to play it, considering its free. How much money do you guys want to bet there will be DLC for this free game haha :p
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    Red Dead undreadable text

    So just picked it up for 360, basically I cant read anything in the top left corner that tells what you should be doing, the text is freaking tiny AND its cropping the frame incorrectly, it cuts off some of the image on both sides of the screen. I have a 27" hdtv, I've tried changing numerous...
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    Looking for a moderate upgrade from an 8800gts

    Looking to get a new card, dont want to spend over 200 bucks, just wondering if theres anything that will give me enough of a performance boost to warrant buying it, game at 1680x1050 but might be getting a new monitor soon too. This is a g92 512mb 880gts btw.