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    Grim Dawn (Spiritual Successor to Titan Quest)

    Former Iron Lore developers have formed a new company called Crate and are working on a new action RPG set in a new universe with no historical or mythological basing, more details can be read here. They are also doing pre-orders like Natural Selection 2 so help fund development and possibly...
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    Impulse Weekend Deals

    Highlights: $20 - Sacred 2 $20 - Sins of a Solar Empire + Entrenchment $20 - Demigod $25 - Dawn of Discovery Didn't see a thread of this, these are some good deals for those who haven't jumped on these games yet.
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    What's Wrong with my 360?

    So the other day I went to go play MechAssault, and the Xbox asks me to put the game in a Xbox console... So I tried Battlefield: Bad Company which I just bought and it tell me to put it in a 360 console, tried all my games and the same thing happened for all of them. I did some searching around...
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    T20 or Edifier S330D

    I've been itching to get some new speakers for some time now, as one of my 2.0 speakers is pretty much dead. I'll say this now, I know nothing about sound or what makes one speaker better than another technically speaking, however I'm capable of reading reviews on speakers I've been recommended...
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    First Time Overclock!

    Just did my first overclock today on my Q6600, running 9x333 and currently doing Prime95. I was using the overclocking guide that's stickied and it said to run Prime95 for >24 hours to make sure the CPU is stable the the settings. Well I also left my voltages on "Auto" since it was my first time...
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    GPU2 Doesn't Like Me...

    Hello, new member to Team 33 here and I am currently trying to get GPU2 to work with my 4870. I have the regular client running perfectly fine with my Q6600 but I keep getting an error in the log file that keeps putting F@H to sleep. Here is a clip of the log file: It continuously does that...