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    My external WC project, a year later.

    More in a bit...
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    In need of heavy duty Rheostat

    I'm working on an external water cooling box, which uses two 120mm fans which draw 1.6A each. (Delta 1212SHE) I need a rheostat switch that can handle two of these at once, all the 12v rheostats I've come across for computer use aren't rated for much more than 1A. I'd need something that could...
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    Post your WoW Character[s]!

    Thought it would be nice to show off our characters and see where everyones at! I'll start
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    Fear no H20 :)

    Found those 160CFM Deltas for $4 at and counldn't resist, the P160 was begging for them....
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    160CFM Delta 1212SHE fans $4!!! Has every variety of brand name Delta fans, including the 160CFM 1212SHE for $4 a peice with cheap shipping. The only catch is that you have to make a minimum $25 order, but any other place I've seen thse fans go for $12 a peice, so you can get 8 of them for the same...
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    Lets start a list of places that ACTUALLY HAVE 6800GT's

    Since everyone seems to be looking for these cards, myself included, I thought it would be helpful if we could make a list of online stores, and/or regional retail stores, that actually have the cards in stock and ready to ship. Include brand/price if possible as well! has PNY 6800GT...
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    Sony Vaio Z1

    Anyone have one/have any experience with one? I was looking at them today in best buy and they're really sharp looking, have good features for what I want, a little pricey though. Just wondering if anyone has any impressions or could recommend something else <5lbs, Centrino,512, and silver :)...