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    How can I flash a different mobo model bios

    Does anyone know of a flash utility that will allow me to flash the bios regardless of the mobo ID. reason: have a gigabyte EP-45-DS3L which does not support raid because supposedly it has an ICH10 not an ICH10R southbridge. I have reason to believe that it does in fact have an ICH10R...
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    Cisco DHCP Client Question?

    I have a quick and painless question.How do you set up DHCP client on an interface on a router (In my case a 2620). I remember it being simply "ip address dhcp", but my router is not accepting that command and when I use the help command it tells me I must put in a host address. Is there...
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    jumbo frames settings

    Hello, I have a few pc's I wanted to enable umbo frames on they are running intel pro1000 cards and the switch is an airlink+ . I am not sure whether the switch supports jumbo frames, I just e-mailed the company asking. I want to know what are all the settings that ate needed to be changed when...
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    Best P4 Socket 478 air-cooler

    Hey everyone. I currently have a Zalmon cnps7000AlCu and would like to upgrade to something with better performance because my CPU gets to be~ 60 under load. So I just wanted to get all of your opinions. Well thank you all for your time. btw . The CPU is a 2.4C @ ~ 3.3GHZ oh and another...