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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Excuse me for not wanting to dig through 600 pages, but when can we expect the new revision and when can we expect these to be in stock again?
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    Madden 25 + 1yr of NFL Sunday Ticket! $100

    What if you're not in a DirecTV area?
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    Computer can't see my SSD

    bios can't see it, but the windows install cd can see it from time to time. What am I supposed to make of that?
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    Computer can't see my SSD

    I bought a new drive, and am getting a free agility 3 from OCZ. What are the odds on recovering files from a busted ssd? I just need one tiny file from it :(
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    Computer can't see my SSD

    Well, it's working again in some way at least. I just turned on my pc and the windows 8 recovery is running again, which was on my ssd. Of course I just expect it to hang forever again and now I need to power off the system manually again which will probably not be helpful at all. Still can't...
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    Computer can't see my SSD

    Any way I can confirm it's dead? It seemed more to me like this was windows 8 fault rather than my ssd. I'm not sure how to flash a new firmware when I can't see the device anywhere.
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    Computer can't see my SSD

    I've been running windows 8 lately and it keeps freezing on my desktop. I had to power down my machine by holding the power button manually. Upon reboot, windows tried to check my disk and it would always hang at 40% indefinitely. From there, I tried the reset and the refresh options, which...
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    The President Drops In on Reddit, Crashes Site

    There were plenty of serious questions, he just avoided them.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    I want this for my new system!
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    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Xbox360 for $40

    Looks good, pretty bummed theres no 1 included though.
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    BF3 On older GTS250

    I'm running with a 5770 on all high 1680x1050 with no lag at all
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    Direct2Drive is having an EA Weekend sale.

    Does DA register on steam by any chance?
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    BF3 Beta Caspian Border, full 21 minute round gameplay

    Are you an ea tester? How did you get caspian border?
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    [H]|G BF3 server

    Is it up for beta?
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    dota 2 closed beta released

    :eek::eek::eek::eek: :(
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    Rockstar: "Max Payne 3 will still be noir"

    Alan Wake is one of the best games I've ever played
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    Warm ? Power Color 6790 $129.99-$30 MIR = $99.99 shipped.

    How much better than a 5770 is this?
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    Purchase BF3 from Origin and get Dead Space 2 for free.

    preordered today with birthday code and got ds2. good deal.
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    BF3 - Who Has the Best Pre-Order Deals?

    Cool thanks, well then I guess I'll order it if I can get the 25% off and deadspace 2!
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    Windows 8 Beta

    Ironically, the development environment is completely void of metro, which I think lends to the idea that metro is unusable for a professional
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    [H]|G BF3 server

    Rush/Conquest, mixed maps, 64 players, low latency, and I'll be there every day
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    BF3 - Who Has the Best Pre-Order Deals?

    Is no one wary of origin anymore? What happened to the whole "you might not be able to download your games in 4 years" thing?
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    Windows 8 Beta

    Is there any way to just completely disable metro?
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    Ends in 9 hours, Riddick: Dark Athena and Butcher Bay $6.66 on Steam

    I can not, for the life of me, find butcher bay at all on steam. Seems the deal is over either way though...
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    joints ops was great
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    Papa John's Pizza -- 7.99 any large pizza today (online only)

    No go for San Diego :(
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    The Computers in my room

    You read my mind
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    Battlefield 3: Limited Edition - Pre Order - $47.99

    If I had known that I would've ordered it :(
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    Battlefield 3: Limited Edition - Pre Order - $47.99

    Also, when does the code expire? Edit: Just saw this Pre-order: Ships After 10/25/2011 I think I'll hold out for something from amazon or steam
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    Battlefield 3: Limited Edition - Pre Order - $47.99

    Do you have to pay the full price upfront?
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    Steam refunding From Dust purchases due to Ubisoft's LIES

    Turns out this actually isn't true. Steam is not offering refunds for this game.
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    My xbox 360 slim dvd drive just died. Anyone else have this problem?

    The slims were in fact affected by this problem.
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    Nexus S free today W/2 year contract

    Tmobile, yes.
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    My xbox 360 slim dvd drive just died. Anyone else have this problem?

    Maybe it has something to do with the recent update that effectively bricked some 360s drives. They were offering free replacements...probably still are!
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    C++ transition to Java

    Hey I had the same thing happen to me but in reverse. Level 1 was java, transferred schools and their level 2 class was in c++. It took me about a week to get up to speed with the rest of the class. Got a B+ (So damn close to an A every single time!)
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    New corsair 600t revision?

    The color seems to be slightly different as well Edit: Just saw redbeard is a corsair rep and so I'll take it the mesh window is indeed the only change
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    BFBC:2 dead...?

    Make sure you're not using the "play now" feature as it typically does an awful job of finding a game
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    Black Ops Performance Difference Win7 vs WinXP

    This game won't run on a single core 2 cpu. Terribly optimized.
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    New corsair 600t revision?

    I've always liked the corsair 600t and the white one as well. Today while window shopping on newegg I noticed there was a third 600t variant. The 600t CC600TM features that I noticed are, this one has a side mesh and apparently has...