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    Samsung SyncMaster P2570 Turns off on it's own

    So, In the middle of playing an epic round of MW2 S&D last night my Sammy P2570 decided to turn off all by itself. When it does this it won't turn back on until you unplug the power connector from the back of the monitor and then plug it back in. The "touch" buttons are unresponsive until...
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    {Build Log} sNiPeRbOb's "MorderPanzer" {Build Log}

    So I introduce to the [H] Community my latest Work in Progress: sNiPeRbOb's "MorderPanzer" I have used all sorts of sizes of cases over the last year, but as soon as I saw the NZXT Panzerbox case during Xoxides "quasi-going out of business" sale late last year, I new the time was...
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    Please HELP!! MSI P6N Sli Platinum problem

    Hello, Please help me... :( I am helping my little brother upgrade to Windows Vista Home Premium. This is his rig: MSI P6N Sli Platinum C2D E6650 @2.71ghz (under water) 2Gig DDR2 Wintec AmpX Seagate 250gb IDE drive PNY 8800GT Thermaltake 600w PSU Everything about the vista upgrade...
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    ::BUILD LOG:: sNiPeRbOb's Boom-Box (Stereo Receiver to PC)

    sNiPeRbOb's Boom-Box Well, I have been searching for quite some time for a mATX desktop case that wasn't too big, but would actually fit the hardware I had to put in it. Seeing as I'm a poor college student (those three words go together all too well...) I also wanted to find something that...