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    AMD Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta Driver

    Figured I'd chime in that 15.11.1 has made a huge difference for me in FO4. I have two 7950's in Crossfire. Previously I was unable to get Crossfire working without large negative scaling as others had reported. 15.11.1 seems to have given me a single card increase that was noticeable but...
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    5850 cfx equals?

    I went from 3 way 5850's (stock coolers) to a single watercooled 7950@1250 / 1600. I loved the 5850 - my favorite AMD card ever I think. Even now it offers massive bang for the buck at ~90-100$. Both card(s) are paired with a 5GHz 2500k on h2o. On paper my new setup is not as fast. My 3DMark...
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    Asrock z77 itx is out

    I just picked up this an ASRock Z77 ITX and a 3750k - having trouble with the cooling solution. I'd love to drop in an AXP-140, but I can't find one for sale to save my life. It's discontinued at this point, looking for a used one has turned up nothing. I can't do a closed loop liquid system...
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    Need case for a pair of 12" Video Cards
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    Your GPU progression?

    Voodoo3 3000 Geforce2 MX400 Geforce3 ti200 Geforce 4400ti Geforce 5900 Geforce 6800GT Geforce 8800GTS 640 Geforce 8800GT Geforce 275GTX 896 ATI 5850 ATI 5850 Trifire ATI 7950
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    Catalyst 12.1 Preview

    I installed this on top (ie did not remove anything, let the installer do its business) of 11.11a (11.11c caused nothing but trouble for me), My 3x5850's now all track with the same utilization in Skyrim, and my fps has more than doubled vs a single card on previous releases. In 11.11c, it had...
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    AMD Catalyst 11.11C

    Went to this on 5850 tri fire tonight. Image quality (same settings in both game and catalyst), has taken a huge nose dive. Frame rate scaling is good - huge improvement in FPS, seeing 80%+ utilization on 2 of 3 cards. Third card sits idle even though enabled in catalyst control panel, I...
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    5850 CF or a single new card...

    I was just faced with the same dilemma - I just upgraded from a C2D E8400 @ 4.4 to a 2500k setup. Old rig had a single 5850. Weighing the options, I decided I needed a boost in performance but felt like my money would be wasted on this generation of cards. I picked up 2 more 5850's off ebay...
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    My external WC project, a year later.

    More in a bit...
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    What mixture are you using in your loop?

    Quick question. Does windshield washer fluid work ? Just because I like the color and I dont want to go through the hassel of contacting a VW dealership.
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    In need of heavy duty Rheostat

    I'm actually looking for a bare rheostat, like one dial, that can handle both fan. Not a premade bay bus type deal, thanks though. 12v x 3.2A = can handle at least 38.4W. I wouldn't be opposed to buying an entire baybus and taking it apart, but I haven't found one that has individual...
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    In need of heavy duty Rheostat

    I'm working on an external water cooling box, which uses two 120mm fans which draw 1.6A each. (Delta 1212SHE) I need a rheostat switch that can handle two of these at once, all the 12v rheostats I've come across for computer use aren't rated for much more than 1A. I'd need something that could...
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    Very Disappointed with Thermaltake Products

    I've got the pipe-101, and find it to perform superior to all the the famed Thermalright products that I had tried before....its offered the best air cooling I've found yet. I hate 99% of what thermal take produces, compurice ftl. But this heatsink is not part of that. Outstanding product, and...
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    Post your WoW Character[s]!

    damn sorry I didn't see that
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    Post your WoW Character[s]!

    Thought it would be nice to show off our characters and see where everyones at! I'll start
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    WoW problems...

    Hey, lotsa love for Bleeding Hollow. I'm a lvl 51 Hunter, and leader of the Zerglings clan. Game name is TrainInVain, we're lvls 20-55 and generally take it easy, but get more than our fair share of PvP in. Any [H] members can feel free to drop me a line if you're in need of a casual but skilled...
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    WoW Info 5/8ths of the way down. Research is good before posting "facts" ;)
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    WoW Info

    I'm not going to look it up, but I know 100% that Blizzard has officially stated that while you could redo talents in Beta for the price of 1 gold, you WILL NOT be able to redo your talents in retail at any time for any amount. It's on the site somewhere, I'm 100% of this. They stated it was...
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    good AMD CPU for OCing?

    NF7-S + 2600M is a killer combo. Honestly I think 2.6ghz would be attainable on very mild air cooling, possibly even stock cooling :confused: Only thing is that after 2.6, you're hitting a tall, hard wall really fast. I can't get over 2.85 with a WC setup, and yet I can get 2.75 with really...
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    wOOt! Sent the XT/PE to Viperjohn for Vmods

    This thread honestly esablishes a new low for the [H]. Grow up.
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    Fast 19" LCD Round-Up!

    Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to this thread. After a week of playing with my Benq FP931, I've determined it flat out rocks. It took me some time to get used to the lower refresh rate than my old CRT. Ghosting is very minimal, the only games I've experienced anything to the like of it...
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    ThermalTake V7+ - enough for my oc'd 2500+?

    I was able to hit 2.3 with a DUT3C 1700+ and 2.6 with a Mobile 2600+ on a volcano 7+ before I upgraded. It's not a bad sink, but get the artic silver.
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    NF7-s rev 2 chipset fan question

    I never even used the stock one, I have it in a box, I'll send if to you for $5 if you like! I replaced mine with the little copper vantec linked in the post above. Prime
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    Thermaltake.....Now I understand why they suck so bad.

    I hate their cases and their rice parts, and they do tend to plaster their logo all over everything, but I wouldn't blindly bash all their products. The TT SIlent Pure Power PSU I have has given my much better OC stability and rock solid voltages that my Antec TruPower 430 did not. In addition...
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    Fast 19" LCD Round-Up!

    Arrived a day late, sorry about the delay. I'm at work at the moment, where I just recieved it, so the only thing I have to hook it up to is my laptop. I'm running off integrated extreme2 graphics, with a vga cable, it DOESN"T come with a damn DVI cable...... But first impressions are awesome. I...
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    Hehe, I want one of these fans :-)

    I can't even hear my 92mm Tornado over my 160CFM Delta model AFB1212HE :)
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    CCFL's wired to 3 prong rocker switch, help please

    On the same subject, I wired up one set of dual ccfl's like this, with the same exact switch. It works fine, but if I switch the light on/off more than 2-3 times, the WHOLE SYSTEM shuts down. Everything. Only thing that stays on is the power LED on the mobo. I have tried several different...
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    CrystalFontz 634 LCD

    I believe wayne ment that you could simply measure your bay size with a ruler, and compare that to the size of the LCD, which you could easily find on the net. Just a guess though....
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    Fast 19" LCD Round-Up!

    I've got a BenQ FP931 arriving tomorrow, 19' 16ms DVI 450:1, I'll write a mini review if anyone is interested. 16ms 19' for 550$ is not bad, even though the 450:1 is kinda low.
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    I found an old LCD... What should I do with it?

    I don't really have an answer, but I inquired similarly to an old lcd I pulled from a p1 thinkpad, had the same connector as yours does there, and I pretty much recieved the response that making it work would be more trouble than its worth, but it could make for some cool lighting. Prime
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    Cutting a hole for a 120mm fan

    I always use a dremel for mine, and it comes out great....I find a holesaw cumbersome, especially if your case is a thinner aluminum, its easy to catch and dent/rip the case. Dremel I use exactly the method described by MAXX, down to the letter. It works good, the hole is perfectly...
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    ?? about overclocking. ??

    No harm in trying as long as you're careful with the vcore. I don't know how far you'll get with stock cooling, regardless of what your mobo says your current temps are.
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    Fear no H20 :)

    Temp readings are so varied across different probes, placement, etc thats its not even worth arguing, At 2.3ghz though my proc runs about 35C, whatever that is. At 2.7, anywhere from 38-42C depending on room temp. Case temps are always right around room temp. edit*-I put my probes UNDER my...
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    Fear no H20 :)

    Yea, they are pretty loud. I keep the top blowhole at full tilt, but the back one I throttle because it creates too much turbulence in the case I think. The rear fan I switched to an intake so I get fresh air straight through the fins in the HS ( Pipe101 rocks btw), and the top is a blowhole...
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    Meet "Finger Cutter"

    160CFM Delta AFB1212SHE......has so far eaten the cord of my Seinheiser's, a mouse, several peices of paper, and my brothers I finally put a grill on it.
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    Fear no H20 :)

    Found those 160CFM Deltas for $4 at and counldn't resist, the P160 was begging for them....
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    The Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread! - ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENTS

    The P160 160 CFM of Delta goodness. Fear no H20 :)