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    Apple 27" iMac with Retina 5K Display (Late 2014) B&H

    After my experience with a MBP retina for 1 yr+(work lappy so used A LOT) I'd say if it works without weird problems great. But for me, the frequent crashes when plugging in DP monitor AND random crashes beside that made me decide that it's not worth the headaches. If it were for use at home...
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    Warm: Best Buy Buy 2 get 3rd Free Console Games stacks with GCU $32+tax effective

    There was one at Target in early Nov, also b2g1 free. Alternatively, if your games are available at, go that route. Not affiliated with them of course.
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    Warm - GTA-V Steam sale - $40

    I'lll wait 'til GTA6 comes out. My backlog for PC *only* stretches back to early 2000's. sad :o
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    Silicon Power S60 120GB SSD - $27.99AC

    I'd take switched controller(the flash remains the same) over refurb'd. Besides the packaging actually looks different between the old and the new ver. I highly doubt refurb means they resolder the mem chips, but if gambling with your data is worth that 100 when the new price will be dropped to...
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    Cities: Skylines - After Dark $11.55 at GMG

    Bought Cities: Skylines shortly after it came out, but stopped playing after experiencing crashes for no reason(system does not crash, games crashes itself). Wonder if they've released patches to fix the crashes :confused:
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    Nexus 6 32GB $350 64GB $400 From Amazon

    FWIW I use only the chatting app, weather and navigation, as well as checking email on my phone. I do my banking in person or on my computer(because I prefer not having to enlarge tiny text on the phone to see where the heck I'm typing), and my music listening on the go is strictly limited to...
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    Acer E5-573G-56RG 15.6" 1080p laptop - $499

    Now if only it was 14" laptop, I'd be willing to pay maybe 200 more. Not too fond of lugging around a 5lbs laptop with me anymore...
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    GTX 980 K|NGP|N $499.99 [EVGA Store]

    Peasants? LOL I can buy 4 of these and do quad SLI if I choose to right now, but I got better things to waste my money on, so I guess I'm one of the peasants ;)
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    SAPPHIRE Radeon R9 290X 4GB 512-Bit GDDR5 Tri-X OC Video Card $260

    Whelp back to studying instead of blowing money away then :D
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    ps4 controllers $38 at Ratuken

    Yup, Ordered my Vid from them. Did not use the CC card for 10 days prior to that. 3 days after purchase got notice from CC company telling me card looks to have been compromised. Buy at your own risk...
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    If You Missed Prime Day This is for You

    I'd argue that you literally cannot steal your own car since you OWN the car. It's only stealing when an item does NOT belong to you. But I digress :D
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    Prime Day is Coming 7/15/2015

    USPS still has pension and considering they pay the work they do is not that punishing. Besides that 55 gallon of "water" on one pallet equates to 240L+, which is >240kg. At that weight whoever is delivering wouldn't be carrying it without a forklift anyway. Besides, the majority of the reviews...
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    Newegg FantasTech Sale Tomorrow

    The MX100 deal was pretty decent, a solid 20 percent off the usual $200. Granted it'll be at that price in ~3 months, but I could use moving my laptop to SSD now, so I bit.
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    Prime Members get MX100 512GB for $160

    I don't think stacked/3D has anything to do with endurance/write cycles. That just makes the memory higher density. I could care less if it goes faster by 15%. I'm not doing time critical work on my personal use laptop and my work would go straight to enterprise level SSD(read SLC) anyway...
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    Western Digital My Passport Ultra Black 2 TB, $79

    Just a heads up. Somewhere else it was mentioned that these 2.5" HDD no longer use SATA connection to the connector board(to convert to usb 3.0). Instead, these HDD have soldered-on USB ports, so if you intend to buy this and take out the HDD and shove into a PS4, these new WD 2.5" external HDD...
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    UPLAY 4th of July sale.

    Heehee(juvenile I know)
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs
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    LG G2 Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone 32gb BRAND NEW $190

    BB deal cannot ship but can add to cart, no store near my zip has it. Oh well.:o
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    Xbox One Promo $175 from 04/26-05/02/15

    Sounds more like a MS fanboy post than anything else :D
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    How to deal with Non paying bidders on ebay?

    Sorry for asking this if you think you're made that clear already. Do you mean email the ebay seller for a purchase price?
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    Amazon: 1TB Crucial M550 SSD $330

    Oh in that case yeah definitely makes sense to just go with the cheaper option and speed being much more important than reliability it sounds like.
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    55" LG EC9300 OLED $1499 at Fry's

    Too bad it's not 4k. I'd rather not plop another 1.5k on a tv if I have to do the same thing again in 3-4 years time just for 4k. Guess I'll have to make do with my ancient 47" LCD TV for another few years :o
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    Amazon: 1TB Crucial M550 SSD $330

    If this was for work(self-employed or otherwise) and I MUST use SSD instead of sticking with hella slow HDD, I'd spend the extra money for enterprise level SSD instead of gambling with my work. Then again that's just me and I'm still using HDD for my laptop with the importatn data on it. Of...
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    Same here. My folks could probably use to have something small. Although they seem to be perfectly content with the old c2d laptops with kb/m + monitor connected. Hmm...
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    Newegg: 960GB M500 for $285 - short time left

    Wow almost at the point of 25 cents/Gigabyte. Must resist...
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    Free GALAX Gamer 240GB SSD w/ GTX 980 HOF Preorder Bundle at

    Okay I didn't see that in the product page. Question still remains on who supplied the MLC(kind of matters...) and how good/reliable that controller is. Not dissing this deal, but I have a lot more faith in Intel/Toshiba/OCZ/Sandisk controller than this one that's not seen anywhere else prior.
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    Amazon: George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones 5-Book Boxed Set - $23.44

    I find reading text on LCD screen tiring on my eyes after ~30min or so. I can extend it to 1hr with brightness turned down appreciably, but that's still not good on my eyes. e-book are fine on PaperWhite, but really nothing beats good o' printed words on paper.
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    Free GALAX Gamer 240GB SSD w/ GTX 980 HOF Preorder Bundle at

    That SSD doesn't mention whether it's MLC or TLC. Not sure if it's worth it using a SSD with proprietary controller and unknown memory type, if they don't even show the specs like how most other manufacturers do.
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    7 games for $ 1.00 at GMG

    Worked for me. Are you using noscript/adblock or something similar? I always check those and allow certain websites that are shown as blocked when I start having problem adding items to cart/checking out.
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    Descent 1,2,3 are 50% off at Steam.

    It started on March 10th. So 20 days later they are around 55% toward their goal. Not looking good. Interesting article.,7478.html Don't know how doublefine got 3mil for their adv game. Hmm...
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    If you still have TR: guardian of light I'd like to take that.

    If you still have TR: guardian of light I'd like to take that.
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    Friends Complete Series BluRay 79.99

    Price back up to 121 for 3rd party and amazon no longer listed as seller. D'oh.
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    Steam - bunch of games on sale...ME:SOM 40% off

    That white light game looks like an interesting one. Hmm.
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    Refurbished Unlocked GSM Note 4 - $480 shipped! Grab it before it's gone.

    I'm fine with refurb ipad/imac since Apple is known to change the casing, but samsung refurb? Hmm..
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    Amazon PC accessories on day SALE!

    Link please.
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    Dell Latitude 3340 factory sealed 289.00 free shipping eBay

    Yeah that was not fishy at all ;) Isn't there a law stating if you purchased a stolen merchandise you would have to return it to the owner who bought in the first place, if he/she were to pursue that? I know this is true for cars at least.
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    NCIX Lunar New Year Sale (Feb 18th - 25th)

    Nice to know...
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    x79 motherboards on clearance at microcenter

    Don't think that's the case for the SV store. There's now a cheap clothing store at the same location I think. Really does suck we don't have any MC here anymore.
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    Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones for $129 @Amazon. More deals also!

    Yeah low end compared to Stax/Audeze, but more casual audiophiles who aren't keen on blowing $500+ would find this to be more med level in terms of price :)