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    DS3D GX 2.0 (EAX 1/2/3/4/5 in Vista/XP for ASUS cards)

    In the latest beta drivers for ASUS' Xonar series: I find this development to be interesting. I think it also raises a few questions. Obviously all the EAX extensions will still be done through software on the Xonar cards, but I wonder what kind of CPU/fps hit there will be from...
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    Auzentech HDMI X-Tension Add On Card Shown at CES

    I'm intrigued.
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    Auzentech X-Tension DIN is now out (no HDMI support)

    Lame. :mad: I've heard rumors they will eventual release another extension board with HDMI, but I'm not counting on it being anytime soon. :(
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    ALchemy cracked for Audigy Cards.

    PM me for the link. I can verify this works because ALchemy now works under any mode with my X-Fi (the checks for EAX 5 have been removed!). :) :D :) Now if ALchemy supported audio formats higher than 16 bit, audio under Vista would be exactly like audio in XP. Although that really is...
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    The first sound card supporting uncompressed 7.1 digital output is a...

    video card? :confused: :p Since it now appears that all R6xx's (next generation AMD/ATi video cards) have an integrated audio solution with their HDMI output, I wonder how this will affect the audio world... I know the compliant (I'm part of this group) with digital output on the PC (ie...
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    With Vista Express Upgrade, is 64 bit an option?

    I recently got an Acer laptop (a Turion X2) with XP Media Center 2005 that comes with the free upgrade coupon to Vista Premium. When I go to redeem the coupon on the website, it only lists the 32 bit version. :( My main computer uses XP x64 so I am already familiar with the 64 bit situation...
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    Anyone know when does the Xpress3200 AM2 mobo's come out?

    So with the recent price cuts with ATi and AMD, I have decided to make a fairly cheap computer. So I get all my parts together, and I go to check out which AM2 motherboard I am going to get (I'm thinking ASUS or MSI, any input appreciated here), and they are all sold out. :mad: Are they...
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    Anyone know when the Samsung 245T comes out?

    Well like the title asks, also do we have any new info about it? Thanks in advance! :)
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    A good online place to buy dts/dd or dvd-audio cds?

    My local Best Buy stopped selling dts/dd and dvd-audio cds due to lack of demand and now I have no (local) place to buy these types of cds. :( So do you guys have any good recommendations; I tried googling quickly (granted I could have done better) but I got a lot of junk. The dvd-audio...
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    So what was the MySQL problem?

    I am curious, Cliff didn't get an answer in the VBulliten forums, how did he figure out the problem? I realize that this is slightly offtopic, but I was merely wondering...:( ...
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    64 bit drivers for HDA-Mystique are finally out Well here they are, I personally don't use X64-64, but for those that do, try them out and lets us know how they are. I wonder how soon for the next 32 bit drivers.
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    Recording audio off of a DVD

    Does anyone know where I can find a good (free) program to record dvd audio to like .wav or .mp3. I used dvd decrypter to rip the files on my hard drive, but I am a little unsure on how I can convert the ac3 (dolby digital) from a movie to a .wav. Actually even if I could just exract the ac3...
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    Even More Performance increase with Doom3/OpenGL for X1800? Wow, the X1800 series keeps looking better and better as time goes on. Thoughts?
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    New Beta Steam UI

    Well like the title says, there's a new beta Steam UI. All you have to do is add is "-clientbeta betaui" to your command line. Of course some screenshots... Just remove -clientbeta betaui from your command line if you don't like it. I'll assume you'll have to remove it anyways when it...
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    HDA Digital Mystique and what 5.1 digital speakers?

    Well first I guess I am an "audio newbie" and right now I have Audigy 2 ZS and the Logitech 640's (yes laugh at the poor college student, I know they suck). Since I have some excess cash this summer I am going to purchase the HDA Digital Mystique, and I will have an additional $700+ (probably...
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    Replaygain problems in Foobar2000

    Now I guess replaygain "works" as it should; it makes the "volume" for all my songs equal. However it has a bad side effect, when ever I make heavy use out of my cpu (I have a p4 3.0 HT) Foobar "skips" persay. It gets annoying really quick. I tried all the Replaygain options under...
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    HL2DM update tonight Guess it's a hl2dm night.
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    ASIO and 24bit Audidy2 ZS possible (foobar)?

    I am trying to get foobar to output 24bit with ASIO with an Audigy2 ZS. I resample at 96000 and it says unsupported (in fact it does with any resample). It works fine at 16/48 with ASIO, but not at 24/92. I even tried "16 padded to 24" but that's still a no go. So I am wondering if this is...
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    Nvidia fails WHQL tests but Catalyst certified

    Found this interesting:
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    ATi Interveiw on front page

    I found this quote (and the interveiw) to be quite interesting. I really like this quote because I believe it to be true. Both these guys use to work for Nvidia too, therefore I would think they would know the difference. Something to think about...
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    Do I need registered ram?

    I have an AMD 64 (not the 939), and I forget if I need registered ram or not. If memory serves, then yes I do. I know the fx's need registered/ecc ram, but I can't remember if the AMD 64 3200+ does too (I know it doesn't need ecc). Also if it does, can anyone point me in the right direction...
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    MP3 Players (Dell vs Ipod vs ???)

    I am looking for a good 15 GB mp3 player. Obviously, I started looking at the Ipod, and it seemed all right, though it is a little more money than the others. I was also looking at the Dell Jukebox, which seemed to be similar to the Ipod, but around 30 bucks less. I am also open to other...
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    foobar can't play wma?

    I use foobar2000 to listen to my Red Hot Chili Peppers CD's and my mp3's, and I love it. But since I have a few cds, I got tired of switching them in and out of the cd drives. So I used wmp 9 and burned them all to my hard drive but foobar can't play them (and yes they work if I use wmp 9)...
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    Ibm P77 17"

    I have a a Samsung SyncMaster 750s, its not a "bad" moniter, it can do 1280 x 1024 @ 60hz with great image quality (though its not flat). Problem is, it's starting to die on me... Now I have a SyncMaster 753DF moniter too, but the image quality is not up to "snuff" with the 750s (and its...
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    FooBar 2000 Skins

    Just downloaded FooBar 2000 (kept hearing good things about it and I was getting this weird static from only cd audio with wmp 9) and I love alot...except for the default skin...I tried googling it, but I can't find any skins for some reason...just wondering anyone know were I can download some...
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    Forcing Refresh Rates (higher) safe?

    My moniter isn't the "best" moniter ever, at 1280 x 960 it only has 60hz refresh rate. And since I have a 9800 Pro, I constantly get tearing because my fps and refresh rates aren't in sync. Now yes I can turn vsync on, and everything works, but I would rather not (I get some performance issues...
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    Places to download DVD-Audio?

    I was wondering if there are places that I could download *cough* for free *cough* dvd-audio songs? I don't believe this is "possible", but I just thought I should atleast give it a shot. I wanted to compare dvd-audio vs mp3/regular cds before actually buying dvd-audio dvds and then finding...
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    Flac(?)/Monkey vs mp3

    I was reading an article and it mentioned Flac (or something) and Monkey are "lossless" files (bigger) and mp3's are "lossy" (loses some info). So which brings me to my question, how much better are Flac and Monkey then mp3? Is the different really noticable? Do you think I should be using...
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    64 voices does...?

    Anyways I was in a counter-strike game, and I hear this newb (atleast he was a newb in cs), babbling about his 64 voices (why he was, I'm not quite sure) with his A2 ZS (which is what I own also). I saw it in some benchmark tests in some reviews. But I'm assuming it's pretty insignificant...
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    What type of RAM does the 9800 Pro have?

    Quick question... I have a 9800 Pro 256 Built By ATi, what type of RAM does it have (like 2.xns?). I only ask this because they are ram sinks on the ram (its ddr-2 ram, guess it gets hot) and I am not able to tell...I have tried google, and I can't find anything. Thanks in advance...
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    Flashing Bios vs Overclocking

    I have a 9800 Pro 256 and I have easily overclocked it to XT speeds with stock cooling (and I could push it further). Now I was wondering if there are any benefits of flahing the bios to a XT or does overclocking do the same thing? If there are benefits, are they too insignificant to even...