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    If you remember me I took a FW900 off your hands a few years ago. I'm finding it a new home...

    If you remember me I took a FW900 off your hands a few years ago. I'm finding it a new home would you know any enthusiasts who'd it a good home? Our transaction:
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    Ultrasone Pro 900s

    Closing because it's no longer an eBay sale. If anyone is interested I was looking for about 310 shipped. Just PM me for details.
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    Ultrasone Pro 900s

    Westone 4R IEMs EDIT: Sale is gone as eBay closed my account because they can?
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    Ultrasone Pro 900s

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    Ultrasone Pro 900s

    Up for grabs is a pair of used Ultrasone Pro 900s (definitely one of my favorite if not my favorite full sized cans) Link to sale My Heat
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete Bundle - $9.99 (-75%)

    I wouldn't have parted out my system if I knew there was another STALKER on the way, but alas there is not. This is a gem of a trilogy something everyone who has an itch for adventure should try. PS: If you enjoy gritty apocalypse style art and atmosphere you will fall in love, I know I did...
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    Raising the Price of Amazon Prime Was a Great Decision

    I believe it's sales tax if the item ships from a warehouse in your state. I also wasn't glad to see the price increase but that's coming from a free year they give students.
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    Newegg no-rebate $5 Antivirus deals...

    I thought as much but I've got nothing from them at all and customer support hasn't responded. I've always had bad luck with Newegg I should have got it on Amazon :/
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    Newegg no-rebate $5 Antivirus deals...

    When you purchase these on Newegg they send you the key via email right? I have censored keys on my order history...
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    Newegg no-rebate $5 Antivirus deals...

    Also looking for a new AV ESET ran out and I've got three systems to cover (all home) I run MalwareBytes not sure what I should use to supplement it or if we need more protection at all.
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    Uncovering The Truth Behind 30 vs. 60 FPS

    You can see the difference in youtube videos captured at 60 frames I didn't even realize that feature came out until I checked the requested resolution.
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    BenQ BL2710PT=370$ From Staples

    No need to look they're all gone :(
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    Bitcoins are tanking?

    I missed this party D:
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    Titanfall PC $46.62 Credit Card Paypal Welcome

    I think this will helpful
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    Eizo Foris FG2421: 120hz VA Panel

    My Turbo240 colors are, Temp: Off (so all gains are at 100), Brightness: 60 (this is whatever you like really), Black Level and Contrast are 50, Gamma 2.2 Contract Enhance is off, screen is "Full screen", and color space is RGB Full Range. This is my personal preference I enjoy an analytic picture.
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    Eizo Foris FG2421: 120hz VA Panel

    I just got my FG2421 and I have to say I'm loving it, I was worried about input lag while on the desktop but in game it's a non-issue and compared to the lightboost colors I'm used to seeing this is like (if not better IMO than my FW900). Although I noticed that images to the right of the...
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    Secret Santa For One Reddit Reader Was Bill Gates

    I enjoyed reading that, once you're on top I suppose the only thing left is to give.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Still have invites for people with any reputation.
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    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    I'd love to start my collection of Seasonic items! What better way than now?
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    Need help choosing between Galaxy S4 and HTC One

    You made it sound like the HTC One wins easily for your uses, here are the pros for the S4 over the One Removable battery/memory and a better camera.
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    ESET NOD32 Anitvirus 7 - 1 PC $4.99

    NOD32 and Malwarebytes the best friends your PC can have right after surge protection.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    If any users need an invitation and can provide proof that they are members of another tracker (good ratio etc, can blur sensitive details) I'll be glad to get them in!
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    80% Of People Stop Breathing Properly When Typing

    Yeah that's weird I don't think about breathing when I'm typing but I still do it, I hold my breath when exerting force though.
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    Wood HTC

    I love the style reminds me of borderlands right away.
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    IPS/PLS for NextGen Consoles

    Looking for opinions on what IPS/PLS monitor to get for the new consoles. Budget around 300 USD and looking for about 24"
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    Displayport 120Hz?

    I think I found the anwser to my question, if I use an adapter for the Displayport (DP to DVI) I can use a single card because all three monitors have to match model and connection wise.
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    Displayport 120Hz?

    I currently have a single VG248QE and I might be getting two more for a portrait setup, I was wondering if the displayport on the 780 allows a refresh rate of 120/144Hz (lightboost etc) I'm just double checking before pulling the trigger encase I'm wrong here.
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    SG09 w/H80i [SLI]

    I just installed my H80i into an SG09 and was sad to see that it was too long to fit any other way than with the reservoir facing down. Blocking the first PCIe slot and removing the potential for SLI I was thinking about cutting a slot out of the side panel to allow the side of the case to...
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    770 SLI or 780?

    I'm looking into other options but it seems the 600 series isn't up to snuff even in 2 way SLI so I might have to get a 780 and see if that runs as well as I hope, if not we'll see if another 780 is doable.
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    Such a thing?

    DAS doesn't make a board with Red switches or I would (I love their build quality) a custom set of keys costs about 50 bucks so If I can find something for around 100 than it would be worth it over the Filco
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    770 SLI or 780?

    I only listed titles I believe would be a problem that I planed on playing, for example DayZ (but that's an optimization thing more than anything) and I'm sure I can turn off lightboost for the games I don't crush and just run it at 120/144Hz
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    Which of these "CD Key Sites" Are Legit

    I have extensive history with .net but sometimes their prices are really wrong (higher than retail at times) so I only check it once a month or so for good deals. They're legit and you get the keys within 1-2 hours most of the time, never had a problem that wasn't resolved with them.
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    770 SLI or 780?

    I plan to play on a VG248QE with lightboost and from what I can tell that means I'll want a minimum frame rate of 100 or so (yeah welcome to [H]) I can't tell if I'll get bottle necked by the specs on the 770s vs the 780 or if I could justify 780 SLI down the road on a single 1080p display. I...
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    Such a thing?

    Looking for a keyboard similar to the DAS Ultimate (blank keys or darked out/alternative location of font) but with MX Cherry Reds. I found one that's close but has no number pad :(
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 ROG Motherboard Giveaway! Week 2

    Secure Erase closely followed by RAMdisk I want both!
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    ssd for fraps 1080p 60fps

    Just pick up Dxtory that would be the recorder needed for utilizing read/write speeds on an SSD
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    Galaxy Nexus i515

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    Best option for memory?

    You surely won't be disappointed.
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    Best option for memory?

    Well if you will really be using Photoshop etc, I would say go for more RAM right away because Adobe suite applications can eat up your memory pretty fast.
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    Where to get a decent 2560x1600 or x1440 for gaming?

    What would you guys say is the best 1440p display for gaming? By this I mean best refresh rate and response time. I'm up in the air about surround lightboost vs 1440p gaming.