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    Issue with 2 Monitors at 2560 x 1440 on older GTX 570

    Am I correct in assuming each monitor is plugged into a separate Geforce GTX 570? I don't know if that makes a difference or not, but a single video card might not be able to support two monitors at 2560x1440. Otherwise, make sure your DVI cables are dual-link. Single link is limited to...
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    (DEAD) Black Mesa [Steam] $4.99

    I'm sure for the right price you could hire me to irritate you if the game isn't doing it enough for you. :D Maybe if you wait long enough your memories of the game will fade so it will feel like a brand new experience again. That or try some of the many fan created single player mods for...
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    (DEAD) Black Mesa [Steam] $4.99

    That's a good point. I wonder why Black Mesa is so much larger at 13GB compared to HL2 at 3.5GB I think it's likely that Black Mesa has a bunch of much higher quality textures. I played Black Mesa back when it called Black Mesa Source. It was a free mod and the Xen portion of the game was yet...
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    (DEAD) Black Mesa [Steam] $4.99

    I think the original game was around 300-400MB. There were CD audio tracks on the original CD as well for the music. If it were 3.5GB it wouldn't have fit on the hard drive of first computer I played Half-Life.
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    Video stuttering in Firefox

    Maybe try an extension called h264ify According to the description, it only works for Youtube. If Youtube was stuttering before and it doesn't after using this extension then your problem with embedded videos might be an issue with what they're encoded with. You said you're using Intel...
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    Another AssRock Board Bites the Dust?

    I can't speak to the Marvell controllers on that board, but all Atom C2000 series Avoton CPU based motherboards eventually fail due a design flaw from Intel regardless of motherboard brand. There's a clock generator built into the CPU that stops working after awhile. There's a way to bypass that...
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    Another AssRock Board Bites the Dust?

    I'm not certain if this is your issue, but it sounds like something I've experienced before. Sometimes the data in the BIOS flash chip gets corrupted. You can try replacing the BIOS chip with a known working one that already has an appropriate BIOS image installed. You might be able to find one...
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    Video stuttering in Firefox

    You might want to try a manual refresh of Firefox: It will require to reinstall your add-ons and if I remember correctly it will keep your bookmarks but not any saved sessions (any open tabs from the last time you...
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    3dfx Making a Comeback?

    Get in on the ground floor of GlideCoin! SLI for double the hashrate! See how this 3dfx card performs with Half-Life 3! I'm getting old and cynical. Get off my bilinear filtered bitmapped lawn! :D
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    What backplate is this?

    I did some minor Google image sleuthing with "LGA 1200 backplate" and found this: Bitspower Premium Summit M CPU Block Review
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    Looking for mainboard with pci-2.3 slots and available new

    I recommend using to find a motherboard that fits your needs. You can browse motherboards and filter for desired features on the left side including specifically for legacy PCI slot(s). The link I submitted filters for motherboards that have a single PCI slot. In my experience...
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    Samsung 2.5” SATA SSD replacement screw

    I think you can use a standard 2.5" hard drive mounting screw to replace the missing Samsung drive case screw. If you need to buy some they are called "M3, 3mm" type screws. Here's a link to some on Amazon but shop around as you might find some for cheaper. I bought a large lot of working SSDs...
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    UK system builder launches "No GPU" range of gaming PCs

    We've almost come full circle. One of the first home computers, the Altair 8800, didn't come with any kind of graphics.
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    Old intel845GEBV2/D845PESV

    The forum is a good resource for retro related builds and discussion. You might be able to find the drivers you're looking for in their driver collection.
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    Scratches on Noctua base, worth saving?

    But if you do some liquid nitrogen cooling you can get some condensation that freezes around those metal flakes. And as we all know with Frosted Flakes...
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    Scratches on Noctua base, worth saving?

    I have a couple nickel plated HSFs that are in similar condition after multiple installs. I have not noticed any appreciable difference in performance. One thing to keep in mind is that if you use liquid metal as thermal paste it will permanently stain any exposed copper. In general, the copper...
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    The Rise of Retrocomputing

    Your NEC computer is a nearly maxed out version of the first computer my family ever got. It is a funky layout as you mentioned, NLX form factor I believe. However, your experience with it seems to be much more positive than my memories of that particular tower. On ours the CD-ROM drive was so...
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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    My only computer that makes use of 5.25" bays is built in old Lian-Li case from the mid 2000s. It's a test bench that has the following in the 5.25" bays: Drawer with bootable USB sticks with diagnostic/utility programs DVD burner drive (haven't used it in years) ICY DOCK 2.5" & 3.5" SATA...
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    Most aesthetically appealing Video Cards of All Time?

    The following pictures are of a different member's card, but I had a similar setup with a reference PNY Geforce 8800 GT with custom RAM / mosfet aluminum heatsinks and a passive Arctic Accelero S1 cooler. The custom heatsinks were made by someone named "Iandh" but I don't remember if they were...
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    Want to get tiny fanless system for streaming

    I think I was mistaken about the heatpipes for the Akasa NUC cases. I was probably confusing them with ITX fanless cases. Other brands like the Streacom and some of the cases featured on this site use heatpipes which are included with the case. Heatpipes are more likely to be found in cases...
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    Want to get tiny fanless system for streaming

    There are third party fanless cases for current Intel NUCs like the Akasa brand. It involves taking the motherboard out of the Intel NUC case and installing and running heatpipes to the integrated heatsinks built into the Akasa case. They aren't cheap though. I don't have any firsthand...
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    Corsair TX850M PSU & Type 4 Cable Kit Luck Draw!

    I have 16GB of Corsair DDR3 1866MHz memory that has been serving me well without issue. The fact that it uses standard profile heatspreaders helps a great deal. I wish all RAM brands would at least offer high performance RAM without those awful tall monstrosities. I also have an older Corsair...
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    I Want a Quality 27" 1920x1080 Monitor

    I don't have any experience with this monitor but there's an ASUS VN289H 28" 1080p for $160 after $30 rebate at Newegg. User reviews are generally favorable and it's hard to beat that price. I know it's bigger than you asked for but I figured big is what you wanted. Monitor at
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    The first computer I built had an Asus CUSL2 motherboard. I remember researching like crazy looking for the best brand around. I loaded it up with a Pentium 3 800MHz and 128MB of RAM. I had a Voodoo 3 on it for awhile until I could save up for a Radeon 32MB DDR. That computer is the one I took...
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    What motherboard has stayed relevant for you the longest?

    By relevant, I mean a motherboard that served as the backbone for your main desktop computer the longest by virtue of having the longest upgrade path. I really want to hear about some crazy lengths some of you may have gone through to keep a motherboard competitive. I imagine that there will...
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    Best 24" 16:10 IPS/PLS Monitors for Gaming?

    I'm curious to know this as well. My desk is small and really can't accommodate anything larger than a 24" monitor.
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    Amazon's Drone Delivery Idea Might Actually Work

    I can't wait for Amazon to build a pneumatic tube system to deliver the heavy stuff!
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    PC parts deals are as stagnant as I've seen it

    People will ask for what the market will bear. But it's only worth as much as someone is willing to pay. I still see good deals on used stuff in the marketplace, but those deals are fewer and far inbetween compared to previous years. I do miss the crazy heydays of huge jumps in performance...
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    XCOM Enemy Unknown + Enemy Within Bundle $14.99

    Great deal, I already have the base game so I think I'll hold off. So tempting though.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    I do remember CRTs being pretty bright, especially much more so than the first LCD monitors I owned. Does the phosphor coating on CRTs get weaker over time?
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    Amazon Prime Price Hike Will Hit Subscriber Base Hard

    Amazon increased the super savings free shipping minimum from $25 to $35 a few months ago. I am not surprised that the Prime service is going to have a price increase as well. Amazon is still a good deal for people who don't have to pay sales tax.
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    Randy Pitchford: No Borderlands 3

    I swore I read the thread title as "Ready Pitchforks: No Borderlands 3"
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    Wet-Spun Carbon Nanotube Beats Copper in Carrying Electricity

    Processing chips are mostly made of silicon which is abundant in silica based sands but that doesn't necessitate cheap end products. Raw materials, no matter how prevalent, are processed to become more valuable. The consumer will be paying for the research and development along with all the...
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    My drives are forgeries

    Ah, so they were open box when the OP purchased them. That makes it likely that whoever returned them before the OP did the swap and sticker fakery. It's good to hear that Amazon did a prompt refund. Unfortunately what a hassle and wasted time for OP. Thanks for the update!
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    Google Working On 10 Gigabit Internet Speeds

    10 Gbps? 10x faster than my LAN. I still have 100 Mbps sections on my network! 10 Gbps is still faster than most storage I/O. Crazy times we live in.
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    My drives are forgeries

    I wonder when in the supply chain the counterfeits were swapped. I'd imagine it happened before Amazon procured them. I'm not sure how returns/refunds are processed in cases like this at Amazon. Please keep us updated.
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    Titanfall Beta Currently Runs At '792p' On Xbox One

    I'm guessing my current gaming PC will last a long time given the capabilities of current gen consoles.
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    771 to 775 mod

    Nice job! I love seeing hardware being modified to get around manufacturer limitations. I guess you could always use it as an HTPC or make it a file server to run a Plex stream. I have never done it since all my HTPCs are fast enough to decode HD on their own.
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    Comcast Agrees to Buy Time Warner Cable for $45.2B

    Ugh some of that Comcast money came from me. I don't like Comcast but there are no decent alternatives in my area. Can I live without an internet connection? Probably, but I wouldn't want to risk it! :P
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    Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Demo

    I want my "Sign for UPS delivery" simulator that has my computer parts. :D