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    How reliable is Prime95?

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    Abit AI7 owners give me o'ced results pls?

    I'm planning on getting this mobo in replacement of my dead beat P4C800-E that died before i could even mod it..Any infos bout the Vcore on the AI7 while being loaded, how much droop it makes while getting dual primed....I would greatly appreciate it if someone would care to give me some...
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    How reliable is Prime95?

    I was doing some priming last night till it error out on me on Blend Test at 14K Small FFT's and now im priming it again using Small FFT's and no errors at the same spot it errored out on me at blend test and it completely passed it.....I'm confused, Is this a bug? T.I.A henessey
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    Asus P4C800-E D Owners Help!!!!!!

    Ok guys help me out!!!!!! I need to know a few things when i put the divider to 5:4, Do I need to up the vdimm since the ram is being underclock till it reaches 250MhzFSB that's DDR400 2.5V? I have already reached 250MhzFSB at DRAM Ratio of 400 1:1, my 2.6C at 3250Mhz 1000Mhz FSB...
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    Dell Dimension 8300 OVerclock results

    Before i go to sleep tonite here are my results for my overclocked dimension 8300......using CPUFSB to overclock and i got my 2.6C all the way up to 2.83GHz and my radeon 9800 pro running on 9800xt speed 412mhzmem/365mhz mem....i would like to push it more........... regards henessey...
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    WinXP OEM vs. Retail what's the difference?

    I'll be building a new machine this couple of weeks and looking for an OS ...I found most of the Winxp home oem being sold cheaper than the winxp home retail....What are the differences between these 2 OS since the machince im building is mainly for games and overclocking.......... thanks
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    Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Mem COmbination?

    Alright everyone please bare with me, finally get the chance to overclock my first gf has bought me the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe, she must have felt sorry for me while i was trying too hard to modify my dimension 8300 and told herself poor guy's trying to overclock a dell lol........Im...
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    120mm Delta's where to get them in canada?

    I've been looking for these fans elsewhere but cant seem to find them, if anyone has some links through where i can get them via online store here in canada, i would much appreciate thanks,,,,,,,, Delta Screamer 120mm 38mm 190cfm... henessey