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    AOC Q2770PQU

    What's the word on this 27" 2560x1440? Reviews seem to be a little scarce but if this: is accurate we could be on to a winner. :D Panel type: S-PLS The Dells are all still plagued with bad backlight bleed, Asus...
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    Windows 8.1 keeps spinning up storage drives

    Windows 8.1 keeps turning on storage drives for no good reason.:rolleyes: I know that 8.1 introduced all sorts of crap running in the background so this stupid behaviour is no surprise. I've already disabled some services, restore & any obvious bloat. I have briefly looked for solutions...
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    WD Green stopped working

    The WD Green 3Tb HTPC storage drive containing 2/3rd of my video library has stopped working. :( It spins up, gets detected in the BIOS but Windows won't POST with it plugged in. It pauses at the load screen while making a quiet click noise. I ran a health check on it quite recently...
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    Computers not showing up

    I need help.:( All the computers have just disappeared from "Network" in Windows 7. It won't even show itself. It only shows the router and if I click on the router it says "It is not possible to disconnect at this time. The connection is currently busy with a connect/disconnect...