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    Expand Vista (C:) Partition Free?

    Been running Vista on my laptop for about 2 years now and never had any problems with disk space. Today i got around to doing updates on it and i've run out of disc space. I have absolutely nothing on the C drive except Windows, i have all programs on another partition. I need to take back...
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    Audio Editing Software? (Advice)

    My sister was asking me about audio editing software, and since i've never done audio editing here i am asking for your advice. Looking for a simple interface, can be free or can be bought. She is a HS teacher, and this is for the dance team, so we're not talking professional stuff here, just...
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    HDMI Cable Question

    I just got a Sony HD camcorder, and the cheap bastards didn't even include an HDMI cable with it. So i ordered one not even thinking twice about it (my first experience with HDMI) and when i get the cable i realize that the Sony uses a "Mini HDMI" cable (type C i think they call it). Well i look...
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    Help me eliminate mobsync.exe (Vista)

    Ever since i installed Vegas 7, at startup i get the Windows sync program running. It's trying to sync with mysql which i'm not using, it was installed as a result of Vegas. When i uninstall it, i get an error starting up Vegas, so while it solves one thing, it creates another annoyance. I found...
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    Wireless Network Continuously Dropping (Since Vista)

    Just recently installed Vista Ultimate 32bit to my Dell E1405 laptop (Intel 3945ABG WiFi card). Downloaded/installed all the latest drivers from Dell's site. For the first three days i didn't have a single dropped connection. Now over the past 4 days i will be online for a few hours sometimes...
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    Xbox 360 with Dell 2007FPW + Logitech Z5500, HOW?

    Bassically i want to hook my new Xbox 360 up to my Dell monitor, and for sound i would like to use my Logitech Z-5500's. How is the best way to accomplish this? The speakers say i need a digital optical cable, and i was planning to use a VGA adapter for the Xbox, so exactly do i need here? If...
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    x64 + RAID 0 = Instant BSOD?!

    Ok so i've been bored lately and just wanted to try out Windows x64 Trial Version. Initially i loaded it onto a seperate benching drive just to see what it was like. Got all the drivers i needed no problem, it felt exactly the same as XP but it was something different so i decided what the heck...
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    Upgrade worth it?

    Currently i have a 4mbit/512kbps connection at $29.99 (Cox Combo) which would be $39.99 without the combo (that's TV/Internet/phone for those that don't know). They offer the "Premium" for $46.99 with the Cox combo, and $54.99 without the combo. So is it worth it to upgrade to Premium for the...
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    Sata+ Ide

    OK, so i broke up my RAID and wanted to use a SATA 10K raptor in each of my 2 rigs. So i set it up in one of them, and it works fine, i have the Raptor partitioned the way i like it, and a IDE hard drive there for storage, everything is fine in the world. Now on this other computer, i for the...
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    Room Cooling Suggestions

    I wasn't sure if this would be related to cooling or not, but for lack of a better section i'll post here. I have 4 computers running in my office (1 24/7, the others while i'm in here) and the office faces the sun in the afternoon. It gets about 82-88F here by mid-afternoon and is almost...
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    Weird XP Annoyance

    I never really put much though into this until just right now, but i figure i'll run it by your guys. Everytime i install my XP (Pro) on any of my machines, and do a few tweaks (disableing of a few services) i can not get the little picture in my start menu to show up. I never paid any attention...
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    Network Sugestion plz

    Is it possible (and inexpensive) to have some sort of wireless switch in my living room? I need hardwire capabilities in the living room, but wireing it isn't a good choice for me at this time, would require over 1000' of cable and i'm not prepared to take that on right now. Currently i have my...
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    Wi-Fi Question

    Is there a program that you can run in the background that will tell you when someone is connecting to your network, something like netstumbler only in reverse. Like when someone is accessing it you would get a visual or audible sound? Thanks.
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    Clockgen ghost M6805

    Wondering if anyone else has been able to get this to work with this notebook. I've followed the instructions to no avail. Just starting to become a pita to reset my desired clock after each reboot.
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    Well i was trying to update my mobile ati 9600 drivers and sure enough it didn't work. Now when i try to install either 9600 mobile specific drivers, or the latest cats they won't install, gives me an error message. It's the e-machines A64, and i don't have the disc with me, so i was hoping...