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    Proxy Server

    What is a good way of creating a proxy server? As in being able to connect from another location, not on a network. I have been reading a lot about this and can't seem to find what i'm looking for.
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    gui question for linux

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    linux file systems?

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    Media Player

    What is a good portable media player (like Ipod of Zune)? I want something you can look at video, audio, pictures, and text is an added bonus. I want it to have 30 gig storeage or above. A good color LCD display also.
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    I have a question. I have a Pentium II processor with MMX. What is the difference between a Pentium II and Pentium II MMX?
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    Good distro for older computer

    Haven't been on here in a long time... My question is, what is a good distro for an older computer? the computer im wanting to install on has a Pentium II at 336MHz, 64 MB of ram, and 12 gig hard drive. Thanks!
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    i suppose this isnt exactly case moding. i want to paint my keyboard. i think spray paint is the way to go. i know the colors i want. but i need sugestions. i also want to paint the keys and put the letters back on them. after the paint i would almost like to have a gloss coat or something...
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    video editing. please help!

    ok, so i have some vob files i need to edit. i need to make a menu, be able to have music playing in the background, edit out frames and make a video from frames. and if possible have text scroll on the top of the video. i have 5 days as of this writing to complete so any program you know...
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    anyone good with specs for old cpus?

    ok so i have this old compaq that im trying to make really nice (well at least for its time). so my question is whats the fastest Pentium II cpu? and if you know how much do they run for nowdays?
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    linux file systems?

    which is the better file system of these 4 and why? 1.ext3. 2.ReiserFS. 3.XFS. 4.JFS (arnt they all journalised file systems?) it also has an option for fat32 which i doubt would be the best way to go. please help i cant decide which is best.
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    Silkroad Online?

    anyone in here play silkroad online? silkroad im lvl 23 been playing for a month very addicted.
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    what is the best broweser, and why?

    what do you think is the best browser? please specify as to why.
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    messenger program for linux

    anyone know of a good messenger program for linux that will let you log onto aim and yahoo and maybe msn? besides gaim and kopete
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    favorite burning program?

    what is your favorite burning program? and why do you prefer it over other programs?
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    overclocking noob? pentuim II

    ok so im a 99% noob at overclocking never done it before. i have this old computer running windows 98se, pentium II processor, 128mb of ram, 12gb of storage space, onboard graphics. i think thats all you need to know? can anyone tell me how to overclock the processor? and anything else i need...
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    CRT,LCD,SED,or Plasma which is better?

    Which is the best type of display in your own opinion LCD, CRT, SED, or Plasma.
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    windows emulator question.

    ok so heres the question... when running a program in WINE is it decompileing and recompiling it every time, or just once? another question... are there any other programs for linux that will run windows programs?
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    gui question for linux

    ok im kindof a noobie to linux and i was wondering how to install a gui to linux. if it is needed im useing mandriva 2005 limited edition.
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    fully upgradeable computers

    who thinks that it would be great if you could have a pc like the intel xeon servers where you could stack the processors and just slowly upgrade you computer. and haveing a way on a video card to change out its gpu to a newer one (i seriously doubt that that would ever be done). what do you...
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    reformating question

    ok so ive gotten a friends computer to reformat with windows xp. and so i had formated it earlier with linux just to show him linux (unfortunately he doesnt like linux). so yeah i put the windows xp cd in (yes I bought this cd) heres the message i get "setup cannot find a previus version of...
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    laptop cooling???

    any of you guys know an effective way of cooling a laptop more then just the little fan they put in? another requirement for this cooling being is it practical (i.e. no water cooling).
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    laptop shuts off while reformating

    ok so heres the problem. ive been trying to reformat this dell inspiron 1000 laptop for my parents. trying to reformat with win xp pro. about halfway through formating to ntfs its just randomly shuts off. i have reformated with linux and it works fine but they really want windows xp so thats a...
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    dual booting

    ok so heres my question. recently i was trying to help my brother find out what was wrong with his computer and we thought it was windows, so on a much less used 40 gig hard drive of mine i installed windows and then turned off the computer and unplugged it to put in his computer. now the...
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    air conditioned computer

    anyone else here think it would be fun to air condition your pc? i was thinking about getting a case and trying to build a small air conditioner into it. if you have considered doing this and have done so or havent, list why.
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    cracking windows passwords

    i was wanting to see if anyone knew of a program that will crack a windows xp username password just by inserting a cd? the reason is nothing illegal just wanting to change a friends background to scare him a little becauses hes insanely worried about someone hacking him :) .
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    modding a TI83

    ive never accually taken apart a TI83 before so not sure exactly what inside but do you think you could do something funny like add more memory or something stupid like that.
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    windows OS 1.0

    im just curious if anyone has a copy of windows 1.0 - windows 3.1???
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    disabled task manager

    humm i find this mildly funny but when i try and open task manager it comes up with "task manager has been disabled by your administrator" i am the administrator. if anyone knows how to fix this pleese tell me this aint the first time its happened to me :( .
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    whats your oldest hardware

    whats your oldest hardware? mine is a 250mb tape backup drive. post pics if you have any.
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    installing programs on linux?

    can anyone tell me how to install programs on linux such as red hat linux (mandriva). :confused:
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    dual core

    AMDs x2 against Intels dual core (sry dont know the name) ? 1. speed 2. accuracy.