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    I'm surprised this isn't more popular here

    i want to start but some of my friends had some leaks in theirs and yea, just air doesnt ruin componets, but limits you
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    Rumor: Valve Working on a Steam Gaming Console?

    if its a console with their library of games then damn never leave the couch
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    How To Power Down Windows 8

    cant the win 8 be in traditiomal way also?
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    128GB SSD, Samsung 830 vs. Intel 520

    im thinking about 120 gig corsair force gt but id rather have a 520 series
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    Upgrade pc under $900

    heres $912 in a pc same cpu 324.99on new egg... get yours from your link save abunch lol asrock extreme 3 gen 3 129.99 cooler master hyper n520 37.99 16 gigs...
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    Patriot Introduces New Next Generation SandForce Powered Wildfire SE and Pro

    i saw the pyro se and it read write times same as wildfires but cheaper so eh pretty nice
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    Flying Car Debuts at New York Auto Show

    people would drive with the wings out and hurt alot of people
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    Do these temps. look ok?

    on my 2700k my last core is 2-3 c higher than the rest but idles at 24 on 2nd core. your temps should be alot lower, i have vengence memory too and my cm hyper n520 fits in without hiting the memory and works very well but idk if its 2011 capatable
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    The display is the most important part of any computer.

    i went from a 19 inch lcd 12 ms monitor to a 23.6 inch 2 ms lcd led monitor and from vga to dvi and id say, i should done it long time ago
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    Asus VS248H-P Fuzzy/Blurry Picture

    atleast Asus offers rapid replacement if the monitor is bad
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    Will you buy Ivy Bridge?

    i have a i7 2700k and dont see any reason to upgrade
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    Ivy Bridge benefits

    as for z68 is it gonna be worth goin ivy just for pcie 3.0?
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    So I baked my PS3...

    another oven repair ftw
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    New SNES Game in 2013

    wow i never played this game never even heard of it and i was "in" on nes to snes games i was young and saved up 294 bucks to buy a snes... I was 1 block from the mall and a 7.3 earthquake happened and the toy store was trashed and said they were closed, as a kid who save up a butt load of cash...
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    Now Mario's thinking with portals.

    funny cn video lol
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    Help me find a forgotten game.

    best time in video game imo but i cant recall that move in the games i remember
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    Battlefield 3 and DDR2 RAM

    i bought 2 sets and man 4 gigs for 80 bucks and 140 for 8gigs i kicked my self being cheap and then buying nicer memory
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    Old school console music...

    love double dragon and this old megaman song was alittle awful lol but i still played the heck out of the mega man series
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    What is the current most powerful but most silent video card?

    7970 or gtx 590 wc like others say, the 7970 stock fan sounds like a lawnmower at 100% well the xfx one did
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    Sapphire 7970 Is My Card Bad

    sucks that the 79xx series isnt as power friendly as i thought, i thought it idled at like 40 watts and use like 250 max, im probably mistaken. i edited this it idles at 113 watts and max is 391 watts
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    eyefinte with 3 of those bad boys?
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    Any 32GB kits recommendation for i7-2700k build?

    i have 16gb of the corsair vengence memory and it works nice
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    I need advice on new PC hardware please

    i have the asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3 mobo and its tight and cheap and has a nice bios
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    Post your Intel Burn Test Temps

    when i test a few times on my 2700k the wattage would go over 1k i dont know if thats a bug or not but scared me might be the software i was using, i was using core temp when i did the intel burn
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    Recommend me a good HSF for a 965 Black and overclocking?

    i had a 940 be and i used this and did a great job
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    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    i heard of this long ago from my friend and never thought it would work. gratz
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    Replacing a GTX260

    my gigabyte gtx 260 fan on 90% is quiter than my 2k rpm 120mm 110cfm scythe fans and yea if the fan is busted then itll sell for less then the average but a 6850 is a cheap way to bad you need to upgrade for sims 3 but 6850s play most games well
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    Would it be ridiculous to pair a 7970 with Q6600?

    your cpu would be the bottle neck if you paired those save money and buy a cheaper card lol or upgrade the whole thing
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    Which is better?

    the 220 has a higher core clock and memory clock plus has 32 more stream processors than the 210 which has 16.Compared to lets say a gtx 560 ti which has 386 to 448 stream processors
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    Should I Upgrade to a Sapphire 7950 OC

    i want to see the prices of a 7870
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    What are your top 5 FPS games of all time?

    goldeneye cod 4 bf2 wolfenstien bfbc2
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    Need to get rid of dust!!!

    nice improvising
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    Driving my rig to a new place

    exactly lol, i'd remove the video card and the heatsink if its huge
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    8gb to 16gb worth it?

    16 gigs is so cheap these days i paid more for 1 gig of pc3200... back in the day, than i did for 16 gigs ddr3 1600
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    How Does Windows 7 Home Run on 2GB Ram?

    win 7 32 bit on 2 gigs worked for me
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    Intel Confirms Ivy Bridge Core Processor Specifications

    they'll be called 3rd generation core processors
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    Ivy Bridge Release Date

    i have the 2700k and a asrock z68 and i am loving it hit 5.3gz and got ss and i bet i could go higher but im scurred
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    Replacing a GTX260

    i have a 260 and love it but i think a 560 would be nice and use less power to lol, but 260's are around 75 bucks these days so itll be hard to find a newer card for that price, around $1xx or so you can probably get a 6850 used
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    I'm surprised this isn't more popular here

    the set up looks nice. im afraid of water:(