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    Odd Memtest86 Results

    I've been running Win 7 x64 rock solid stable with 8gig for about a year. In the past week, I get daily BSOD errors linked to hal.dll. Did a fresh install and same issues. Today I ran Memtest for about 4 hours. After about 2 hours or so, I noticed that it had made 4 passes with zero...
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    Possible to get 7.1 through optical connection to receiver?

    Long story short, my Gigaworks 7.1 amplifier is dead so I need to buy a home theater receiver to drive my 7.1 gaming speakers. I currently have a Soundblaster X-fi Xtremegamer card. I know I can buy a $20 cable that converts the three minijack outputs to 8 RCA-type connectors that I can plug...
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    Possible to boot a 2nd HD into a VM?

    I've got VMWare running quite well on my Vista 64 system. Although I've created virtual machines and installed Vista and XP on them, would I REALLY would like is the ability to boot on of my actual hard drives in a window WHILE running Vista 64. For example, I have my games set up on an XP...
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    Shadow flickering in Portal/HL2 - Why? (YouTube video included)

    I'm running on XP Pro SP2 with 163.71 drivers and 7800GTX SLI. I've tried all the different settings for shadows but still get the problem you can see in the YouTube video: Oddly, when I boot into my Vista drive, I do not get this problem...
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    LCD's with two DVI inputs?

    I know that the HP LP2065 1600x1200 LCD has two DVI inputs. Anyone know of others? I'm looking for either 1600x1200 or 1280x1024. Gaming is the primary use. Thanks!
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    Is this a power supply issue?

    I'm having an odd problem. Recently I have had times where my system just shuts off in the middle of use as if it was suddenly unplugged. In addition, if I place the system in Standby mode and leave it alone for an extended period of time, the only way I can bring it back to life is to...
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    DS3 Rev 3.3 stopped seeing my mouse! HELP!

    I'm about to throw myself out a window..... Fresh XP SP2 install. USB mouse was working fine. I only updated THREE things: #1 - From the Gigabyte CD - Installed the Marvel Ethernet drivers to get Internet access. Worked great! #2 - Went to Nvidia and downloaded the latest...
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    When is my CD-Rom crazy slow??!

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    Replacing my FX-53... with what?

    So... I've had this for 2 years and would like to pump up my CPU power. Question is... with what? The FX-53 runs at 2.4ghz.... and the X2 4000+ I believe is the same. So... outside of dual core goodness (and yes... I realize that is nice), would I see any bump in my gaming? I really...
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    Anyone else using Koolance PC3-720 case??

    I just purchased one but seem to have a problem. I noticed that although it says so in the manual, I cannot locate ANY drain hole at the bottom of the case. Am I missing something?? Wazoo
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    AntiAliasing broken in Chronicles of Riddick and 6800U

    Man! Who the hell created the graphics engine for Riddick! After reading all the reviews for the Xbox, I reserved my PC copy at EBX and got it yesterday. After a problem with the copy protection (make sure if you are running Nero SpeedDisk to shut it down prior to trying to launching the...
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    Why less than 8 mbit xfer on 100mbit LAN??

    I've got a Linksys 10/100 workgroup switch that shows that is autosensing my LAN at 100mbits (i.e. indicator light shows for 100 is lit for the connect computers). However, when I xfer files and view the traffic with DUMeter, I am usually getting 8mbits at BEST! Why would this be? Any...
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    Dual Boot Dilema with XP Pro

    First some background of what I was *trying* to do: Built a system with two drives (one EIDE 120meg and one 74gb SATA) for the purpose of creating a dual boot gaming system. My thought was I would go into the BIOS and select which drive to boot off of (either my work drive or my gaming...
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    When is my CD-Rom crazy slow??!

    Ok... I'm stumped on this one. I've got a Toshiba DVD-Rom drive that, when working correctly, Sandra shows at 22x (although it is rated 48x...). For some unknown reason, however, it suddenly goes REAL slow and when I test it, comes out at 4x CD-Rom speed. I checked the IDE channel (it...
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    How can I ID process accessing Net??

    Just put together a new system (see sig). I use DU Meter to monitor network traffic. On my old system, it stayed steady zero for u/l & d/l when I was not using the net. Now, however, I've got activity on both even though not using the net. Is there a utility to find out what process is...
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    Any way to send audio output over IP to amplifier?

    My computer is in a completely seperate area of my home then my home audio system that feeds the entire house. I wonder if there is a device that will take audio output, convert it to IP traffic, send it over my LAN, and then take that IP traffic and reconvert it to standard audio near my...
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    Exos-AL with FX-53 939-pin + X800 XT??

    I'm in the process of planning for a new build in the next month (just prior to Doom 3's hopeful August release). I'm narrowing on an FX-53 939-pin version (or possibly an Athlon64 939-pin) as well as the new ATI X800 XT. I am brand spanking new to WC, and like the idea of an all-inclusive...
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    Amy mulit-monitor gaming in Nvidia or ATI future?

    As monitor prices continue to plummet, one would hope that either Nvidia or ATI would offer a product with the Surround Gaming features (i.e. 3 monitor gameplay) of the horribly slow Matrox Parhelia. Any word on this? If not... any way to do it without a Parhelia? Thanks! Wazoo