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    Class D Stereo Amp Questions/Recommendations

    Last weekend my LG "home theater in a box" receiver died. The main board gave out and didn't like it enough to buy a new one to fix it. Currently running the TV speakers and they are okay for now but I need more sound. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money for a super setup just something that...
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    FREE Microsoft eBook Giveaway

    Found this today. Microsoft Director of Business & Sales Operations - Eric Ligman Eric Ligman, Microsoft Director of Business & Sales Operations Blog Largest FREE Microsoft eBook Giveaway! I’m Giving Away MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft eBooks again, including: Windows 10, Office 365, Office 2016...
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    [DELL] Black Friday in July

    LINK Decent deals over at the Delldotcom.
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    Intel CPU's, Flash Storage, DDR3L (Hardware Combo)

    Trying to offload some extra hardware to help fund a platform update. My z97 mobo died :(. Detailed Item List Qty. 1 Intel i5 4690k Qty. 1 Intel i5 4590t Qty. 2 Intel Celeron G530 (Socket 1155) Qty. 1 Intel 80gb M.2 drive Qty. 1 Samsung MZ-MTE1280 mSata drive (128gb) Qty. 2 Corsair DDR3L...
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    Intel 3770 & 3470 for sale

    Happy bidding! 3770- 3470-
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    Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 Happy bidding!
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    AMD Athlon II X4 640 Happy bidding! PM for special [H] deal :D
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    Performance-pcs Black Friday Sale 80% off on most of the coolers.
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    AMD Fusion A6-3600 Plus another X2 for Free

    Have the A6 left over from a home pc build I did for my wife. Works just like new. Im throwing in a Phenom II 511 for free just to make things interesting ;) No coolers included. Happy bidding
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    Intel Celeron G530 2.4 GHz Dual-Core Processors. ***5 Total***

    Just upgraded some office pc's. All have been tested via intel burn test before being pulled and ran fine. Happy Bidding!
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    cisco catalyst 3560 poe-8 ends 12/11/12

    Barely used switch. Basically new. Includes original packaging. Thx!
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    psp 3001 bundle ends 12/11/12

    Its in great condition and has alot of accessories included with. Thx!
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    Sony PsP Bundle 3001 -Ends 4d 23h @$100

    No mods or hacks. Just a plain psp bundled with games/movies. Thanks
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    Evga GTX 285 - Ends 4d 06h @$40

    In good condition. Just collecting dust here in my office, need gone. Thanks
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    Fluke 289 Multimeter - Ends 4d 05h @285.00

    Pretty much brand new. Works fine and hate to sell but I need the cash. Thanks
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    Asrock P67 Extreme 4 1155/ End Aug 29, 19:49:15 PDT NIB. Free shipping. Needs a good home! ;)
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    HHKB Pro 2/ Ends Aug 29, 2012 18:58:45 PDT/ BiN $200
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    Coolest Star Wars Toy Ever!!!!!

    I know Its a bit "nerdy" but this thing is pretty badass.
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    Just a site I found with some amazing looking rigs....
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    Another What card to buy for $400 thread

    Im debating on upgrading from a 7900gtx to a pair of 9600gt's. I still run a XP rig and kinda wanna give vista a go. I feel like the drivers and hardware out now are better designed for dx10 than what it was a year ago. Can anyone persuade me in any other direction or does this upgrade sound...
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    Cod4 Graphic Problem

    I just bought the game Friday along with the 24in Samsung 245bw. So far I love the monitor and the game but today when I got off work and started to play I kept getting a glitch or something that makes all the grass and the soilders black "NOT BEING RACIST" Im stumped on what happened :confused...
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    G92 by Xmas???

    I was holding out for the 8950, but I found this article: Can anyone verify this?!?!?!?!