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    2 TB drives for a RAID array

    I'm running a 5 x 750 GB array of Seagates right now on a Dell Perc 5i, but am running out of space. I told myself that I would upgrade when 2 TB drives really started dropping in price, and at the $140 level that we're seeing with holiday sales I'm ready to bite. However, it seems that people...
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    How bad is gaming on the thin and light laptops?

    My brother wants to get a thin and light laptop because he carries his current one around 10 hours a day and apparently that is a pain. Right now he plays CS:Source, and not much else. So with a 1.6 GHz Core2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, and Intel 4500MHD graphics, what can he expect in terms of framerate...
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    Seagate 2 TB Drives

    How are these things? Are people seeing the same kind of problems that they did with the 1.5 TB drives? Hell, does anyone actually own one? I've been pretty loyal to Seagate, but admittedly, have not owned anything past their 1 TB drives. They haven't failed me yet, so I see myself...
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    Mobo for 4+ GHz?

    I have not been following the i7 processors and motherboards at all because I was not planning on buying one. However, I found what I think is a good deal on an i7 920 that is good for 4+ GHZ speeds on air, so I went ahead and bought it. The trouble is, I now need a motherboard. The big...
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    Inconsistent transfer speeds

    I currently have a setup with a 10/100 router/switch at the top level, connected to a gigabit switch, to which my computer and HTPC are connected. When I transfer files, it is almost always files that are several hundred MB to a couple GB each (basically, not a bunch of tiny files)...
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    8800GT SLI vs. 4870

    Which one of these do you think is better, in general, at 1680x1050? I'm planning on getting a gift for someone who currently has the 8800GT SLI setup, but if a 4870 is better, it might be a nice little (in magnitude of performance) upgrade.
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    Perc 5/i Bad Speeds

    So I bought a Perc 5/i and have a RAID 5 array of 5 x 750 GB Seagate HDs on there. Some may be 7200.10s, some may be 7200.11s, I don't know. Anyway, according to HD Tach I only get about 113 MB/sec average read speeds. Isn't this a bit low? I have write back enabled (without a battery...
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    4870 HDMI Sound Output

    I am using a 4870 to send both video and sound to my TV over HDMI. When the TV is on and I turn on the computer, I get sound. When the computer has been on and I turn on the TV, I don't get sound, which is fixed by a restart. What gives? Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a...
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    DoD Source: Kicked and Banned

    I just need to rant here. I've been playing a decent amount of DoD:S with my friend recently - the last 6-8 weeks for maybe 15 hours a week if that - and now that I'm getting better, I'm getting banned! My weapon of choice is the kar. What I've done is get a really good feel for my reaction...
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    IE7, Vista, and videos

    This was never a problem before so I am not sure what I did to screw this up. Basically, if a website had a link to a video I could click it and it would open the video in WMP. Now when I click, it tries to open within IE (I think) and gives me an error. Basically, it doesn't try to spawn...
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    Highpoint 2320 vs. Areca 1220

    I am looking at building a new fileserver/HTPC gaming machine. The original thought was that I would build just a fileserver. However, I accidentally bought more DDR2 RAM that I have no use for in my main machine, I have a spare E6600 that goes to 3.6 no problem, and 4850s and 4870s are cheap...
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    Sell the Q9450 or swap it in?

    Thanks to some help I got on the [H], I realized that I was doing a poor job trying to overclock my Q6600. It turns out it wasn't stuck at stock and I now have it running at 3.33 GHz without a problem. I have not bothered to try to go higher yet. The thing is, while I thought the problem...
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    Silverstone TJ-10

    So I bought this case and have a few other parts on the way. First, it's HUGE. Much larger than I'd like (next time I'll actually tape together pieces of paper to get a sense of how big something is), but I don't move much and it should fit in the space that I have. The reason I got it was...
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    X-Fi Platinum (and Fatality) Front Panel Dying

    I bought the original X-Fi Platinum and after maybe a year, the front panel stopped working. I didn't know what died (not did I care since I was planning a new build), so I used onboard for a while then built a new computer. This time I bought an X-Fi Platinum Fatality. Once again...
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    E6600 to Q6600...does this make sense?

    Specs: IP35 Pro, DDR 800 RAM, Seasonic M12 600 power supply I used to run my E6600 at 3.6 GHz (9x400), indicating to me that my board didn't have a problem at 400 MHz FSB. When I got my Q6600, I first tried a small overclock. I upped all voltages a little (to make sure I could boot) and...
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    Building new rig...X48? Will it fit? ???

    I'm looking at building a new rig. Going into it is: -Q9450 -Hopefully Xigmatek S1283 -2x2GB G.Skill DDR2 1066 The rest probably doesn't matter, EXCEPT! I don't know what to do about the motherboard. I'd like to be able to get to 500 MHz FSB, and I want something that I know is fast...
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    Need a Raid 5 Controller

    I have 3 x 750 GB discs in my computer. Two are fine, and a third was accidentally erased (partition was deleted). I just bought a 1 TB drive and a 750 GB drive. I would like the 1 TB drive in my computer and the now 4 x 750 GB in the other computer under RAID 5. Now I know I need to get...
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    Is the Seasonic M12 600 sufficient?

    I am upgrading my computer a bit, and will end up with: Q6600 @ 3.2+ IP35 Pro 2 x 2 GB RAM 8800 GTX OCed X-Fi Fatality Platinum DVD-RW Raptor 136GB 4 x 750 GB Seagates I currently have the M12 600. Would this have a problem with the overclocking? I currently have an E6600 and only...
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    Intel MHz vs. AMD MHz

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    3D and video simultaneously

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    7800 GTX and 10 FPS in CS and DoD

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    Laptops, good buy, power consumption, etc.

    I'm looking at a mostly loaded Dell Inspiron 6400 right now: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz 2 GB RAM 15" 1680x1050 screen 100 GB 7200 rpm drive x1400 video 9 cell battery Intel Pro Wireless and Internal Bluetooth Audigy HD software. Total of $1470. First, is this a decent buy from Dell? Or am...
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    Silverstone TJ08 vs. Coolermaster Centurion 541

    So, I'm looking at getting a slightly smaller form factor computer (even knocking 3" off in each direction is pretty nice), and as far as case goes, I'm torn between the TJ08 and the Centurion 541. First let me list the rest of my components: Opteron 165 SI-120 heatsink preferably...
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    Sceptre 37" vs Dell 30"?

    Sceptre: -7 extra inches -Tuner -Lower response time -Probably better color Dell: -Much higher resolution -Slightly more manageable for my desktop size I'm looking for a be all, end all monitor. The Sceptre is appealing because it would probably be betetr for gaming, but the...
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    Wired and wireless in one card

    My brother has a computer that he'd like to be able to connect to both wired and wireless networks. Trouble is, it's a Shuttle (with a burned-out built in ethernet chip) so he only has one PCI slot. Are there any cards out there that have both wired and wireless chips and ports on them?
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    3D and video simultaneously

    On my previous card (X800 XT PE), I was able to play my golf game in a window and could open and play video files just fine. On this system (7800 GTX), I can have a video going and then open up the golf game, but if I try to open a video file while the golf game is running it won't load: I get...
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    7800 GTX and 10 FPS in CS and DoD

    OK, I have no clue what's going on in Counterstrike. I have the rig in my sig, everything in CS is at default except for the resolution which I changed to 1600x1200. I tried 1024x768 as well, but I get the same results. I'm getting 10-20 frames per second, and the game is REALLY...
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    Nf4U Mobos - I've tried, but can't decide

    So I'm in the market for a new Nforce4 Ultra board, since I'm not going to be able to afford SLI anytime soon. I've been going back and forth on a couple motherboards and just can't decide. For this build, I will be using: -Venice 3200+ or Opteron 144 or 146 -Centon 2 x 1 GB PC4000...
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    Intel MHz vs. AMD MHz

    I've been on my Athlon 64 for a year now, and while I guess it games OK, the lack of HT in Windows makes the system feel sluggish. I found someone to buy most of my computer parts, and I'm looking to make a move to a PCI-E based system, but AMD vs. Intel is still up in the air. I can't afford...
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    Advantage to keeping HDR off?

    I was wondering if people who don't turn HDR on have an advantage over people who do. Besides the framerate hit, it seems like it would be easier to see people if you aren't getting bright lights in your eyes whenever you walk outside. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    Billing problems for General Mayhem?

    Is the billing system working OK? My subscription was set to run out on July 10. I paid another $15 for a lifetime membership this time on that date, and I have yet to regain access.
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    Xbox 360 HD Vids

    All are 720p I believe, and unlike the Fileshack footage, all videos are captured directly from the system. Good stuff. Link
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    Linux Driver Compatability (Read Poll Rules First Please)

    * ADBTR = As Defined By The Rules Given that I have seen people say that they prefer Nvidia cards because of their superiority under Linux, I couldn't help but wonder, "How many people does this actually affect?" See, for as many people as would throw that statement around, I suspected...
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    Intel just impressed the heck out of me

    My brother has an Intel 2.4C or 3.0C in a Shuttle SB61G3. A couple months ago, he began having problems with his machine that sounded heat related. I knew that it was hot in the room and didn't really want to deal with it, so I just told him to take off the cover and let it be. He would still...
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    Audigy 2 ZS Quick Questions

    I've decided to sell my high end audio setup because I want the money more than I want the fidelity. I figure that as long as I'm stepping down, I might as will get rid of my Revo and get something that does better in games; I've never really appreciated making that sacrifice, but stuck with it...
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    Hard drive madness...

    I was looking into some of the larger hard drives earlier and came upon this: Bare drive. Drive in enclosure. Presumably, the hard drive in the enclosure is an IDE drive, but is there any other difference to justify the $35 + price of enclosure premium? I'm a bit confused, but would...
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    Minimum requirment for WMV9 HD?

    I've been looking at getting a new DVD player and have been flip-flopping back and forth between an upscaling, DVI, networked player and an HTPC. The downside to the DVD player is that it does not support Quarter Pixel in Divx (which I actually don't know whether I'd use or not), will not...
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    CS - I love me my famas!

    Since my Steam account finally decided to start working again a couple days ago, I've been playing CS a bunch. One thing I remembered was this one guy I had played with a couple months back...he would use the famas, and just obliterate the other team with the three-shot burst to the head. So I...
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    How do I check GPU voltage?

    I can only get a bit over 500 MHz core on my X800 Pro VIVO. While I know that overclocking is not guaranteed, I want to make sure that my core voltage is not the problem. My first question, then, is how do I check on the core voltage to see what it is at right now? Past that, how would I go...
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    SATA and DMA

    DMA for my SATA ports is turned off by default in my there any reason why this would be this way? I was under the impression that for best performance, DMA should be enabled, but I just want to check and make sure I won't corrupt my drives by enabling it.