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    Hot? SAMSUNG EcoGreen F4 2TB 32MB 3.5" Internal HDD $99.00

    48 hour sale. $99.99 with Promo Code: EMCYTZT1557 Free Shipping! Considering i bought my Samsungs 1TB for mid $60. I'd say this is a pretty...
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    Best PSU for Lian Li PC-A05B

    I'm going from a Lian Li V1200 to a PC-A05B, I've had it for a few months and finally have the time to do the swap now, and would like some help/suggestions. I'm planning on eyefinity soon. Shopping for a small(in length) reliable modular psu with high wattage....what do you suggest...
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    ATI Eyefinity.... warranties and support

    Does any one company offer a lifetime or longest warranty on the latest 5000 series cards? Who has the best customer support/RMA through past experience? Who's cards are known to get higher OC's? I'm mainly interested in Eyefinity feature and is why I'm thinking of going ATI route. Three Dell...