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    PS4: Mobile Suit Gundam Xtreme Maxiboost

    I just received a beta test code for the above mentioned. This is the game: Testing Period: PACIFIC: 4/25 @ 3AM PDT – 4/26 @ 7PM PDT CENTRAL: 4/25 @ 5AM CDT – 4/26 @ 9PM CDT EASTERN: 4/25 @ 6AM EDT – 4/26 @ 10PM...
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    Xbox 360 Black Wired Controller for $19.99 Free Shipping

    Since I did not see it posted, I thought I'd share. Probably one of the best controllers for PC IMO. Yugster - Yours Until Gone
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    ABC Mechanical Keyboard inconsistent "W" key

    I've had this keyboard for a few years now and its working great. Unfortunately about 2 weeks ago, the "w" key stopped working intermittently and now does not work at all. How would I go about fixing this? Can I just remove the key and replace it? This is the keyboard...
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    One Plus One Phone

    Didn't see this posted and I wouldn't consider it hot, but they opened up purchases for the public. Effective now until 12PM EST. Their site crashed though.
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    PC Build on a Budget

    Hi guys Its been a while since I built a PC. For my son's birthday he wants to build a PC and I would like to keep it low budget. He's not a hard core gamer yet(mother is preventing), so nothing too high spec. This is what I pieced together and would like to know if its the best bang for...
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    Free 30 Gallon Aquarium

    Definitely not tech related,but I am trying to get rid of my aquarium. I live in Northern NJ (Bergen county). If I do not get a response in the next 2 days, it's going to the dumpster. Pics are available. Send me a PM if interested. Dimensions are 36x12x17
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    Any deals on Silicon Dust HDHomerun Prime?

    Hi guys, Don't really ask much on this forum. I am looking for for the HDHomerun Prime and I know I saw deals longtime ago that was below $150. Has anyone seen any for about that price recently? The ones I found are $165~ This is the one where I can use a cable card with?
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    Setting up OTA HDTV audio through Yamaha YMC-500 Receiver

    Been searching on the net, but could not find a definitive solution. I recently disconnected my FIOS TV and currently use OTA antenna connected directly to my TV. The problem is I have to use the TV speakers to listen to the channels, where as I can use my stereo setup to use WDTV, DVD, and...
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    HP Touchpad 32GB 299.99 with $150 rebate = $149.99

    posted on engadget Tigerdirect has touchpad for$299.99 minus $150 rebate. I hate rebates so this deal sucks for me, but some still may take advantage so here it goes.
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    Trine $0.84 !?

    Just started holiday shopping on Amazon and saw this.
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    Free Alien Swarm on Steam - 7/19 Release

    I was surfing through deals.woot and saw this. Looks like a modernized Alien Syndrome with multiplayer. Woot link: Steam link:
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    Dead s939 mobo or Opteron 165?

    I recently started having problems with my Asus A8n SLI Premium mobo w/Opteron 165. System was never overclocked. I started getting intermittent BSODs and thought it might be with my Patriot PC3200 1gb sticks. I swapped out with a Dell PC3200 I had laying around and it worked for a...
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    Warm?: Openbox HIS Radeon 4870 229.99

    Was searching through open box session on Newegg and found this. I would buy it, but they charge tax in NY and NJ. Could get lower with Live cashback. Newegg gets 5.5% cashback
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    Was hot? HP Mediavault MV2010 for 149.99

    Found this on techbargains. It was posted on Amazon for $149.99, but now it is posted at 259.99. I got in when it showed the cheaper price. I was going to post this in the Hot Deals, but price is no longer valid. If this is a...
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    $69 2GB Ipod Touch Clone at Geeks exp. 3/31

    Got this in the email today.
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    Ghost imaging performance

    I recently changed the way we do imaging with my company. Before I used to use a Desktop with Win2K pro and share out the image drive. Then boot up another PC with a network bootdisk to map to the drive and image. This worked really well, but data tolerance remained to be an issue. I...
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    Warm? CompUSA Antec 900 $89.99

    Pulled from Antec 900 $89.99 plus shipping
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    Warm?: Creative Labs Zen Micro Photo 8GB $99.99

    Picked this off of techbargains last week or so. I thought it was hot and got one. Some other players are decently priced as well. Delivery is free if order is more than $99.99
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    Dell E207WFP $209 w/ free shipping

    Hot? Warm? Luke Warm? Cold?
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    Free HP Laserjet 5000

    I have HP Laserjet 5000 I no longer use. The printer works fine. Jetdirect card is not included. Available in Local pick up in Northern NJ. PM me if interested.
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    Mass Multimedia

    Has anyone heard of Mass Multimedia? They specialize in multi-monitor setups. I currently own a analog dual 17inch model and am trying to find a AC adapter. Does anyone have an extra AC adaptor for this? I googled it, but could not find it. The manufacturer...
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    Newegg Evga 7600GT Warm?

    Newegg has Plain eVGA 7600GT Part#256-P2-N550 -T2 for 119.99 with $20 MIR
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    Tforce SLI and Opteron 165 issues

    I bit the bullet on the Opty 165 deal from Monarch and also bought a Tforce SLI. I have benn having issues where the PC just shuts down. When I read the manual on the mobo, it said it has a fail safe function where the mobo will shutdown if the CPU gets too hot. But, i don't think its...
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    ST20G5 recommended?

    Hi guys, I just sold my old SN41G2 to start the transition to PCI Express and considering to buy the ST20G5. I'm not a hardcore gamer(used to be), so the onboard video is good enough for now. Later on I will purchase a mid-range Nvidia card for it. Since Shuttle has the $100 MIR I'm...
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    Hot? Gigabyte K8NSC-939 AGP Motherboard/ AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Boxed CPU Bundle

    Is this hot considering its retail...