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    What is it worth?

    Im going to sell my current htpc and buy one of those cablecard ready machines that velocity micro is selling. im having a hard time determining a decent price for the machine i have now, and if anyone feels like giving me an opinion of its worth, i would appreciate it. the specs: black...
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    No more clean installs with upgrade media

    Thats right. Check this out: Now you have to install windows xp first, then upgrade it to vista when you want to do a clean install with the $260 upgrade disc you just bought.
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    Das AquaTube von Träumen

    Look what just arrived at my house today, an aquatube with 1/2" compression fittings. not only did i snag it for $25 on ebay, but it came with these kickass fittings. score!
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    Coolermaster ATC-201B-BXT

    would anyone be interested in buying a coolermaster ATC-201B-BXT? how much would you say that it is worth? im thinking about posting it in the fs/ft forums.
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    speed control for a laing ddc pump

    I need to build some kind of speed control for my laing ddc pump. id really like to slow it down a bit, but im not really sure how to go about doing it. my question is, should i go with a 25w rheostat? or will i need something more powerful?
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    My Storm build.

    Swiftech Storm PolarFlo TT Acrylic gpu 77Bonn heatercore Iwaki MD20RZT Idle Temp: 32c Load Temp: 40c My only caveat with this new system is that the iwaki pump gets extremely hot. so hot that it would burn you if you left your hand on it. I put a 120 in front of it and it seems to...
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    pump relay

    i need a relay for my eheim 1250, and i am totally lost... im looking at the radioshack website, here, can anyone tell me which one of these relays i want to get for my pump?
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    SP/DIF coxial audio and Linux

    does sp/dif audio work in linux? im using an MSI nforce3 board, using the coxial audio connection (to connect to a stereo receiver), and i sure cant figure out how or if it works. im using the 0292 nforce driver, i edited the etc/modprobe.d/sound config file, but i still get no audio. ive...
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    any 5900ultra owners?

    after a stroke of bad luck, i need to sell my x800xt. someone in the for sale forum offered me a 5900ultra + cash, and i am just wondering what kind of performance i could expect out of this card... especially in HL2. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    A64 IHS removal

    in an attempt to push my cpu even further, i removed the ihs on my 3200+ newcastle tonight. everything went smoothly, put the chip back in, fire it up to check the temps... they were a little higher than before. so i pull off the waterblock, reseat it and this time temps are way better. down...
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    x800xt pe for $419

    just wanted to let you all know that zipzoomfly has msi x800pro vivo cards for $419 with free 2-day shipping. i got one on monday, have successfully flashed it to to an xt pe, and its running rock solid. its a kickass deal, and half-life 2 will love you for it.
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    *bleep*-ing sapphire.

    i recently bought an x800pro toxic second hand, and when i recieved it i found that it was damaged. so, seeing as the card cant be more than a couple of months old, i decided i would RMA it to sapphire. i just called the USA phone number for sapphire, and to my suprise they dont accept RMAs...
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    Time to get rid of my 6800gt

    im really sick and tired of the stuttering i get from my 6800gt whenever i run 3dmark or games. nothing seems to be fixing it to my liking. so im going to get an ati x800pro or xt. before i head to compusa, do ati cards have this stuttering problem?
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    usb problems on a dfi lanparty nf3

    i just installed a lanparty ut nf3 250gb a couple days ago, and everything works fine except for my usb keyboard/mouse setup. i use a 4 port usb kvm switch to controll my pcs from one monitor, keyboard, & mouse setup. it uses a single usb plug to control both keyboard and mouse. when its plugged...
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    air flow

    just installed my new WC setup, and im kind of iffy about how i placed my fan. i have the rad mounted up top with the fan and shroud above it. will i get better performance by exhausting air out the top, or pulling air in through the rad?
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    leenooks noob

    just got a new gaming pc, and i want to switch my old one to linux. mainly, i'll just use it for surfing, downloading, and burning cds. i need help choosing a distro, im thinking of using suse 9.1 personal, but if you know of something better, let me know. here are the specs of the machine...
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    Northbridge block, is it necessary?

    im looking into getting a small kit for my first foray into the world of water cooling. i have an athlon xp 3200+, 1gb of ram, and a 6800gt on a dfi lanparty motherboard. since my mobo has a passively cooled northbridge heatsink, is it going to be necessary to get a waterblock for that too?