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    OLED - 32" 4K 144Hz Monitor

    4k @ 32" is only ~138 ppi, so I don't think this has any real impact on these specific panels. I believe this is more relevant to extra high pixel density displays (300-400+) like in smartphones.
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    I hope they drop a 42" soon, I noticed there was a press release about making 42" panels. A 42" 4k 120hz display would make a great monitor. 48" is a bit big. Now the problem is getting a hdmi 2.1 compatible video card for a reasonable price.
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    LG 48CX

    Annoyingly, HDMI 2.0 still does not have the bandwidth to support 3840x1600@120hz. Where the hell is HDMI 2.1?
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    Can you elaborate on this? Has there been news about 4k 120hz OLED displays that are planned for release in 2019?
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    Alienware AW3418DW 34" Ultrawide

    Can anyone tell me if this display has ULMB, and will run in ULMB at 120hz? Thanks in advance.
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    Monitor that is easier on the eyes for text?

    I personally think a larger display with the same resolution won't help at all, and in fact (at the same text size) it may be worse. I'd look for a 4K display, as text at any size is going to be more legible with higher pixel density.
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    Fast display with good black levels

    If Panasonic can make a panel with 1,000,000:1 native contrast, why aren't they putting those panels in TV's?
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    ASUS announces Swift PG27UQ 4K IPS 144Hz G-Sync HDR monitor

    Since it's FALD instead of edge lit, It's unlikely there will be issues with backlight bleed as we recognized it on their 27" IPS gsync panels in acer/asus displays. TV's with FALD have flashlighting issues inherent to the technology but I've never seen any serious edge bleed.
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    Dell UP3017Q - 4K 120HZ Oled 30"

    I think we're going to have to wait for panels coming out of China for any crowdfunding. I don't really think a crowdfunded display would be able to source panels from LG, Samsung, or Japan Display. I could be wrong though.
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    8K TV's available worldwide in 2018

    You absolutely can, but many of the benefits going from 32" 4k to 32" 8k are going to be most obvious when it comes to text legibility. That isn't a bad thing, but take a look at your 350-400ppi smartphone and you'll realize that beyond that sort of density, there are very diminishing returns...
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    ASUS announces Swift PG27UQ 4K IPS 144Hz G-Sync HDR monitor

    Interesting stuff here, but a little ambiguous. Does this imply some kind of full array local dimming?
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    Dell UP3017Q - 4K 120HZ Oled 30"

    My mind is consistently blown by people who don't even enable ULMB on ULMB capable displays. ULMB @ 120hz is much, much clearer than a regular "fast" LCD @ 165hz, at least on my 27" Acer.
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    Dell UP3017Q - 4K 120HZ Oled 30"

    What? This sounds a little too good to be true? Link?
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    27" IPS Monitor: Acer XB271HU vs AOC AG271QG vs ViewSonic XG2703-GS

    I have the Acer and personally I think it's great. The coating is unobtrusive, display quality is pretty solid (very little backlight bleed), uniformity is good. As far as 144hz vs 165hz goes, I don't think it matters. I use ULMB @ 120hz 100% of the time, and to my eyes 120hz ULMB looks...
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    6 best 4K TVs for HDR/SDR Console and PC gaming Oct 2016

    WHY do we need displays this bright? HDR seems like a complete gimmick to me. I do not want to see 1000 nit whites while I am watching anything. When do we actually benefit from HDR? When something is filmed under sub optimal lighting conditions, goes through post-processing, and it ends up...
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    Another best 1440p 144hz thread

    The fact that people are paying $600 for a TN panel in 2016 blows my fucking mind.
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    Which 4K TV is best overall?

    Didn't we already have this some years ago? I distinctly remember various LED backlit LCD sets with local dimming zones around the time the Kuros were being phased out and Panasonic was phasing in their S/G/V/VT series plasmas. They suffered from serious flashlighting/blooming issues due to a...
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    Which 4K TV is best overall?

    The fact that anyone would consider any LCD TV over currently available, currently very cheap OLED TV's in 2016 blows my mind. This whole discussion is so far beyond the scope of reason that I'm honestly unsure whether I'm awake or if I'm dreaming. Isn't this what we've all been waiting for...
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    Is AMOLED indicative of OLED quality?

    Implementation is just extremely poor in mobile devices. I have a Dell Venue 8 with a 2560x1440 OLED panel that I use for reading (comics, books, manga), and while it's great for that, when it comes to actual color reproduction it's both extremely oversaturated and the gamma is completely...
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    help me find a monitor stand or mount?

    The 3M MS110MB is your best bet for a VESA stand. It's a bit expensive on Amazon, but I think you can find it for around $30 on ebay or other sites if you look around.
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    Not impressed with my Audioengine A2's

    They're worth about $30, that's the problem. You can get a great set of speakers for $200, but the A2's aren't it.
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    Skylake/Z170 finally available

    That's what it seems like. It's available on every continent besides North America. I've read 4-6 weeks for 6700k to hit shelves here on some sites, which I hope isn't true.
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    First official Skylake Review!!

    I would personally wait for more reviews, the fp performance doesn't from synthetics absolutely does not line up with fp-dependent gaming benchmarks. Something is definitely off here.
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    First Skylake OC report (bring the salt)

    If it's true, yes it's very, very impressive.
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    Will Skylake be a big leap forward?

    This is the same clickbait link that was posted earlier in the thread, nothing new to see here.
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    Will Skylake be a big leap forward?

    The same FUD from some chinese website fishing for hits. Why do people still believe this nonsense? It may or may not be true but putting full faith in this sort of "review" is honestly quite bizarre to me. The answer to "Will Skylake be a big leap forward?" is wait and see.
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    Better than FW900? 200Hz VScan, 142KHz HScan

    haha no it does not. my fp2141 has terrible washed out blacks by now. goodluck with that though, i'm sure you'll find a brand new one from a decade ago somewhere, maybe, if you spend literally all of your free time looking. i'm a former quake player (still play, just not seriously anymore)...
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    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    2500k @ 4.8. not planning an upgrade until skylake is released as i doubt broadwell will change much, so i'm sticking with this til late next year. My e6600 @ 3.5 lasted me from 2006 to 2011 and this cpu is going to last me from 2011 to 2015, not bad I'd say. Only two CPU's over 9 years.
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    Devils Canyon will only paper launch on June 2?

    I've been here long enough to know what it's for ;) I'm just suggesting that even among enthusiasts, Haswell-E is still very niche. The K-Series CPUs are Intel's bread and butter for gaming enthusiasts/overclockers, so while it may be good news for a small percentage of us, most everyone here...
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    Devils Canyon will only paper launch on June 2?

    Better news for who? Haswell-E is even more niche than K-series CPUs.
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    The Navy Just Christened Its Most Futuristic Ship Ever

    lol yeah there's absolutely no way anyone could be concerned with anyone other than themselves
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    Time Warner CEO To Get $80M For Six Weeks

    lol i like how the only alternative to this corrupt form of crony capitalism is living in mud huts get out of here with your straw mans
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    24" monitor with 18" effective height or lower

    Yep that's the one. Great stand, just as good (if not better) than the tilt/swivel/rotate stands that come "professional" displays from Dell, HP, etc, that I have used in the past.
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    24" monitor with 18" effective height or lower

    I would just buy whatever you can find with a VESA mount and buy one of the 3M stands for an extra $40. The height of the base of the 3M stand is approximately 1", so add that onto the height of whatever display you're looking at, including bezel, and there's your answer, since the 3M stand...
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    I don't believe anyone makes a 27" 2560x1440 TN panel, it will almost definitely be IPS. edit; guess I was wrong. Asus won't be getting my money, that's for sure.
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    Comcast Mulls Buying Time Warner Cable

    Comcast suspended their monthly data cap about a year ago.
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    Dell P2414H

    Looks like a solid replacement for the u2132hm. Great contrast, good uniformity, negligible input lag, great stand, what's not to like? Only thing missing is hdmi, but an adapter will solve that just fine.
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    Panasonic to Exit Plasma TV Panel Business

    Yeah I was gonna post something like this... There was also a story about Panasonic "ending" Plasma production last year, which was also bullshit. I dunno why people keep believing this crap.
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    Four Fonts to Foil Google’s All-Seeing Eye

    The Korean War.
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    Homeless, Unemployed, and Surviving on Bitcoins

    Yeah a bunch of people who were just as smart as you think you are had the same idea. Maybe all of these inane assumptions people make about the poor, that they're drug addicts (or...