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    Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 AIO CPU Cooler Review @ [H]

    Did you have much of a burn in period where your idle temps dropped? Also does anyone know why this msi command center shows my temps much higher than coretemp does? I'm wondering if it's showing motherboard ambient temp or something. And is there any actual recommendation on if I should have...
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    Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 AIO CPU Cooler Review @ [H]

    Seems to run fine, I plugged it into my sysfan slot and plugged the 4 radiator fans into the cpufan slot. My MSI command center let's me change the "fan speed" of the pump so I just set it to 100%. There is little to no pump noise. I am not sure if setting it to 100% has any downside. This...
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    Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 AIO CPU Cooler Review @ [H]

    I just got a new Motherboard, 6700K and this cooler. Here's what it looks like installed.
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    Hot: LG G2 (verizon/att) $200 off-contract

    Yeah apparently it was a very short lived price mistake.
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    Hot: LG G2 (verizon/att) $200 off-contract

    verizon : AT&T : Normally over $500
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    Madden 25 PS3

    I listed my copy of Madden 25 on ebay with no reserve or anything since I didn't see much interest on FS/T here. I just wanted the NFL sunday ticket (I'm terrible at madden games) so get a cheap copy if you want it...
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    [H] Dropbox

    Here's my link, thanks!
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    [H]ot Diablo 3 - $22.28 total

    With the recent patches, D3 has become a really really good game. All of my friends quit playing after the first month, but we've been playing hardcore for the last few weeks. I'd recommend anyone who bought it before to try it again now.
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    Corsair K60 Keyboard $83

    ***********DEAD***************** Amazon has the K60 keyboard for $82.99 with free shipping (prime at least). I'd been waiting for this keyboard to drop from the $95-110 it had been fluctuating between for a while now so I just bought this. Newegg has the same price but something like $8...
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    Windows 8 Beta

    I found this : To disable the metro UI and have a standard windows 7 looking computer do this. Works good. Rename c:\Windows\System32\shsxs.dll to something else
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    PC Battlefield 3 Lacks Key FPS Feature: No Ingame Server Browser.. Yes I'm serious.

    I've always hated the server browser in BF games. Doing something different like this surely can't be any worse. And I also heard from people in the alpha that it worked fine.
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    Holy HD5870 E6 200usd!!!

    Got 1, thanks op! Apparently it comes with 2x mini dp to displayport cables, anyone know of a good brand or whatever so I can buy a third?
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    Sennheiser PC 360 Headset for Pro Gaming $199.95 shipped AC

    I bought the PC360 when it first came out because i was looking to try some nice open style headphones and I needed a new mic at the same time. I don't think the value is really there, you can get the HD555 or whatever similar headphones you want, and a desktop mic for around 100 dollars, but...
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    Black Widow Ultimate Sale on Amazon

    Naga is no joke, i love that mouse. I would definitely prefer to have an MX510 with a bunch of buttons on the side though, still my favorite grip or form factor or whatever you want to call it on a mouse. Also i just got the razer blackwidow a week or so ago, not ultimate version but i think...
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    Good gaming site? brand new and recommended by penny-arcade guys. Probably worth checking out.
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    Who's ready for Marvel vs Capcom 3?

    I think my favorite combo now is zero + akuma + sentinel, so awesome
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    Who's ready for Marvel vs Capcom 3?

    Game is pretty fun, more fun than i was expecting. Deadpool is definitley my favorite character. I've been using Deadpool, captain america, and Haggar. Still messing around a lot, never played MVC2 much but i'm liking this a lot. Has anyone's ps3 online been working? I tried a few times...
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    $350 BC2 upgrade challenge...

    I just upgraded from a Q9550 to an i5 2500K and my BC2 experience went from mediocre-bad to pretty awesome. I wasn't expecting the CPU to make that much difference but apparently it did. I can play in eyefinity 5760x1080 at much much better framerates than i could before. I can turn on 2xAA...
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    Just cant get into Battlefield 2.

    COD is more like unreal tournament or Quake and Battlefield is more like Counter-Strike or Rainbow Six so you should be able to figure out which type of game you like more based on which old games you liked. BF is more about strategy and positioning and COD is more about running fast and aiming...
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    Who's ready for Marvel vs Capcom 3?

    I am, even though i'm terrible at it, looks fun
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    Battlefield 1943 for PC Officially dead...

    yes good idea, nobody cared about either of those things. At least not compared to BF3 anyway.
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    New Crysis 2 single player trailer!

    I hope they retain the open world aspects from cyrsis 1. I think that's what's missing from too many shooters nowadays. Crysis has the objective for a level but you didn't have to walk down a corridor and shoot enemies that popped out of the doorways, there are set enemies throughout the level...
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    Black Widow Ultimate Sale on Amazon

    how loud is this keyboard? I'd like the high responsiveness and stuff that goes with a mechanical keyboard but I really don't think i'd enjoy the noise. is this one super loud like all the other mechanical keyboards?
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    Sandy Bridge adopters -- post your new build.

    Specs in sig, very happy with new i5
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    Black Ops...really?

    I think CoD multiplayer gameplay is closer to UT than anything else, it's not tactical or anything like CS / BF. I think the main reason for this is the random spawn points. I don't like it when enemies can spawn behind you randomly and stuff.
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    Post your workstations 2011

    To anyone who does or has owned an expensive office chair, what do you have, and do you like it, and do you think these kinds of chairs are really worth the money? I saw companies like Steelcase and Herman Miller and I'm in need of a new chair, can't decide what to get. I'm willing to...
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    HBO The wire Complete series $75 shipped

    bump for best tv show ever.
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    Is Bad Company 2 Vietnam Worth $15?

    I voted no, the new maps are ok, but it really just feels like playing BC2 with half the guns and features. It gives you a different feel and it's kinda neat but I just feel like i'd rather be playing vanilla when i'm playing vietnam.
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Corsair is one of my favorite companies for all types of computer equipment. I have the Obsidian 800D case, corsair PSU, and I always buy corsair ram. All their stuff is super high quality and dependable. gimme that ram so I can take it out of my cart at newegg to go along with the upgrade...
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    **** Poker Night at the Inventory!!!

    You won't like the game if you don't like the characters in it. I think it's really funny though.
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    Cataclysm Question ?

    i think they replaced the actual lich king with a different character that does all the same stuff. Not sure though.
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    Witcher 2 to have a DRM-Free version... but there's a catch

    I think this sounds cool, but i'll be buying it on steam anyway. also, OP is a fool
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    Dell Ultrasharp 21.5" U2211H $188, U2711 $742, *** U3011 $1012 *** + tax

    Yeah i really can't decide if i should get or not. I have hte money, but it could be better spent on other thins, but I don't see these monitors getting to a lower price than this ever again until they are completely outdated. or i guess the deal is dead anyway :(
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    New PS3 owner - recommendations?

    Demon's souls
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    Natural Selection 2 Beta Starts 11/19

    you have to go get in the commander chair, anyone can get in or out of the commanders chair during the game.
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    TWO MONTHS of Christmas from Galaxy!

    I haven't used a galaxy card, but I haven't seen anyone talk about them being bad or anything :P I would be glad to try one out.
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    Best Gaming Headset

    Yeah, i currently have the sennheiser HD280 (closed) and a crappy desktop mic that picks up everything. I really don't like the desktop mic, it seems to be bad at picking up my voice, and it picks up way too much sometimes. Maybe i just need a nicer desk mic, but I'd like to get some 555 style...