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    Dell Studio 15

    Thinking about getting a new laptop. I've had a netbook and it was just too small, so I'm looking for something a little more beefy. After browsing my RSS feeds, I came upon this deal from FW: Is this a deal? I know next to nothing about...
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    Quark & OSX - File extensions gone? WTF?

    We've got a client that's having an issue currently with all of her file extensions for Quark disappearing. She can manually add them, but she thinks that's a pain in the ass and just bitches about it, so I'd like to resolve the issue. Basically, all Quark files have lost their .qxd extension...
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    Do you have a Nokia N810?

    Do you know anyone who has a Nokia N810 UMPC? This thing is sweet, but I'd love to hear from some [H}'ers, instead of salesmen.
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    Do you pre-order games online?

    I'm looking to start reserving games online, but I'm wondering how long it'll take for it to come in. I'd go into a B&M and order them, but to be honest with you, it's easier if I get home from a hard day's work, and the game is in my mailbox :p Where do you pre-order your games? How long does...
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    Do you Wii Fit?

    I'm thinking about getting a Wii Fit. I'm out of shape, and alongside eating right and going for walks, I think having a Wii Fit would be a good idea to get back into shape. The one thing that irks me though is the $90 price tag. Do you use your Wii Fit? How often? Do you feel healthier?
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    Essential PDA software

    I just got myself a palm TX and now I'm looking for some MUST NEED software. I plan on using this for organization and document editing/movie watching on my commute. any ideas?
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    Quick question about DVD +-

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    TV Tuner Problem

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    Probelm with video card

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    How to travel with 360?

    well, I'm going away for christmas to my parents' house and my dad has a 56" HDTV. I'm interested in bringing my 360 down with me to play, but how would I do it? does anyone have any experience doing this? how'd you do it? did you stick it in with your clothes & check it in, or did you carry it...
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    How to download game updates from XBL?

    so i've been hearing about some game updates being released for gears of war, COD3, etc before xmas, and i'm just wondering as to how i'll be downloading those? will they automatically download or do i have to go through certain menus to do it?
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    What's up with Dead Rising?

    recently I got Dead Rising for my 360, previously used. after playing through it for a couple of days, it's really not all that great. I mean, the graphics are awesome, but the friggin game is so repetitive. plus, they give you all these missions with ridiculous completion times all while you...
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    Xbox 360 LCD issue

    very weird problem happened tonight. I have a viewsonic VX2025wm (20.1" WS LCD) and I have my xbox 360 hooked up to it via VGA cable (regular video card is hooked up via DVI). well, I got home from work and played for a few hours and took a break. I decided to play later on that night, and fired...
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    LCD stopped switching over to analog signal?

    very weird problem happened tonight. I have a viewsonic VX2025wm (20.1" WS LCD) and I have my xbox 360 hooked up to it via VGA cable (regular video card is hooked up via DVI). well, I got home from work and played for a few hours and took a break. I decided to play later on that night, and fired...
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    Question about game saves/achievements & 360 profiles...

    when I first got my 360 a few weeks ago, the first thing I did was play GoW and start saving under the profile "Boy Blunder." well, since then, I've signed up for xbox live using the tag "BoyBlunder85" because "Boy Blunder" was taken. naturally I've gotten more games and unlocked more...
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    Xbox 360 VGA Cable question...

    I'd like to hook up my 360 to my 20.1" WS monitor (1680x1050 res) and I'm wondering if the VGA cable would support that res? Or would I have to use something like 1280x1024? See product here:
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    Essential Xbox 360 accessories...

    post them here. I just got my 360 and I need some new things (possibly charger for wireless remote? or something...) I'll just get a switch and hook it up to my network like that, fuck the $99 WLAN adapter :rolleyes:
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    PC Gamer going Console: 360 or Wii?

    ok, I need to make a decision. I'm losing interest in WoW, and I really want to start playing consoles. the Wii is right around the corner, and the 360 has been around for a year. I don't know if I should wait for the Wii, or go buy a Xbox 360 right now. does it basically come down to the games...
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    Why use a seperate e-mail client?

    So, recently I've installed Ubuntu dual-booting on my desktop. I've got a gmail account and noticed that Evolution was installed. I set up the pop servers, etc, and started to download all my mail, but noticed that it wasn't in a format as easy as gmail's web interface. So my question is...
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    iBook vs. Powerbook: Let's hear it.

    being a dedicated windows user my whole life, I'd really start to slowly make the switch to a mac. I've read articles about windows users instantly switching over, etc, and I'm interested. so I started surfing over at apple's education site today, and I don't know which system to get, a $949...
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    best wired keyboard?

    right now, i have my thinkpad t42 (which i use during the week in college) (with a MX510) and at home i have my MS wireless duo. i really hate the wireless duo, i hate the way it feels after coming home from my awesome Thinkpad keyboard :cool: anyway, back on topic. what's the best keyboard...
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    How to burn MP3 CD using Winamp?

    I made a playlist using Winamp (Pro version, 5.09) and I'm looking to make an MP3 CD with it. Are there any plugins I can use to do this? Or am I missing something in the options?
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    Need some freeware non-internet games

    Give me some suggestions about some freeware non-online games. I have this 4 hour class on Tuesday nights that is absolutely killer. No wireless access though so internet games is out of the question.
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    Must have games for PSP

    I just got a used PSP through Gamestop. It's absolutely jawdropping. I got 2 games with it: Wipeout Pure & Lumines. Do you guys suggest any other games? How about THUG2R? I was a big fan of the originals on the PS2 so maybe I'll like this. How about Twisted Metal? What games do you have...
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    Comcast issues - still going on?

    Does anyone know if the Comcast issues are still going on? My Comcast at my parents house is randomly disconnecting. I remember the DNS issues that were going on, but I can't find if they still are. So are they going on still? Are there any fixes for it yet?
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    Some PHP help regarding drop down menus...

    I need some help regarding a drop down menu. I don't really know how to explain it, so I'll show you an example here . It's basically some drop down menus that change depending on what the user selects for the one before it. I would love someone forever if they could steer me in the right...
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    Some help with phpBB

    I'm looking to upload an image to override the image that's on the message board when I go to it. Right now it's the default phpBB image, and I'm looking to replace it with one I've created myself. When I try to upload it, it gives me these errors: Warning...
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    Router Recommendation

    ATM, I have a Belkin 54g wireless router. The features on it sucks, and the range of it suck (all I use are laptops w/ wireless). I'm looking into the Linksys route, but after setting one up for a friend over the weekend, it seemed like a pain in the ass initially. So what do you guys recommend?
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    Question about my Thinkpad X40.

    I'm thinking about selling my IBM Thinkpad X40 (specs in sig). What do you think is the max I should ask for? I was thinking about $1100. Any comments? Suggestions?
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    Problem with external drive showing up in My Computer

    I think my external Maxtor 250GB has finally bit the dust. I tried accessing it this morning and it just clicks for like 2 minutes every second or so. I tried going into the Windows disk management and it picks it up as a 233GB HD with all the space free, as it should, but it doesn't show up...
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    Thinking of building a File Server...where do I start?

    I have 2 laptops and am interested in building a file server for storage. I have 2 external IDE HDDs in external enclosures (see sig; probably will buy more as well) and want to put them into a file server. what kind of motherboard would I need for this? processor? should I consider RAID? if...
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    Treo 600 Thoughts?

    I'm thinking about getting a new cell phone, and the Treo 600 through Verizon looks mighty fine. Does anyone have one of these? What do you like about it? What don't you like about it? Should I wait, or get another phone? I used to have a PDA, but got rid of it when I hated carrying around a...
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    Computer shorting out? Or something else?

    Last year, I built a system for a family. They left this system in a closet for a year, and yesterday, they wanted me to set it up for them. So, I turned it on...and it would just freeze on the boot screen (it's a BioStar motherboard, and it freezes on the BioStar screen). I thought it was the...
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    New T43 Announced Same size as a regular T42, except it has a Sonoma. :eek: :D :eek: