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    Getting a XBOX 360...and want to prep it for longevity

    The other day I ordered a 360 from Microsoft ExpertZone and I'm going to assume it's not a Jasper chipset. I also have ordered another shell off of eBay so I can paint the shell to match my PS3 (I don't think white is going to cut it for me). At any rate, I'm going to have the bastard open...
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    Strange PC behavior....randomly shuts off

    Randomly the other day, my PC just shut off my itself. I dunno what the hell happened, it wasn't power outage related. So I do the normal troubleshooting, taking everything down to a bare bones system (mobo, cpu, video, memory) and it seems to work. As soon as I add any hard drives the system...
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    MSDN Disc says it's bootable, and has ISO's, but doesn neither

    I have a Win2K3 STD R2 box that I want to do some testing on, and I can't get a damn CD-R to boot. It specifically states on the DVD that it itself is bootable, and would give me some sort of menu and I could install the OS from there. The other thing is that there are supposed to be ISO's...
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    Odd problem, system not powering on

    I unplugged all of my HDD's today to use a seperate HDD to rebuild a 64-bit system for a short time to get my 'My Documents' on my external USB HDD See this thread for details on this problem: When I booted the system up, it hung on...
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    Quick Question: Ultra160 Array Controller, U320 Drives

    Quick question everyone: Q: Will U320 drives work fine, even if they dumb down to U160, on a U160 controller; Yes or No A: ________________________________ Thanks ~G
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    Replacement Media for games

    I rebuilt my machine this weekend, and I wanted to re-install BF2, BFV, WarcraftIII, etc. I either am missing one or more discs, but have all of the product keys. Anyone know if replacement media is available?
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    GPT Protective Partition on Maxtor One Touch!

    To make a long story short, I backed up all of 'My Documents' from my rig to my Maxtor One Touch external HDD. I rebuilt my system from XP 64-bit, back to 32-bit XP. When I got everything installed again, I went to go grab all of my documents, and the One Touch doesn't show up. Looking at...
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    Help! Exchange 2000 no mail in Inbox according to Outlook 2003

    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages....I'm completely stumped here. We are a small business, <10 people here, and two of us get no email in our Inbox's. The retarded thing is that when we log into OWA.....the email is there? Any ideas?
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    FIC Ice Cube problem

    Hey guys, I have a FIC Ice Cube....and when I got it, the instructions said to not put in a proc over 2.8GHz. That's what I installed, and it died. I am 90% certain the mobo is toast. Everything else works fine in the case, but I want to replace the mobo in it. I can't seem to find a...
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    Project: 98EXL Thermaltake Aqua Computer Armor

    Hello everyone! I figured I would start on my worklog for my first real big modding project. I've been building PC's for awhile, none of them really 'clean' and not up to my OCD standards. I will say, I have been getting parts for awhile now from here, and buying new but here is the vison...
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    Creative Live Drive to make it longer?

    Hey guys...been working on a new case, and since it's huge, I have a problem with my LIve Drive ribbon cable being too short, if I want to keep the cable nice and neat (which I do). So my question is, can I just get a longer length of ribbon cable, pull the connectors off my existing live drive...
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    PC won't turn on

    I know this is a stupid question, but I'm completely at a loss here. I have one of my many rigs that every once in awhile will not boot. It will get power for a second, then shut off. If I pull the battery on the mobo and put it back in, it works, no problem, boots like a champ. WTF is wrong...
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    Volt Modding Fans?

    I have been trying to find more info on this, and have come up with little to no information on this. I have heard of some people making fans 7V or 5V instead of 12V. What does this do exactly, make them quieter, run faster? I just got a new case, and new fans, and I want to spend some time...
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    Pump wired with relay from PSU....

    I couldn't find any real good threads about this, but is there a thread or a kit explaining how to wire a relay into your PSU so your pump turns on with the PC? Thanks