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  1. Y Deals 11/24

    9500GT doesn't have free shipping?
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    Low PPD with 4 GPU on XP

    Well got it fixed, but thought I put an update. Yes, it was the mixing the 4 different GPUs that was causing the issue. I can run 4 GPUs on a dual core no problem, I used Bill2's Affinity Changer to force 2 of the fahcore_11.exe to run on each CPU core. Summary: Match GPUs, 4GPUs can run on...
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    Low PPD with 4 GPU on XP

    Seems like the PPD isn't as high as it could be. I also tried using Bill2's Affinity Changer so that 2 GPU Clients will use one of the CPU cores, but doesn't seem to do anything. I also tried reinstalling the Forceware Drivers with uninstall and driver cleaner. Still nothing. Only running these...
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    Great Deal from KFA2/Galaxy

    I suggest checking a few other places first Remember, TigerDirect shipping cost is around $8. So total would be $113AR.
  5. Y Deals 7/21

    Can we get free shipping or additional discounts on either of these 2 motherboards?
  6. Y Deals 4/14

    Bring back this case please :)
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    Free Raffle from and MicroTemp

    Free stuff for the win.
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    Abit IP35-E Motherboard only $60 at NewEgg AR (for those $200 Q6600 Quads)

    Abit RMA has been superb for me. Submitted a request Sunday, got my RMA # Monday afternoon. They received it Wednesday (according to FedEX tracking) got notification and sent out my board by Thursday. Got the new board back Monday. 1 week turn around looks pretty good to me.
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    Microcenter 200 dollar Q6600

    I mean link to the newsletter..
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    Microcenter 200 dollar Q6600

    link please?
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    Microcenter 200 dollar Q6600

    Where did this information come from?
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    Cooler Master 690 $35 shipped w/ no rebates

    There isn't free shipping. I even get charged $12 to ship the stacker and I'm like 10 miles away from their HQ.
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    Fry's B&M motherboard clearance YMMV

    The only IP35-e left around the LA area is in Burbank. City of Industry only has the AB9 left. The IP35 Pros are gone from all the stores.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

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    Frys Antec 900 69.99 + Ship No rebate!

    There is a $25 Rebate as well making it $45 AR
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    It's that time again, CM 690 $30 shipped AR...

    They pay, just very slow.
  17. Y Deals 01/07

    The coupon for the Antec doesn't appear to be working
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    320gb 7200.10 (rebranded as Maxtor) PATA hard drives - $44

    I just got from another source this deal is to be true.
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    320gb 7200.10 (rebranded as Maxtor) PATA hard drives - $44

    Just wondering, how do you know?
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    Warm? BFG 8800GT OC@Fry's

    Not really... Newegg, ZZF1, ZZF2. Not having to pay tax would make a big difference
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    $300 BFG GTS512!

    If Kyle wants to get it pulled from Slickdeals, he can talk to me about it.
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    Antec Nine Hundred Case $60 After $40MIR + Free Shipping @ Newegg

    Apply coupon code EMCBCBJDF at checkout Product Link
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    MSI 8800GT $208 @

    Guess my comment in the original post was true.... I missed out on the deal too, but got in on the Best Buy deal so no lost. Just sucks for everyone that missed out. At least you get an alterative prize.
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    AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core $200 @ Newegg

    Any takers yet? :D Look in the combo to get a free AMD gift as well. Product Link
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    HOT! Cooler Master 1000w Power Supply with SIX 12v rails 169.00 shipped!

    $130 After $60 Rebate + Shipping @ SVC
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    8800GTX $399 Recertifed(Warm?)

    The seller is Joe Darwin, Marketing Director for eVGA, I'm sure he would want to scam us :rolleyes:
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    Cooler Master Stacker 830 Silver Case $119 After $50 Rebate + Free Shipping

    Insane airflow :eek: Rebate valid from 11/26 to 12/14. Product Link | Rebate
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    PR Nightmare Drawing - AMD 6400+ Black Drawing

    This site use to be a top notch site with reviews that matter, but since recently I felt the site has turned into an advertising mine with the sole purpose of profitability. Some of the reviews, in my humble opinion, are blatantly swayed towards one company and feels like an advertisement...
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    MSI 8800GT $208 @

    Buy now, regret later.
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    ErgoHuman Chair $509 shipped.

    Guessing you referring to one of these? Its a nice chair no doubt. Even with coupons + tax, its going to be about the same price as this deal.
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    Water + Heat Pipes (MOD pics)

    Woah, its sounds unbelievable, but worked for me too :eek: All hail Spawne32.
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    Newegg Deals 10/16

    Yes I would like the same or other similar drives.
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    Cooler Master PSU ($15AR) & Fans

    Cooler Master eXtreme Power 650W Power Supply $15 After $35 Rebate (YMMV) + Free Shipping $100.00 - $50.00 (Coupon: EMC1023CASE01) - $35.00 (Rebate) YMMV ------------------------------------- $15.00 Total Product Link Cooler Master Four 20x25mm Fans $10 + Shipping For those that just...
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    Adding swiftech MCR320 to Corsair Nautilus 500

    Make sure you use coolant because you are going to be mixing metals between the alu radiator, copper heatsink, and the copper mcr320.
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    Uh the link is for the B25, not the A05.
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    CM Stacker, Best CPU Cooler

    We're talking about the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme, not the Thermalright Ultra 120. I'm sure it will do well, but not like how you say it would. What is your ambient temp? What are you using to measure the temps? What fans speed are you using? Yeah like considering a stock processor to...
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    Need an opinion....Exos vs Nautilis

    You can always do an external mount on the radiator, I'm sure you can fit a res or a T-Line and a small pump in your case unless its a SFF.
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    Going water cooled

    You should go with something from Petras. Maybe this one will suit you just fine. If you ever decide to upgrade, you won't be limited to Koolance's parts. As for waterblocks, I suggest non full cover ones because they allow you to continue to use it for the next gen cards or other cards, instead...