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    Question about X1800XT - CF Edition

    Sorry if this has already been asked, but can anyone tell me if this card will work in single card mode. That is without a slave card attached to it. Thinking of picking up the master card first and then getting another regular XT when my finances allow it. I have to upgrade MB, and proc as well.
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    Crossfire Mobo, first sighting?

    Abit has a soket 939 board on their site now. Interesting. abit at8, Sorry if this is old news.
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    Current draw of late model ATi cards.

    Hi, Please, can anyone tell me where to go to find out how much current the ATi X850XT draws as compared to the X800Pro. Thanks in advance
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    x850xt, strange beeping noise

    Hi, I just popped in my new 850xt and I hear this lengthy beep coming from my PC. Has anybody had this happen? Any ideas of what might be causing it?
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    Please help WinDVD audio and video out of sync.

    I'm hoping someone can help with this. I finally got an acceptable picture using WinDVD software decoding and built in TrimensionDNM processing. The problem is that the audio will loose sync with the picture. Im using the computer in my sig. This issue does not occur when I let the...
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    Warm 10% off upgrades at compusa

    Coupon code expires today - upgrade0705 - example ATI x850xt normally 399.99 - 360.00 shipped after coupon plus 1penny shipping
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    Is there any advantage to running core and mem at the same speed?

    I was just wondering, is there any advantage to runnning a video card core and memory in sync? or, is it better just to get the maximum overclock from each component individually?
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    ATI AIW X800XT $333.00 after MIR

    New Egg has THIS on sale, add 4.99 for shipping.
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    Just picked up a UPS for dirt cheap, but ......

    Staples was clearing out some of these for $13.50, so I picked one up. Just wondering if anyone can tell me if this is a good one. Thanks EDIT: Link above not working, this one is ok
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    First AMD build in a long time, need some feedback

    Hey guys, Now that 64bit windows is officially making its debut I'm thinking about building an A64 rig. I wanted to build it around the ECS KN1 Extreme, since it seems like a feature packed board and is getting good reviews. Does anyone have any experience with this board. I don't mind...
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    ATI component cables to HDTV

    Is anyone here using the component cables included with recent ATI or Nvidia cards? I want to know if you can use them to up-convert to hdtv resolution, or if they are limited to 480i or 480p. Thanks.
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    How to disable frame counter in Half Life 2

    I don't know how I did this but I enabled an fps counter in HL2 that appears in green on the top right corner. I don't know how to disable it. Can anyone here help.
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    noob question about madden 2k5

    Is there anyway to play this game head to head against another opponent, or do I need to set up a lan game for that? Thanks
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    1st attemp at adjusting rails, Help Please

    I recently purchased 2 additional sticks of memory and currently filling all my dimm slots, and as a result, I lost some speed on my previously stable overclock. I want to add a little more power to my 3.3v rail to see if I can get back to my previously stable overclocked speed. The monitor...
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    CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) $88.50

    Thought this was pretty hot for some good basic ram. CAS 2.5. Free Shipping
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    X850XT AGP $499.00 at CUSA (coming soon)

    Saw THIS at compusa today, I wonder how much longer for the x800xl's
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    Pictures of x850xt and x800xl AGP

    I came accross these pics from ati oem partner ge-cube of their 850xt, and 800xl cards in AGP.
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    Noob questions regarding tubing

    I've been entertaining the idea of changing over to water cooling, and I've read many post here and elsewhere. Just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with using different diameter tubing in their setups and if that could possible improve performance. For example, using a...
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    PCP&C Silencer series, good build quality?

    Can anyone tell me if the silencer series are built to the same standards (relatively speaking) as the Turbo Cool models? Can anyone point me to a reliable review on the silencer models?
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    New bios for IC7G

    Version 28 for the Abit IC7 series is out on thier website.
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    Will Artic Cooling rev3 fit on X800pro?

    I have an older Silencer. Can anyone say for sure that if it fits, or will I have to get the new model?
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    Anyone try this cooler yet?

    This is a new vga cooler from Zalman. Wondering if anyones tried one yet.
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    Need your impressions re: PNY 6800NU

    Is this a good card, can the extra pipes be activated via coolbits? Please, thinking about purchasing this card today, any information would be helpful. Thanks
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    Help backing up saved Doom3 games

    Thanks in advance for putting up with the noob question... I would like to reformat my machine, but I don't want to loose my doom3 saved games. Can anyone tell me which files to copy? Thanks again
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    Safely tweaking my PSU

    Thanks to the information found in this forum, and in particular the moderator, I have been able to better understand the workings of a PSU and how to decide which one will fit my needs based on my configuration. I have decided to quicky purchase an APC 500va ups, to tide me over until I can...
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    Please help,,,Tagan PSU's any good?

    I'm looking replace my current power supply and I'm trying to decide between the Tagan 480 watt unit or the xconnect 500 watt unit. Which of the 2 would be a better choice?
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    Doom3 for 29.99 + SH at Target

    Target online stores has Doom2 for 29.99 Heres the link
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    Congratulations Red Sox Fans!!

    Beantown is definitely [H]ard.
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    Please help...DVD Rom Drive

    Hello All, please feel free to move this thread if it was accidently posted in the wrong forum I have an Artec g48 dvd-rom drive that recognizes every disc quickly, but the rip is slow as he##. I also have a LiteOn thats a ripping beast, but hardly ever recognizes the media when first...
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    HELP, IC7G + internal USB media reader = NO POST

    Can anyone help me? , I attempted to install a Mitsumi USB2.0 Flash Media Reader/ Floppy on an Abit IC7-G mainboard. The problem occurs while the USB2 cable from the reader is connected to either of the mainboard usb headers. With the cable connected the computer halts during POST if I remove...
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    Memory Upgrade, what's the best choice?

    I'm trying to achieve a stable 3.2ghz overclock at 1:1 with a 267 FSB with the components in the sig. I've narrowed my selection to OCZ PC4000 Gold Rev3 or Geil Ultra Platinum PC4000 Which would be a better choice? Corsair, Mushkin, Crucial are still a little too expensive and I can't...
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    Warm?? Klipsch PM 5.1 for 339.88

    Lowest I remember seeing these for.
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    Question about Abit IS7 problem

    I've tracked the problem down to the AGP slot. It just quits on me whenever I try to load any game, and the screen locks up when I load IE. I've tried all settings on the MB as well as the Video Card driver with no luck. After testing the card on my brothers board and watching it work...
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    ATI ACE reviews anywhere?

    Has anyone seen any reviews on this new driver. I know it was originally due out on 9/02/2004. I thought someone might have reviewed them by now.
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    Help Please with PowerDVD and DVD-A playback

    Can anyone here tell me how to get DVD-A playback using PowerDVD Delux and M-Audio revo?
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    x800pro/vivo retail 439.00 free 2 day shipping

    Sapphire x800pro with vivo (I think this one is moddable to xt) Here's the link
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    Sharing my speaker recommendation

    I recently picked up a set of these Boston Acoustics BA7900's at a discount price (111.00 shipped to NJ from Directron) and they sound terrific. Listened to Marvin Gaye DVD-Audio disc and his voice comes through smoothly and clearly, and with a mellowness that was not there with my klipsch...
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    Boston Acoustics BA7900 5.1 speakers for 89.00

    Doesn't include shipping Here is the link
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    Help Please, no 5.1 signal via spdif with M-Audio

    Hi guys, I'm having some difficulty with my soundcard (M-Audio Revo 7.1). I'm connected to the digital decoder pod of my speaker set using the spdif output of my sound card. The soundcard is not seeing the AC3 stream. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Need promedia din pinouts

    Greetings to the [H}orde Does anyone know where I can find pin assignments for the Klipsch din cable that goes between the decoder pod and the sub for the GMX-d 5.1's Thanks, I'm trying to bybass the decoder pod, and connect these directly to my sound card.