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    Retina display - worth it?

    The 13'' Air is actually a higher resolution (1440 x 900) than the Pro.
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    Computer freezing randomly for past year

    I'm going to upgrade my brothers rig to lga 1155 so I'll try swapping parts. It is such a pain to test since it's so random it may take me all summer before I am sure.
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    Computer freezing randomly for past year

    The motherboard sounds likely. Is there any stress test that can test for this problem? The hard drive sounds unlikely because I had the problem when I was running off the ssd. I've always had the hdd connected so it still is possible. Also is it possible that the power supply could be the...
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    Computer freezing randomly for past year

    I made this thread last year: I've run memtest86+ for almost 24 hours without a problem over the course of several nights. When the problem occurs the screen freezes until the display decides to turn off. All the connected devices stop...
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    Amazon Exclusive PS VITA 3G/WI-FI Bundle preorder bonus

    I think they would change it if they could but probably don't have time.
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    The 9 Oddest Tech Job Interview Questions of 2011

    Then cannon ball into it and use the bucket to scoop as much as you can out.
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    iPhone has better graphics than Vita

    Almost all are not in the correct ratio either. Hopefully everyone looks at what Bowhuntr11 posted. There is one game PS Vita game that looks awful, F1 2011. Those large images that Bowhuntr posted are the actual PS Vita resolution (960 x 544).
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    Steve Jobs Dead

    How was it sudden? He has been struggling for years.
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    Apple's 'Let's Talk iPhone' Keynote Liveblog

    Only to later say it has graphical effects from God of War (hopefully god of war 3).
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    We need you... in BF3... and BC2.

    Applied: Chrissj
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    GTX 470 SOC stuttering without fps drop (single gpu microstutter?)

    I reverted to 266.77 and the problems did not go away. All I did was click clean install. I didn't remove the old drivers before hand. Maybe I should do that instead. Which exact version of 266 are you using. I did notice in metro 2033 if I keep all settings on the highest but set the game to...
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    GTX 470 SOC stuttering without fps drop (single gpu microstutter?)

    Thanks for the replies. I'm going to try the earlier drivers today. I am running the beta drivers now but there was no difference in results. I made some graphs of the frame rate. This is all taken from gameplay in a subway tunnel in Metro 2033, no action going on. Just walking around. At...
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    GTX 470 SOC stuttering without fps drop (single gpu microstutter?)

    Update: I knew Metro 2033 was not running smoothly when I first started playing it a couple weeks ago but I through it was the game, not my system. I checked with fraps to see if it was similar to the Crysis 2 problem and it seemed to be the same problem but even worse effects. The fraps thinks...
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    Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?

    But I have a salary. I guess for others though, you can idle and work an extra minute every day. I turn my computer off unless I forget to when I'm streaming some show. Great technique for not wasting as much time, press the power button, do something else thats important and takes about a...
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    Playstation Vita

    I don't see why you would want to sacrifice the 5inch screen and controls. If they made it as small as a smart phone, it wouldn't be any better than a smart phone.
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    Playstation Vita

    Sony has announced an external battery pack which could raise the overall length to 9-15 hours. Yeah I know its another separate thing Sony would make you buy. With an OLED screen and using memory for storage and games, they're trying to make the best use of all the battery power they can fit...
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    New computer freezing every couple days in chrome

    No, it stays on. It can happen as I'm using it. The monitor fails to go to sleep even after an hour while frozen.
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    New computer freezing every couple days in chrome

    I know the crash occurred at 8:51 because that's what my clock froze at. In my application log, I have no events between 8:17, and 9:49, when I turned my computer off and then back on. At 8:17 my last message was: "The Software Protection service has stopped." Security and setup don't seem to...
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    New computer freezing every couple days in chrome

    The freezing has only happened in chrome. Everything locks up but the display continues to show. It often happens when I walk away and come back or when im scrolling or moving my mouse around the screen. It never happens after I do some action like click a link or start a video. How do I attempt...
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    PlayStation Vita Will Be Region-Free

    That's why its sometimes better to limit information because it causes people to overreact. Luckily humans can counter this by forgetting about it in a little while. Don't eat cantaloupes. They are worse than digital cameras.
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    Ripped a DVI port off my GTX 560 Ti with pliers (lol)

    Why not compare it with baking? Before that became more common, people thought the same way. If it's done properly, there's no reason it should damage the card. I would have been more careful about it. Anyways a lot of people are willing to do whatever it takes to get more performance and don't...
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    Purchase BF3 from Origin and get Dead Space 2 for free.

    I ordered it 2 days ago and they just credited through live chat.
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    GTX 470 SOC stuttering without fps drop (single gpu microstutter?)

    I switched all the settings to the lowest settings (high) which brought the framerate to 90 - 100 fps. I brought the resolution down to 800 x 600. Which made the framerate 150-250. Everything is at the bare minimum and its still feels awful. Everything seems jerky. I saw another video on...
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    GTX 470 SOC stuttering without fps drop (single gpu microstutter?)

    Are there benchmarks that test the video card memory? The PSU is a custom 600W Silverstone for that specific case. It also has been having some coil whine problems but I'm told that shouldn't affect performance. I'm also curious about the quality of power I'm getting in my new apartment. The GPU...
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    GTX 470 SOC stuttering without fps drop (single gpu microstutter?)

    Fraps shows my framerate at a near constant rate which is around 30-40 fps based on the map and location but when I turn the camera around, the game physically looks like its under 10 fps but fraps does not show the framerate dipping. My computer has a bunch of problems at the moment so it's...
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    Power supply whining

    I'm not really sure since everything is so close together, the negatives of SFF. I know its not the gpu fans since I locked them with Afterburner and I got the same result. What else could be making the sound other than a fan?
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    Power supply whining

    I posted this in SFF but I really want a quick answer in case I could cause serious damage to my computer. This is the 600w power supply by Silverstone for their SG07 MITX case. It doesn't occur when using windows normally. While running Furmark, the sound fluxuates based on how much of...
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    SG07 PSU whine

    I got my SG07 in mid July and was using a 4850 until my GTX 470 SOC got back from an RMA. Just this past week I noticed the system was making more noise while I was playing games. I use a headset almost all of the time so it was only noticable when I took them off. I opened it up today and tried...
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    Counter Strike Global Offensive: BETA

    My brothers a big CS player but I don't think he has a beta key. He's gotten me into it a bit recently so if anyone has an extra key, I'd love to pass it along to him. If anyone has another, I'd like to play with him to :)
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    Leaked DOTA2 screenshots

    Vengeful Spirit
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    Gigabyte GTX 470 SO kernel crashing outside of games

    Gigabyte is sending me the card back and apparently replaced a memory chip. I can't wait to try it out next weekend.
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    Steam Quakecon Pack

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    Gigabyte GTX 470 SO kernel crashing outside of games

    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately link state power management set to off didn't fix it. I tried the card in my new build and the symptoms were the same. Requested an RMA and I hope to hear back soon.
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    Zotac Z68-ITX Wifi

    Are you talking about this? I see the price as 95 after rebate. If it was $55, is that recommended over the Asus H61?
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    Gigabyte GTX 470 SO kernel crashing outside of games

    Yesterday I was viewing an online stream that was causing frequent crashes (every 20 seconds or so). I tried the HTML5 stream and the Flash stream and both had the same result. I made sure that hardware acceleration for flash was turned off (I'm not sure if that is an option in HTML5). So I...
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    Gigabyte GTX 470 SO kernel crashing outside of games

    I think these are the stock settings for a GTX 470. 607/1215/1674 I'll test soon but normally problems of overclocking would show up when the GPU is running at 100% such as in FurMark, not during normal use or after doing a test, correct? I was wondering if perhaps I should try and force the...
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    Gigabyte GTX 470 SO kernel crashing outside of games

    Excuse the large image but I believe it contains some valuable information. Since I got a crash right after the 4 minute furmark ended, I wanted to see if I could get the same results but this time I tested it for 16 minutes. After the test ended, I got the score popup but it did not crash to my...
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    Gigabyte GTX 470 SO kernel crashing outside of games

    Thanks for the suggestions. I tried playing BFBC2 and the game did crash. (game froze, the geometry was distorted). After that the graphics driver failed completely and the system didn't detect a graphics card until I uninstalled the driver and restarted. I disabled flash hardware acceleration...
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    Gigabyte GTX 470 SO kernel crashing outside of games

    I recently picked this up second hand. I don't know much about the history of this card. I replaced my 4850 crossfire setup with the GTX 470 , installed the latest drivers (275.33). So far, I've never seen it crash in game. I've been able to play Crysis Warhead, Starcraft 2, and Arkham Asylum...
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    Corsair 8GB DDR3 1600 $40AR at Fry's B&M

    Has anyone had these shipped? I ordered them on the 4th and it still says they are "In Process" even though I got an email saying they were shipped. Is that because its the economy shipping which is not trackable? They are the last part I am waiting on.