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    New ENERMAX Galaxy EVO EGX1250EWT 1250W

    Excellent Professional Review, by OKW@JonnyGURU! New Super Heavy Weight Champion!:D
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    PC P&C 750W Only $70 after MIR! Free Shipping, too!

    $70 after MIR + FS @ ZZF Or in-store at Microcenter $80 after MIR (can local pickup) Single Rail +12V@60A@40C Excellent Review at [H]ard...
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    Dave's Short List

    My latest update, your input is requested. Thank you, Dave Updated 3-5-07 Dave's Short PSU List PC P&C Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR [Single +12V Rail] (+12V@72A) (The Best of the Best of the Best!) Specs: $499...
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    Silverstone PSU's @ Lowest Prices + additional 8% Off!

    Looks like a good deal to me! ;)
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    High Amperage Single Rail PSU's

    Input, Suggestions & Recommendations Wanted! Updated October 19, 2006 For many reasons a PSU with a single, very powerful +12V rail is often desired. The new DX10 GPU's would be my main reason! These reasons can include multi-CPU's, a large number of HDD's, a TEC, etc. Under the...
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    Modular PSU Guide Updated 10-19-06

    Updated 10-22-06 Here are the modular PSU's from PC P&C Turbo Cool always 1st Class, on down to more affordable models. The Antec SP-500 has been removed due to quality control problems. PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 510 (Modded by Performance-PCS) +12V@34A, +5VSB@3A From $279...
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    PSU’s: The Best of the Best of the Best!

    This is my opinion, what is yours? Dave ;)
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    PSU’s for Future GPU’s!

    PSU’s for Future GPU’s! Rumor, strong rumor, has it that the next generation of ATI GPU’s may draw over 300W’s each & most of that from the +12V rail(s). If this is true, then there are currently very, very few ATX PSU’s that can power a fully loaded high-end PC running Crossfire with...
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    Question for TT Tech

    Are all "Toughpower" PSU's built to the same standards as the 750W PSU that JonnyGURU reviewed? JG's 750W Review: Thank you, Dave
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    Need some help in Las Vegas

    I am currently testing a Corsair HX620W PSU. Specs: So far, I haven't found anything the Corsair HX 620W won't power! I'm trying to find someone in Las Vegas with Quad SLI & someone with a dual CPU server with 8X HDD's, or more...
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    $75! Enermax Noisetaker EG701AX-VE-SFMA ATX 2.2 SLI 600W

    Monarch has the Enermax Noisetaker EG701AX-VE-SFMA ATX 2.2 SLI 600W for only $75! Average price is over $150...
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    Now in Las Vegas!

    I have completed my move to Las Vegas! Be online very soon, Dave ;) PS: Please unlock PSU Guide thread.
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    DFI Expert PSU's

    The Expert mobo does NOT use the ATX standard p4 (4-pin, +12V) connector to power the CPU. It uses the EPS standard 8-pin (+12V) EPS connector. All of the above "A" listed SLI PSU's should have thw EPS connector. The OCZ PowerStreams have it as a modular 4+4 pin connector. The OCZ...
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    I'll be away for most of the next 3 to 4 weeks

    I'll be away for most of the next 3 to 4 weeks, do to the necessity of international business travel. :rolleyes: How is the weather in Spain these days? I'll miss you guys, have a great one! Dave :)
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    PSU's to Avoid

    I would appericate some feed-back. What do you think?
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    Entermax Liberty 500W on DFI N4 SLI-DR Review

    These idiots don't know how to test a PSU (they didn't use a DVM/DMM for voltage readings), but the test was done on a highly loaded DFI N4, so the results are still useful. Review: Enermax...
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    PC P&C 1000W Is Now Available!

    Only $489! Monarch has them for $459: Enjoy, Dave ;)
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    Anandtech's Entry Level Buyer's Guide, October 2005

    As most of you known, I'm usually a big fan of Anandtech, however this time I couldn't disagree more! A "cheap/no name/ POS" PSU is an open inventation to every problem possible! Very good PSU's can be had for under $30! Cheap, but Good PSU's...
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    OCZ PowerStream 520W $85!

    Now with a $20MIR & $7.70 shipping through 10-5-05! :D
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    SSI (EPS) 4 Rail PSU's (input requested)

    I am seeing a number of people purchasing very powerful SSI/EPS 4-rail (+12V) PSU's for their single CPU PC's. Now in the SSI/EPS specs: , on page 12, dedicate +12V1 to CPU #1, +12V2 to CPU #2, +12V3 to baseboard componets other...
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    Thermaltake TWV500W (W0057) Added to the Recommended List

    I am very happy to make my first recommendation of a Theramatake (TT) PSU in over 2yrs. Thanks to some excellent testing by jonnyGURU@SLCenteral, discussion with several knowledgable EOC & Hard forum members, input from several current users & a request from TT tech support staff, the...
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    New Sunbeamtech Modular 550W

    Reviewed by Jason from EXTREME (EOC). Sunbeamtech: $79@new egg: nVidia SLI Certified:
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    July's "BEST BANG for the BUCK" the XClio 450W ATX12V2.0 ($52)

    Every month we will feature a truly special PSU, one that combines all of the best features & qualities we want & need, at a price that makes it truly the "BEST BANG for the BUCK". This month the selection was actually quite easy as the newly introduced Meridian XCilo 450W has enough...
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    Recommended Power Supplies

    So you need a PSU, which of the following best describes your needs? PSU’s: The Best of the Best of the Best! (Updated October 1, 2006) PSU’s for Future GPU’s: (Updated October 1...
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    The new A64 X2 Dual Cores Are Here!

    The new A64 X2 Dual Cores Are Here! Athlon64 X2 available at MemoryExpoUSA: Does anyone know anything about this company? :confused:
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    The HOW & WHY of PS Ratings

    This is going to require some reading on your part, if you truly want to understand the how & why of the PS world. You will need Adobe Reader, if you don't have it, get it here: The 2 most important considerations are quality of...
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    New PC P&C 850W Now Listed At FrozenCPU!

    $449.99 & shipping > 5 Year warranty PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 850 ETX (SSI) - 850 Watts of Power at Load! 850W continuous and 950W peak power • NVIDIA® SLI™ READY component • Four +12V rails @ 17A ea. (12V1-V4=54A/62A pk.) • Extended ATX form factor fits most std cases •...