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    Logo Request for my Soccer Team

    Hey everyone, My soccer team is need of shirts, and we don't have a logo. The team name is Sorry Robbie so either that or Sorry Robbie, F.C. is acceptable. For the logo aspect, I just want something that can be used either as a huge logo on the front of the shirts, or as a logo that...
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    Starting a New Project

    I am building a server for my office. Well a 3 in 1 system I have (3) PII 400mhz. They are going to have their own tasks. System one will be the internet provider. System two will be the data storage of all the pool information such as scans, spreadsheets, etc. System three will be the...
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    [Luke Warm] Westinghouse 32" 720P $469.99 Refurb $469.99 Free Shipping. Amazon and BestBuy have them at over $650 even though are new. Roughly a 30% savings.
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    Best Buy Closeouts - HDTVs and Misc (YMMV Big Time)

    There is a thread over at fatwallet. There are open boxes at discounts of 20-50%, some come with Instant GCs back while others come with instant discounts. Some guy grabbed a 58X60U Open Box for $3000 with $2000 of GC back. Alot of people are there bashing...
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    Logo for Pool Company.

    I need a logo that can applied very universally. For our signs we use 24"x18" signs. The name of the company is: Aqua Pools One of the things I suggest is leaving a small strip available two lines. I will pay $150 for someone to do it...
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    Starting new Business/Website

    My friend and I shall be starting a new business hopefully by first quarter 2007. This site shall be following sites like (NSFW) (he is the least of photo quality in terms of photograhpy). My question for this forum is there a good all-in-one website tool for running membership sites /...
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    Critque my pics

    Some pics from the weekend (Using viewRaw, shrunk down to 40%) These are the only I liked that I have converted from RAW to JPG
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    SD 2gb Cards

    I purchased a 2gb Lexar SD card. Turns out, after buying it I learned that it doesn't work with all readers. Are most 2gb cards like this, or did I just get the shaft?? Is there anything I can do to correct the problem The reader I am talking about is the Toshiba SD Controller Type-A on...
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    Buying New Camera

    After spending several hours researching. I came to the conclusion that basically the D50, D70, Digital Rebel XT are almost all exactly the same. While the Canon has better lenses, I have choosen the Nikon D50 for one MAJOR Reason: SD Card My laptop has only a SD Card. I use my SD Card...
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    CC Coupons.. $15 off $100

    Since Ive seen so many great deals that I have used from here I wanted to do a little contribution backed. At Circuit City, they have coupons stackes of like 100s of single one time use for 6/9/06-6/26/06 for $15 off $100. I decided to grab part of the stack for those too lazy to go to the...
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    best way to setup this office

    Hey guys heres what I have and what has to be setup: 600mhz, 256mb ram, 20gb for Windows/Programs and 80 GBs in Raid 1 (SERVER) 2 Laptops 4 Desktops I connect through Verizon Wireless (The new stuff, due to no dsl and no cable and satellite sucks) The way the diagram will be...
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    Some of my work for work

    This following work was done today during work. I get to design, estimate, and draw all plans for a pool. I plan to update this thread occasionally with a pool here or there that I want to show off. Pool Name: Gretian Date: 11/09/05
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    Servo/Stepper Motors

    Here is a project I want to undergo, but Im a quite a bit confusing on how to do it. I have an old laptop that needs to be taken apart to get running (power adapter cable is broken). I was thinking of building a case for it that would mount on the bottom of the shelf right above the desk...
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    Business Wireless Problems..

    Let me start off by stating Im definately not a networking guru, not even close. But I wanted to explain the problem I was having at the office and how I solved them. [Problem]: Currently we have 2 pernament computers connected through a wireless connection. Every so often, both computers...
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    Designing a good case...

    Hey yall... Alright, I am new to this forum. However, I have always been interested in HTPCs even before they had this forum here. Anyways, onto what I want to do. I have a cheap access to tinted plexiglass. The reason behind this is because my dad manufactures sunroofs for vettes and del...
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    My next case... Hopefully

    Okay, so I wanted to do everything legally with designing this. So I downloaded GMax. I started 11pm worked till 2:30. I was done acutally at 2am, but spent a HALF HOUR trying to find a way to render finally i just got fed up with it all and screenshot it To summarize that all GMax = 3dMax -...
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    One of the barbs on the waterblock came off when I was installing the tubing. I put rubber cement on the waterblock let it dry for 15 minutes, then setup the system. When the air valve was closed for 5 minutes, it started to leak (as in bubbling). If I apply JB Weld to the block where...
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    Eeek!! Water on the system

    No No its that it leaked during operation. I was running the test of water cooling unit, and about 4-5 drops of water got on the Northbridge Chipset, and GPU. I used a blowdryer on hot for about 5 minutes, how much long do I need to wait for the system to be on
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    Question about First W/C Setup

    Okay all the parts are here, all I need to figure out is: How to build a resevoir.... I seen many different setups... but I just want a few different options edit:// sorry im a retarded and i should have known to look through the first few pages but i just woke up
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    System is having a problem...

    Here is the system: P4B-266C 1.8ghz P4 256mb Ram GF2 Ti DVD+RW CDRW 80gb Maxtor Here is the problem: I started the comp about a week ago, and an error came up. I restart and all of the sudden the screen with the information says: Memory Error. So, I go to reformat just to see it...
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    Little System Advice

    I normally dont do these kind of posts, but this is for a good old buddy and Im not as knowedgeable all the specs of mobos and stuff. Here is what I suggested him for his bugdet of $315 for the MOBO/CPU/RAM New from Newegg: Corsair Twin Pack Low Latency PC3200 (256mbx2) @ $136 Asus...