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    LG 38" 24:10 (NOT 21:9) 3840x1600 Ultrawide impressions

    Yeah it's been a few weeks now since I have had the 38" as well. I really like it. Great upgrade from 30" 2560x1600. Alot more visual real estate to work with.
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    2016 CPU Progression Thread

    Let's see if I remember CPU's Pentium 200 MMX (Gave Away) Pentium 3 800MHz/133 Coppermine S370 (Retired) Celeron D 347 (Retired) Core 2 Duo E4300 (Retired) Pentium Dual-Core E5700 (Dad's Machine) Core 2 Duo E8400 (Retired) Core i7 970 (Retired) Core i5 6500 (Current) Future: Skylake-E variant...
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    Broadwell-e, Skylake-e?

    For me it's just about getting more power efficient really, performance levels we're fine on my X58 platform too. Just wanted something better at Single threaded performance and more power efficient. Skylake is much more efficient then Gulftown is on Single thread by far. New shiny played into...
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    Kaby Lake

    Hopefully they get some eDRAM on the desktop again, would be good. I like the concept of Broadwell with eDRAM cache.
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    Upgrade to i7-6700k from i7-920 - lower performance?

    Yup you can get away with the same install. I just switch out my mobo from my I7 970/X58 to the i5 6500/Z170, and plug and everything backed in works, like a champ! No strange issues. Just uninstall older non relevant driver and install new relevant ones.
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    Replacing Intel Q9550 2.83GHz

    Yeah I felt a big difference in booting time for sure with Z170 the new SATA3 ports help tremendously over my X58 platform before. Really lets the Intel 730 drive stretch it's legs. Really love the temps now that I have seated the heatsink properly. 5-8 C over ambient for idle and ~50-55C at...
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    Replacing Intel Q9550 2.83GHz

    Wow very nice! I considered getting the i7 5930K as an upgrade, but I find I don't use all that power so energy efficient computing is where it's at. Depending on if I can get a deal on a Broadwell-E/Skylake-E when they actually arrive. Hopefully all the performance improvements and power...
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    Replacing Intel Q9550 2.83GHz

    Yeah time to update to current gen stuff, just went from i7 970 to i5 6500 and loving the new tech on the mobo that can fully take advantage of my SSD. Yorkfield processor to Skylake is a massive upgrade and well worth it at this point for much greater efficiency.
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    Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac Electric Duster, Safe alternative to canned air?

    Have to consider getting one of these then, had no idea such a thing existed. Better for the environment then constant consumable cans of air.
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    i7-970 or SB?

    Getting the i7 970 at 850 ish vs the 999 980x is no point to me.. might as well get the best in that case... If the i7 970 were half price then yeah I would go for that.... Like I got the i7 970 through the RetailEdge Program.. final cost was 285 CND after taxes and shipping... now that's...
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    Sandy Bridge Reviews Released!

    Yeah makes me almost regret getting the Intel RetailEdge promo for the Core i7 970... This CPU destroys it in a much lower power envelope. :rolleyes:
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    Intel Desktop CPU Decoder iPhone App

    Too many different combinations at this point...unless you follow tech.. it's too hard to keep track of them all.
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    Anyone else sat out the i-cores?

    Was planning to go Sandy Bridge, but couldn't resist the Intel RetailEdge Promotion.. So I will be skipping Sandy bridge and going for Ivy Bridge on Socket 2011.. when that rolls around.
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    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    This is some incredible stuff, I haven't had any electronics fail on me yet to use this method... but it's great that it works for so many people.
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    Mixed Impression about the 6850/6870

    I guess it's impressive that they gave some of the previous generations high end performance in a cheaper price. 6870 is above 5850 but lower then 5870 with last generation the 5770 was slower then the 4870 NM then 4890... but it was faster then 4850. (A little bit more disappointing) The 4670...
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    AMD 6850 and 6870 released, October 18

    I don't see the 6870 as any sort of Cypress replacement besides the serverely castrated 5830, the difference between 5850 and 6870 is so mild that I really believe a Cayman derivative is required for those user in the $270-$300 range...
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    AMD 6850 and 6870 released, October 18

    You have the same preferances as me, I am think about the GTX 470 now that prices have dropped, I just like nVidia's driver quality as all my games work with no problems and I like Intel hardware. For me power consumption is somewhat important but I am operating with a GTX 280 right now the...
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    AMD 6850 and 6870 released, October 18

    Not exactly like that... 5970 --> 6990 5850/5870 -> 6950/6970 5770/5830 -> 6850/6870 We shall see in the end....
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    Guru3d 6870/6850 review

    Amazing for performance given the power envelopes and the price $250 USD for 6870 is awesome, lower power then the 5850 yet more performance!!
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    Mainstream gulftown

    Hmmm, I am waiting for the Mainstream Gulftown as well, though I might just get somebody to pick up the 930 for 199 USD at Microcenter....
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    Steam Hardware Survey results - people need to upgrade?

    The only reason I upgraded my card to the GTX 280 was to run my monitor, needed something with the bandwidth to drive it.
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    Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver discontinued?

    I need this arrghhh, why did they have to discontinue it I already have 4 Controllers for my 360...
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    Nokia N95 8GB opinions?

    I have the N95-4 I got it for 13 CND on a 3-Year Term in July.. quite a good phone.
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    Where are all the 2560 x 1600 gamers?

    That is some incredible FPS numbers my how hardware has advanced!
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    EVGA Geforce GTX 260 Core 216 RELEASED!

    This will be my backup option if Nvidia doesn't release anything new by the time my step up ends in Mid November. I rather have the low power consumption of the GTX 2x0 Series then what I have now.
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    Dell 2709W

    Hmm is this a good monitor or no?
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    ATI Removes NDA on Performance Previews for 4850 (#'s Inside)

    This card only seems weak in 3D Mark Vantage and Crysis, not the end of the world. :) This might make more sense for me as having a P35 motherbaord I can eventually use CF.
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    Intel cuts quad-core price by 50 percent

    Here is a more complete list of what fell.
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    Intel cuts quad-core price by 50 percent

    So Intel's current line up worth considering would be: 65nm Inventory Celeron 430 1.8GHZ/512KB/800FSB 65nm 34USD Celeron 440 2.0GHZ/512KB/800FSB 65nm 44USD Celeron E1200 1.6GHZ/512KB/800FSB Dual-Core 65nm 43USD Celeron E1400 2.0GHZ/512KB/800FSB Dual-Core 65nm 53USD Pentium Dual-Core E2180...
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    SOYO 24" DYLM24D6 Official Thread

    Canandians have a chance to get this too now. It's on sale at Futureshop.
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    Will nVidia cease production of the 8800GT?

    But what do you do with the cores that don't bin to 650MHZ or have all 128 SP units fully functional??? I think it's good to have greater granularity...
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    Radeon HD 4000 series - new inofficial info

    This is hard to believe if it is on the same manufacturing process as what ATI is currently using, and clocked much higher and your still getting the same TDP values. Anyway for such a product I will beleive it when I see it. If ATI is going at least 480 Shaders then I hope Nvidia moves to a...
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    Intel Unveils 16 New Processors @ [H]

    The Wolfdale-3M are being released with 1066FSB.
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    Intel Unveils 16 New Processors @ [H]

    X9000 is a Socket P processor at 45w TDP, it's the flagship of Intel's mobile line. It's not designed to be compete with the E8400/E8500.
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    Just Ordered My Westinghouse L2410NM!!

    Just got this monitor last night, and it is totally gorgeous!! I was coming from a 17inch LCD and the increase in resolution and monitor viewable area is flat out incredible.
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    worth getting E8500 over E8400?

    That is sometime down the line though, your looking at Q3 2008 for that.
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    AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition Overclocking @ [H]

    Yeah, I pretty much will try to buy what gives me the best value, how the company operates I don't really care much about.
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    Info leaked on Geforce 9600GT!!

    That's a big mess, if that's the case you can just sell your old graphic card and get a new and more powerful one for a better price, you shouldn't need to ever mess with more cards if a single card can give more performance. You avoid all the SLI driver hassles as well as have lower power...
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    Info leaked on Geforce 9600GT!!

    Tri-SLI usually doesn't make much sense if you can get the performance with a Single much more powerful video card, or 2 Somewhat more powerful cards in regular SLI.
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    *New* 1GB 8800GT is Coming

    Because they may not even be possible with lower die size SKU's like the G92 or RV670. The larger a memory interface the more room a GPU will need to route all the traces to the back of the GPU.