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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    They haven't ever started a fire in my house. Really. Some other PSUs have. :(
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    US Govt. Objects To Megaupload Hiring Top Law Firm

    It's OK Tim. We all know you're a Sysadmin. :eek:
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Because I've been a good boy this year I would like a Galaxy video card. Seriously though, it looks like a kick ass product and my card is getting long in the tooth.
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    Enermax Platimax 850W Drawing!!!!!!!!!!

    I would/will probably use a Enermax Platimax 1200w. Why? Because [H] gave it a silver/pass in their review. Hard to beat that.
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    MSI Barebone System Give-Away

    I like the sweet 2 fan setup. Cooler = cooler.
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    Corsair Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System Drawing

    My current set is about 12 years old, and getting a little long in the tooth. These look awesome.
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Excellent memory for an excellent price. What more could you ask for?
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    Valve Denies Steam Trade-in Plans

    Doug Lombardi: "Untrue. We've never met with Mr. Pachter." A PR guy saying untrue means that maybe one aspect of the overall story is incorrect. This is not a flat denial that they are planning trades, just that they did not meet with Mr. Pachter.
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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    I want to win!
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    Pick me! Pick me! :D
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    AMD Reports Record First Quarter Revenue

    Does Intel's $1.25 Billion payout last November get rolled into this at all? Accounting tricks have been used in the past.
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    Carl Icahn Resigns from Yahoo Board

    Shouldn't that be $47 billion with a b? $47 million is like the loose change that wall street finds in the couch, not something Carl Icahn would care about.
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    4890 Bottlenecked?

    I'd just try the new proc (I assume you got the X3 720) with your current PSU/Cooling. Both the X3 720 and 9500 are 95W and *should* run well at stock speed on 1.25 volts VCore. If that doesn't work, then you may have to spring for another PSU. I would recommend trying to future proof and...
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    4890 Bottlenecked?

    this. Has an AM2+ board already, can drop in a phenom II with just a BIOS update...why move to the dying socket 775?
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    phenom ii 955 not compatible but 945 okay??

    I have a similar board the GA-MA78GM-S2HP(rev. 2.0). I tried putting a phenom 2 955 into it based upon AMD's recommendation chart (here: Results: computer would not...
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    The PC of 2019

    I guess that you found this one a little hard to do, eh? ;)
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    Newegg Shellshocker 01/23/09

    o rly?
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    Seattle Tops Most-Wired Cities List

    FYI, that's not exactly true. I think you have to use Broadstripe if you live in some beltown, Queen anne or downtown condos/apartments. By all accounts they are WORSE than comcast. :eek:
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    Seattle Tops Most-Wired Cities List

    Is that price a promo? And what speed? I'd love to get that if it was 10mbps+ Comcast isn't the only Cable provider in the city, there's some large apartment buildings which require you to use their preferred provider (which often isn't comcrap). Also, I think FIOS runs afoul of Qwest being...
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    Seattle Tops Most-Wired Cities List

    These rankings are totally ridiculous. Yes, I live in Seattle proper, but I really can only get either 7mbps DSL from Qwest (ewww) or Comcast (also ewww). Both are over $70/month and the service has inconsistent speeds/reliability. The reason that Seattle may have moved up the list is that...
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    Intel Core i7 920 Overclocking and Heat @ [H]

    Kyle, don't forget to uninstall Farcry 2... hehe, nice note there. I wondered how you guys go around the activation limit (you get one back when you uninstall and revoke, right?) what a pain in the ass for you.
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    black processor??

    you checked to make sure that your hypertransport isn't out of spec? That can sometimes be an issue when overclocking these x2 procs.
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    I would love to win!
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    AMD To Launch New GPUs This Month

    AM2+ has been out for a while. I wonder if these guys will to Hybrid Xfire with the 780g (a-la the 3450 and 3650)? That could make a really awesome budget build.
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    AMD Proc + BIOSTAR Mobo Deals (free X2 BE-2400, cheap phenom 9850BE) = $159-274

    Which 9600 are you looking at? I see $139-30=109
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    AMD Proc + BIOSTAR Mobo Deals (free X2 BE-2400, cheap phenom 9850BE) = $159-274

    Seemed like a pretty cheap way to go AMD SLI. Non-SLI options as well.
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    Intel Atom vs.VIA Nano @ [H]

    Fantastic comparison. One thing struck me though. I got to thinking about the Asus EeePC and the Celeron M ULV the originals used. The TDP of those is 5w, and I think are pin-compatible with the Via C7-M. Could you source one of those and throw it into the mix? I would be interested to see...
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    Tyan Server Barebones $70-170, Opteron and Xeon, Hot?

    Thank you for crapping on my thread. :rolleyes: For the $100 most of these are running you can buy a new power supply. You can hardly even find a chasis for this price WITHOUT power supply.
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    Tyan Server Barebones $70-170, Opteron and Xeon, Hot? Saw this in my email. Seems like a good way to put together a folding farm. Grab a few Opteron 270s from newegg, a few gig of ECC ram + HD and go nuts.
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    Any point in going from turion -> turion ultra?

    Also, those bastards sometimes solder the CPU onto the motherboard. If you did want to upgrade your CPU I'd check to make sure that's not the case.
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    AMD high-end CPU heatsinks

    Yes hello, is this NASA? Hey, I have a quick question...What? You're busy doing science? Don't take that tone with me! I pay taxes, you work for me!
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    Another OS X Compatible PC Maker Pops Up

    I think that if Apple had anywhere near the market share that MS does then the EU would probably be looking to beat them down too. The EU is looking closely at Intel's practices in Europe too. They just like beating the biggest fight in the pond around a little. Gets them some money.
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    Mojave to Revive Vista's Image?

    Sorry, where in the article does it say that? All I see is that it was Vista. Doesn't say anything about Aero interface or which SKU,
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    Mojave to Revive Vista's Image?

    I did read the article. I am not bulimic. Nowhere in the article does it state that the used a non-modified Vista. I seriously doubt the cred of the so-called XP Fanatics they used if they haven't even seen screen shots of Vista to know what it looks like. If they did somehow find...
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    Intel Moves Nehalem Launch Forward

    You must have missed the sarcasm. Anyways, to get optimal performance out of the board you'd obviously want to populate all 3 channels. However, this will (with the current/projected prices of DDR3) increase the initial cost of going Nehalem.
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    Intel Moves Nehalem Launch Forward

    Also known as Socket B. If it is indeed larger than 775 then get excited for new heatsinks. Larger contact area is good.