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    Ducky 1087 vs 1087XM

    Does anybody know the difference between these two models? Aside from two letters :)
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    FiosTV + LCD Monitor = Snow, HELP

    Just got Verizon FIOS TV installed and I am using an LCD as my tv. The Fios box has hdmi on it so the installer gave me an HDMI to DVI adapter. My problem is the picture comes through for a second maybe and then all I see is snow. This keeps repeating with no end in sight. Any ideas how to...
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    dead motherboard?

    Hey guys, looking for some input here. I have a computer that was not powering on last night. It has been on for a while (or so I thought) and I suppose it could have been zapped in a thunderstorm recently. But here are the symptoms: push power button, LED's come on and fans spin up, but...
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    MicroCenter - Antec Basiq 500 Watt $29.99

    Link stumbled on this just now, may pick one up just for a spare.
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    Newegg - Antec Nine Hundred $79.99 after MIR

    Newegg has Antec Nine Hundred at $119.99 - $40.00 MIR, with free shipping. Link
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    New PC - won't boot..basic troubleshooting?

    Hey guys, I'm posting this for a friend who doesn't have an account here. He just put together a new system: Gigabyte P35-DS3L Antec Earthwatts 500W eVGA 8800GT 512 G.Skill 2x1gb ddr2-800 e8400 w/ ACFreezer7Pro System is not coming up, fans aren't spinning, however when he hits the...
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    Foxconn 945P7AA-8KS2 + Core2Duo ?

    I'm looking for a motherboard to replace the one in my NAS and this fits the bill, except the specs say nothing about C2D. I have a Celeron D 420 and it does say Celeron D but I'm questioning whether it will work with the Core architecture. The specs do say 1066/800, and I am not aware of any...
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    Linksys KVM - PS2KVM2 hotkey switched by itself

    I have a 2 port Linksys KVM that normally switches between computers with CTRL+CTRL. For whatever reason that stopped working and I figured out the hotkey is now SCRLOCK+SCRLOCK. How the hell does this happen?
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    Failed OC via Orthos

    E2140 1.6 @ 3.2 (8 x 400 / 1:1) A-DATA DDR2-800 2.1V on ram 1.2V on cpu +1V on MCH and FSB Obviously boots in to windows, I can run applications OK it seems, no crashes as of yet. Wondering how to get this stable, and just what the rounding error means. Other system specs...
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    TR2 +12V = 3.26

    thermaltake tr2 430w, E2140 1.6 @ 3.0 . granted i don't know a lot about power supply specifics but that just doesn't make any sense to me. how can the 12V's be so off??
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    Security - keeping someone locked out of a box

    I have a dual athlon mp 2ghz that a friend and I are wanting to experiment with, making it a server. Primarily file server but perhaps a domain controller. The issue is it will be hosted at another persons house and quite frankly this person is too nosey/curious. Is there a way to keep them...
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    no post/video on new machine

    just put together a new system, MSI P6N SLI, E2140, 2GB a-data ddr2-800, x1600pro pcie. all parts are in, system gets power, no error beeps or anything. just a single beep a few seconds after i power it on, as it should. MY PROBLEM is that i get NO VIDEO. the light on the monitor just blinks...
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    bypass 8pin power connection

    i just got an MSI P6N SLI motherboard and it has an 8pin power connection on the board, and the power supply i got for it (thermaltake tr2) does not have that. i know i can get the adapter from newegg but i don't really want to wait until thursday. any way i can use the 4pin on this? like...
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    Opteron 146 vs. X2 3800+

    I am going to do a minor upgrade of cpu/motherboard and use mostly parts I already have. I was looking at two combo deals from Newegg, both for about $100. I do mostly general computing, internet/chat/download, some games but nothing released in the last 2 years. I also do occasionally encode...
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    iMac hard drive upgrade

    Could anyone tell me what type of hard drive to buy and what the probable maximum capacity would be to upgrade the internal hard drive on a new Core2Duo based iMac (20" if that helps). thanks for the input
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    Laptop for Architecture/CAD

    My dad owns a construction company and he is buying a program called Chief Architect which allows him to do drawings and 3D renderings of what a job will look like before/after. It seems this program uses some type of CAD to do these. He wants a laptop and I'm in charge. To be sure of the...
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    One-upsmanship system build

    So I have a friend who has a co-worker who build a suposed monster system. I don't know the details of it aside from that he used Asus and NVidia components. My friend says he can do better, so he charges me with the task of building a monster system based on AMD and ATI. So I in turn charge...
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    Dual Display Wallpaper problem

    I have two displays, 22" and 19" both set to the same res though. I recently got some dual display wallpapers from deviantart but they won't span the total width of my screens. The wallpaper just replicates on the second screen so it's two of the same squished image. I've seen wallpapers span...
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    Pentium M 750 vs. P4 2.53B

    I have a dell D610 which uses a Pentium M 750 Dothan @ 1.86ghz 2mb cache from what CPU-Z says. If, theoretically I were to rip this out and buy a s479 board, then put it in place of my 2.53B 512KB on an Asus P4P8X board and overclock it as far as possible on air, would I notice a difference in...
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    Dual Core on the cheap

    I have a friend who wants to build a new computer to last for several years. All she does is chat and play the game SecondLife - mmorpg kinda, typically takes up 512mb ram and needs decent video card. I'm looking to work with a budget of 800 with a little wiggle room. With this budget I'm...
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    Need GA-7DPXDW+ Drivers

    If anyone could help me find the audio and RAID drivers, and possibly some BIOS updates for the GA-7DPXDW+ I would be appreciative. I've googled a bit and got nothing useful.
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    Pentium D 915 vs 920

    Could somebody tell me the difference between the Pentium D 915 and 920. Both seem to be LGA775, dual core 2.8ghz, 2mb cache each core, with somwhat drastically differenct prices.
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    Gateway Destination XTV - worth it?

    I have the opportunity to get a Gateway Destination XTV-366c computer and its monitor for $125. Unfortunately it does not include the wireless keyboard or remote, but I've seen those on eBay for a price. I would really just be using this for a tv tuner and maybe to record some shows. I don't...
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    Flashing eMachines BIOS

    i just got an emachines t6000 from work, socket754 etc. it has an MSI-K8TM ISLR motherboard. i looked up the board on MSI's site and got the newest bios. the only difference between the official MSI board and this emachines is that the emachines does not have any SATA connections. it has the...
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    good board for oc'ing s754

    are there any good boards for overclocking that use socket 754 instead of 939. maybe something like a counterpart for the dfi lanparty ultra-d?
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    fx5500 vs 9600

    I am just wondering how much better a 256mb fx5500 would perform over a 128mb 9600, both agp.
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    mixing cores

    is there anything preventing me from using an 1800+ palamino and an 1800+ tbred in a dual system?
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    Multiplier bypass on mpx

    if i'm not mistaken most mpx boards will allow multiplier adjustments up to 12.5. if one were to wire mod to a multiplier of 15 would the board take it? or get confused and go to 12.5. more specifically this is in reference to using the mobile processors, because they have 333mhz fsb and must...
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    socket wiremod for L5 ?

    Hey all, is it theoretically possible to avoid having to paint the L5 MP bridge and instead place a wire in the corresponding holes for the pins that would be connected by the paint?
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    pentium D simple question

    I was just wondering a) why the pentium D processors are so much cheaper than the amd X2's. and b) if you get a 2.8ghz pentium D if it's two 1.4ghz cores, or two 2.8 cores or what. sorry if it's such a newbie question :).
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    running duron 1.6-1.8 smp?

    wondering if anyone's had success in running the newer durons in smp, like the 1.6/1.8 cpus. i recall hearing a while back that the 1.2 durons were mp enabled, curious about the faster ones, wanting to build a dual amd on cheap :) while i figure out what i wanna do for an a64 system. thanks -em
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    Refurb X700 from NewEgg worth it? any opinions if a) that's a good price for the card, and b) it's worth getting? I got a refurb asus p4p8x motherboard from them a year ago or so and it's been flawless. Looking to upgrade to a new system and wondering if this...
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    Computer continues to reboot after explorer.exe/winlogon.exe crash

    I'm in quite a pickle here it seems. I was going to check the size of a file on my hard drive and all of a sudden explorer.exe crashes. So I'm like...great. About 5 seconds later I get another error message saying that winlogon.exe has crashed, even greater. So next I get a blue screen with...
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    Mushkin vs. Corsair Value Select

    I am looking into buying a gig of ram (2 x 512) and I'm looking on newegg at these two sets: (Mushkin) and (Corsair Value Select)...
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    i'm in need of input whether this would be the correct way to go about pinmodding for overclocking. i'll be using either a 1700tbredB or an 1800 palamino is there any real modding that i have to do? or just put these little U-shaped wires in the correct sockets. thanks
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    so i'm keen on the idea of using an old stereo reciever for a htpc case, but it's really not that big. i'm just wondering if i can buy the motherboards that i see in those tiny shuttle barebones computers. you know the ones with the cpu socket, 2 dimms, 1agp and 1pci. i'm pretty sure that...
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    power supply options

    at this time i'm not comfortable with having an exposed power supply but i realize that it's probably needed to fit in such a small space (assuming one is to use a case of an old vcr/stereo reciever) so what about 1U power supplies like this...
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    mix and match

    i'm wondering if it's possible/adivsable to combine two different types of memory. not just two types i guess, two brands with different timings i believe. i've got one of these: and i'm wondering if i can bump...
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    whenever i see a nicely done blowhole there seems to be a plastic ring that looks like the lid of i can't believe it's not butter or something like that, what is this and how do you know which pieces to use, etc. ty
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    huge heat problem

    My friend has a Tyan MPX board with 2x 2400MP processors and they are running HHHOOOOOOOTTTTT. We sort of rewired the case to increase airflow (moving extra cables around the back, etc). I recently checked the temps using sandra and was surprised at what I found . Any suggestions?