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    Simple MS Word fields question -- driving me crazy

    Overall I'm pretty competent in Word, I think -- autogenerating reference text, using fields, etc. -- but one simple issue is driving me nuts. I'm trying to automatically insert exhibit letters/numbers in-text so they'll update as I delete or add references, e.g.: Updating each letter...
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    Aaargh. Obsessively customizing Firefox toolbars?

    I can't believe I'm posting this. OK, maybe I'm off my OCD meds, or maybe it's that my laptop is cursed with a 1024x768 screen, but I can't quite get my FF3 to look the way I want it. To wit: On the second toolbar, I'd like the Google Toolbar elements (on the right) to butt right up...
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    Games for gimps

    This weekend I decided to try out the ejector seat on my mountain bike, so now I'm left with a busted wrist and two weeks to kill. Any recommendations for decent games which don't require coordination or timing? I've been looking at Rise of Nations, something along those lines.
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    Basic network setup issues

    I've got a water-cooled rig, I've got the appropriate ports forwarded for various apps...but for the life of me I can't set up a basic wired/wireless network. I've got a Buffalo WHR-54G-HP connected to a DSL modem; a WinXP Home desktop wired into the router; and a WinXP Home laptop connected...
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    Running Fallout or Diablo 2 fullscreen?

    I'm stuck with my old laptop while you bastards are playing Bioshock, so I've returned to some old favorites -- Fallout and Diablo 2. Problem is that Fallout runs at an unchangeable 640x480, and D2 runs at the same though there's apparently some sort of LOD hack that gets you to all of 800x600...
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    Different router for a stronger 802.11g signal?

    I'm trying to set up a workspace for my older laptop (an Averatec 3225 with a generic integrated 802.11g adapter) but the Belkin F5D7230-4 router I picked up seems to have trouble powering through the 1930s adobe walls of my house. The workspace is only 20-30 feet away from the router, but the...
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    Unidentified WinXP service: "sugo3 Status Monitor Service"

    After installing the latest annoying Quicktime update, I went through the Apple-purging ritual, deleting the unrequested Quick Launch icon and disabling the qttask service. This time I noticed a new service I hadn't seen before: I ran Ad-Aware and AVG scans, neither picked up anything...
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    Issues with Dell Precision and Sony LCD

    Just posted this on the Dell support fora (gag), but figured I'd cross-post somewhere a bit better informed. ____________________________ This is driving me crazy. I've set up my boss's new Precision 380 (with the brand-spanking-new Core 2 Duo) and as it is, it's useless. I cannot access --...