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    Get ready for revolution in hardware

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    complete retards to buy a G70!!

    Am i the only one who finds this $600 for a vidcard ridiculous ??? serioulsy. what gaming on pc requires this ??? I have a 6800NU it runs half life 2 fine. Now before some jump and say unreal 2007, by the time this comes out , there will be better vid cards out.. I just can't stomach the...
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    Xbox vs Ps3 wars

    I am glad to see I am not the only one who is fed up with the total lack of respect shown by both Nvidia, Sony, and MS regarding console specs. It seems that this is the trend now. Inflate your specs, show bullshit rendered video and expect Jo six pack consumer who have zero clue about...
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    Poll/opinion is Killzone Realtime or not

    Killzone. The question on the mind of most is: Is this realtime or is this pre-rendered CG ? :eek: video here Here’s my take on this. I carefully watched the a high rez version of the demo in question Why would...
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    Ps3 in my hands

    I dream when I can hold this. To be frank, I dont give 2 shit what it looks like, when the box is cranking out games that looks this HOT. it could look like a toilet bowl, a boomrang/dildo like how the controller does, in the end... I want one. I called this one over a year ago, most at...
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    Get ready for revolution in hardware

    I have been reading this. I for once am looking forward to this, Think big people. give feedbacks :D
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    If you are a hardware geek...get ready for this !!

    I have been reading this. I for once am looking forward to this, Think big people. give feedbacks
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    why so many 9800 pro owners jumping on 6800GT

    why are so many 9800 pro owners jumping on 6800GT? personally, I want a GT or a decent fast card that gives me Dual DVI. not to mention the perf i see the new nvidia cranking out. sick ! I have noticed that Nvidia handles OpenGL and dual display set up better than ATI...since I own a...
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    DUAL DVI 68000 or From ATI

    Am I the only one who wants a dual dvi card in the $300 range ? I have a dual lcd ( dell 2001) set up. My poor 9800pro is killing me everytime i look at the quality of the dvi port ( lcd on left) vs the vga monitor ( screen on right) It's like night and day. pardon my french..vga sux ass...
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    Match DVI and vga colors on Dual Dell 2001fp

    hey guys...I have a dual 2001fp set up. using a radeon 9800pro. monitor 1 is set on DVI and monitor 2 is set on the vga output. I noticed the colors are not the same. due to contrast and levels being different when u use analog vs digital. also the analog one is def not as clear/sharp. I want...
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    64bit prescotts or Not

    64bit prescotts or Not ? I love the fact that you guys are reviewing and giving out cool opinions on these new chips. I have yet to see one reviewer confirm this. do the new chips have x64 xtentions. AMD is looking better and better in my eyes.
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    Prescotts and 64bit

    Prescotts so far....64bit or not 64bit....all i hear so far are According to this article. there maybe 64bit xtensions.. any " real reviews" of prescotts yet that confirms this
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    2001 Fp High pitch noise

    something odd this morning, One of the dell 2001 fp started to make a very high pitch noise when i turn it on. then the noise goes away slowly. the noise stays for a few seconds. If i turn it off or change input it goes away. I will test later on if its the vga output of my card. by testing it...
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    Dual 2001fp set up picture

    more pix