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    How to adjust fan speed, 3 pins, AsRock H370? Possible?

    I purchased 2x of these. "GELID Solutions Silent5 FN-SX05-40 50mm Case Fan" I've plugged them in to an AsRock H370 board and I'll be damned if I can figure out how to slow them down. I don't mind them moving a low...
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    Can I really whinge about H/Z270 ITX options and dual monitors?

    Why on EARTH are these idiot manufacturers putting only 2 video outs on the motherboards, or they are putting 2xHDMI on them? HDMI? WTF? I have 2xDell 30" monitors 1xDell 24" monitors. Yeah I'm an "ITX guy" and honestly, I thought it was getting more popular? My Asus H97i can totally drive 2...
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    G3258 (Pentium Anniversary) no post in an Asus Z87?

    Hi All, Got 2 PC's - trying to swap CPU's from one to the other. My G3258 won't work in my Z87M Board, but the Intel i5 4760k, works in both boards. RAM works in both boards (assuming I'm booting with the CPU which is working in both) BIOS up to date on both boards. BIOS reset on...
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    ATI/AMD TV out over HDMI, no bios / post

    Hi all, Apparently this is a common issue? I've got 2 cards here both of which, once in my awesome little HTPC will NOT display the bios boot stuff until Windows initialises the driver. It's really damned painful. Can't run multi-OS and choose other OS, can't enter the BIOS, can't run a...
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    Dying disk, recovery suggestions?

    Anyone got real good experience recovering data? I know about a few tricks over the years, I've dealt with a few dying drives, some unrecoverable some not. Anyhow, thing is this drive is a weird one. No reported bad sectors. Spindle motor is totally fine, not ceased (so freezer trick is...
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    Onboard & Discrete audio, cracking / disk activity

    Hi All. Having an incredibly obscure problem which is hard to diagnose, I'm hoping maybe someone else has had similar and knows a solution. If I run AS-SSD benchmark (or open Firefox with like 40 saved tabs) my audio will pop or crackle. This is with onboard Realtek or my Asus Xonar DX. I...
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    Recommended duplicate file finder? (binary file compare)

    Does anyone have a recommended application to scan multiple drives and find duplicate files? Bonus points for something which presents the data in a way which shows entire folders which are the same. I've used DFL in the past (DOS) and duplic8 for about 10 years but I need something more...
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    Are they refreshing 5850/5870 or straight to 6xxx

    Anyone know? I see these 'Southern Islands' posts and threads on other forums but I'm trying to figure out if ATI will even refresh the 5xxx series. I was under the impression the 5xxx is new technology over the 4xxx, since we had 4850/4870 and then a 4890 refresh, will we see a 5855 and...
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    Asus Xonar DX, 2.0 -> 4.0 speaker fill?

    Anyone know where this option is, I can't find it on this apparently awesome soundcard and I miss the option from my Realtek Onboard. Want my music / youtube videos to come out of all 4 speakers, anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Where's the option.
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    DS3P can't install XP to SATA drive?

    I'm having problems installing XPSP2 to a SATA disk I've got attached to my DSP3 (brand new F4 bios, 3.3 revision) I am NOT using an F6 floppy, however I was under the impression you don't need one when installing XP with some intel chipsets? It manages to detect the drive and see partitions...
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    DS3P oddities, boot bug or feature?

    Hey all, I've got DS3P 3.3, it has the F4 bios. (only one release so far) I have Kingston Valueram and an E4300. I am letting the board handle the voltages in the menu option for o/cing (when it changes from flashing red to green) When I set the FSB too high, sometimes the board will...
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    I am totally lost, NF4 chipset, installing XP with F6 - doesn't work?

    Ok before I start, I've been doing this stuff for years, I shouldn't have to do this - no idea what's going on, I'm sorry to have to ask but anyhow. Ok got an A8N Premium SLI, I am using a 74gb raptor. I have downloaded the latest 6.70 drivers from and have "built" my own F6...
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    Good benchmark site for audio (EAX / Soundmax / etc?)

    Ok so I recently fired up call of duty again after having not finished it when it came out. I'm using an Asus p4c board with the onboard soundmax (6 channel 5.1 etc) The performance of Doom 3 was fine in full 6 channel mode and things worked in sorround / i heard them behind me fine. (and...
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    5.1 / 3D / 6 Channel sound, IN GAME, without EAX OR Dolby!?!

    Hi guys this one is specifically for the smarter audio people here..... I know quite a fair bit about DD / DTS / home theatres and encoding / decoding / analog / digital etc - but I dont' know much about the PC implimentations. (yes obviously this post has a bit to do with Doom 3) I'm...