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    new iPhone, Android device, or Lumia 1020?

    Hello everyone, Thanks for taking the time to weigh in and provide any opinions and/or recommendations. My iPhone 4 is pretty banged up, pretty much ready to move on here to something new. I previously had the iPhone 3 before the 4. While I haven't done any insane amounts of research, I'm...
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    Annoying video ads..!

    Hi guys! I've been increasingly bombarded by extremely irritating video ads on normal websites. Typically I'll be reading the beginnings of an article only to suddenly be bombarded by some loud and obnoxious advertisement video. This is followed by scrambling up and down the page to find the...
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    Video Card on the way out..?

    Hey all, Starting today I've noticed a problem when playing any games that was not happening at all yesterday... I'm not entirely sure if it is the video card responsible for the problem, however it is troubling none the less... Basically whenever I launch a game, it plays smoothly for about...
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    Hard Drive dying? Computer "freezes" for 1-2 seconds while gaming / Windows 7

    Not really sure what the issue is here... re-installed vid drivers and did a bunch of cleaning / driversweeper / registry cleanup... ran the disk check utility and it came back OK - drive isn't fragmented... I'm really stumped... Any thoughts? Should I be backing up my HD and preparing for...
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    Radeon Display Driver stopped responding...

    Hey all, Trying to figure out the reason behind a minor problem I have been experiencing lately... Basically every now and then my computer will freeze up and then the screens will go black, come back, and a little notification will tell me that my display driver stopped responding and then...
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    Affordable 40"-45" HDTV

    Hello all! I'm in the market for an affordable HDTV which I will be running with a PC etc. Looking for something <$1000cdn preferably. Any suggestions? It's been AGES since I was in the market for a TV. Thanks again, -Prose
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    P6T i7 Slow performance and Windows installs

    Hey Gents, Noticed there was a similar thread to this one on the forums but I wanted to find out if my situation is a little bit different. Basically a week ago I got around to finally updated my dated system. I picked up: - Intel Core I7 920 Quad Core Processor LGA1366 2.66GHZ...
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    problems installing windows 7

    hey everyone. ive been having some trouble recently installing windows seven on my desktop PC. i had a previous install running just fine but decided i wanted to remove all of my peripherals, and do a straight clean install and slowy add everything in after doing some partitions etc... so the...
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    Two Computers, 2 HD's mirrored to be identical

    Hey guys, Bit of a n00b when it comes to networking drive stuff etc. Basically what I want to do is partition a small drive that has an identical partition on my laptop. Anything I stick in there "syncs" or whatever to the other computer and vice versa. I was wondering if this was...
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    Silent Case

    Hey guys, I'm literally looking to simply dump my current entire build into a new case, one which is hopefully MUCH quieter... Any suggestions at all is extremely helpful. I'd ideally like to be able to hardly notice the thing instead of its current buzz/whine which I simply can't sleep...
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    Need Windows 7 32bit bootsect file

    Hey dudes, I've got legit keys for 64bit Windows 7 beta, and I've got the 7057 x64 build ready to go, but I can't create the USB boot drive for a 64bit Win7 while running Vista 32bit on this machine... I was wondering if anyone had a 32bit copy of Windows 7 and could send me the bootsect file...
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    100% Ground up new Build - Need help!

    Gentlemenz, First off I'd just like to say thanks to you d00ds who helped me build my last rig +3 years ago. It has been a faithful beast and served me quite well. The time has come to start from scratch. This [current] machine will become my server and media-PC. I must admit it has...
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    $600-$1200 Tablet PC or Laptop?

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a laptop in the 600-1200$ range. Preferably a Tablet PC, but thats not a MUST... I wouldnt MIND being able to play WoW on this laptop, but gaming wouldnt be its first priority. Any suggestions?
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    Acer P243w

    Has anyone heard much about this monitor? I had a look at one in the local shop and it seemed quite nice. Having a hard time finding reviews of it, however. Any tips? I might go pick it up and give it a try if the return policy is solid.
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    3D Hiccups?

    So I recently bumped up to Vista with a full wipe and after installing some games and playing them I'm noticing some slight hiccups. I've got all the latest drivers, and the framerates are great, but i notice this slight glitching, almost as if my virus scanner was running in the background...
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    3D Hiccups

    So I recently bumped up to Vista with a full wipe and after installing some games and playing them I'm noticing some slight hiccups. I've got all the latest drivers, and the framerates are great, but i notice this slight glitching, almost as if my virus scanner was running in the background...
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    Live Streaming of my games?

    Hey guys, semi-n00bish question here, but does anyone know if it would be actually possible to stream to the internet my gaming on-screen?
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    system locking up... any ideas?

    Hey guys I've just finished throwing together a new build w/ parts from an old comuter and some new parts... basically im wondering why whenever I start to run a game, the system is locking up... hard crash... im pretty sure its not heating, everything is running under/around 40c is...
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    Bent Pins on Opteron 170

    Hey guys I just got my Opteron 170 OEM in the mail from NewEgg, and during shipping it appears that it came out of its little case and had bashed around inside the cardboard box. About 10-15 of the pins are bent. Since I dont actually have the rest of my computer at this address, I'm wondering...
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    New Build (w/ parts from dead comp)

    Ok as some of you may know my old comp took a dump on me around a week ago, so I've just decided it's time for a general upgrade all around. Let me know what you guys think about this setup... x1 Antec Performance I P180 or Lian Li Pc-V1200 x1 Asus A8N-SLI Premium Socket 939 x1 AMD Opteron...
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    Comp Won't Post

    So I was playing WoW last night, runnin around, slashing, hacking... and BAM my machine freezes up in the bad way. The headphones are making this screetching sound, and everything is locked up. So I reboot the system, and things start up fine, and I happily resume the slashing and the hacking...
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    6600 256mb not perfoming as well as it could?

    Hey guys, I recently bought myself an ASUS 6600AGP 256mb (non-GT), and I had a feeling it would be performing better than it is... It almost seems as though my old Radeon 9700 128mb was a faster card! I KNOW I've got to have something wrong here... some sort of driver or something...
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    Looking to buy affordable, midrange laptop

    Hey guys, I pretty much know nothing about the mobile side of computing. I'm traveling for a year in the next few weeks, and I'm going to need a machine to cover a lot of the stuff I do while I'm abroad. I'm looking for a machine that is relatively affordable, but isn't really for games...
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    9700 AIW Overheating? Power issue? Mobo?

    Well, for starters I guess I'll say hi. This is my first post on the forums, though I've been reading for around a month now. Ok so for a little while now I've been having problems with my Radeon 9700 All In Wonder. I got the card about two years ago, and all in all it has served me pretty...